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Malicht Undead Thread!

Yup, I second the comment about the GoT-look here, spot on the dot choice of colours here. Great to see you back working on your undead and looking forward to seeing this one progress.


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Soooo good to see you back! That skeleton looks awesome, would totally fit on the GW site as the official photo :) Those gold elements were a good decision, breaks the coldness a bit, but definitely doesn't make it go away :)
Thought i'd share the finished squad chaps!


I am working on some 40k stuff next, but after that it will be the Knight of Shrouds! :D

Still working on my Zombie Dragon on and off too.


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They look terrific, simply awesome! Snow and coldness are really suggestive :) How are you doing that shade of gold you can see on the leader's breastplate?
Thansk chaps, glad you both like! :D

The gold is super easy.

Retributer armour > Riekland Felsh shade (LET IT DRY) > Nuln oil (Let it dry) > Liberator gold. Then I used Nihilak Oxide all over it. Done! :D

Finished the Knight of Shrouds. Pretty happy with how this chap has worked out. Ihave only had a day or so to get him done, as crippling migraine has taken me out of the picture for a few days!
I haven't done much special with him, but I have tried to make his hour glass look empty and frozen. Symbolic to his lot in (after)life.





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This is just one day of work! That's hella impressive there, sir! He looks terrific in those colors - he looks so cold I need a sweater ;) I also really like the dark background ;)
Thanks Farmer! :D

Since the battletome dropped I have been meaning to paint up more Grave Guard and maybe even the big man himself, Nagash. But I have so many different projects, feel like I am spinning plates these days!