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Marble Bases

Corien Sumatris

Vampire Count
True Blood
Jul 3, 2013

So I have found 3 different tutorials on how to paint marble for basing purposes.

The first uses watered down wash to create the patchy look
The second uses a sea sponge
and the third uses a thin layer of water over the whole base then adds drops of paint to it.

My question is: has anyone tried any of these methods? I want to do this for a slaanesh warriors army and I must say that my basing experiance is pretty much "Sand, paint, grass" and thats it.

Any opinions, pictures, or ideas would be super helpful!
Jan 9, 2012
Can't say I've attempted it before, but please do keep this thread posted with your progress and results. I'm planning on incorporating some typical cemetery scenery through my units and some marble here and there instead of just all stone, I think, would liven it up a bit.


Vampire Count
True Blood
Aug 9, 2010
I've never painted marble properly. I've dabbled with similar techniques.

I found this video whilst browsing YouTube which may or may not help. It's not really a step by step but more of a 'talk'-through of how the effect was achieved. I will keep my eye out for other things in the mean time but hopefully this will give you a starter for 10!