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The Sun King

True Blood
Aug 22, 2012
First one with Age of Sigmar rules:

The Sun King

Save 3+ (I have a fetish for full plates...)
Movement 4" (Never liked cardio)
Wounds 4 (I have decent health, although I'm quite unlucky with the diseases I get)
Bravery 10 (I suppose I have to be undead, yeah?)

Dice (missile) Range: d6" Attacks: d6 To hit: 4+ To wound: 4+ Damage: d6
Measuring tape (combat) Range: 1-72" Attacks: 1 To hit: 3+ To wound: 3+ Damage: Depends on whether you use the flat or the sharp side.

Command ability:
Vampire Counts Handbook: In the hero phase I can look up advice in my own handbook. But since the handbook is written for 8th edition it does absolutely nothing in game terms.

Moderator: As a moderator I can ban your ass... so stay the fuck in line! Enemy units within 12" of The Sun King reduce their Bravery with 2 points unless you're an Admin or Mod.