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I was just wondering whether anyone on here plays Malifaux ?

I just picked up the book and I am at the all important selecting a starting faction stage.... as I play VC, I am trying to keep away from resurrectionists, but I am finding Seamus and the Zombie Hookers hard to resist :zombie1:
OK.... just me then.

Well check it out if you have a spare five minutes.


Malifaux is a skirmish level miniature war game set in a "SteamVictorioHorrorWestPunk" setting. The minis are absolutely gorgeous, and as you only need about 5-8, you can be up and running in next to no time. Also the game is quite inovative in that it uses a card deck instead of dice.

If any of you pick it up and fancy a chat, then you can find me in the corner playing with myself.

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Well unfortunately I don't have time time to play, however I did pop along and have a look at their minis. They are very nice, pity they are 32mm scale though.
I know. I'm resurrecting a really old thread. Shame on me. But I just wanted to add that I too have started playing Malifaux ever since GW screwed over compendium again in the GHB2017

I've been playing Molly and the resurrectionists are really fun. The whole game is very enjoyable. The fluff is amazingly well written and the skirmishy gameplay is the best small scale wargame I've ever played.

I really recommend it to anyone else who's at all interested. The buy in is fairly inexpensive compared to something like Warhammer.
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