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March 2008 Painting Log

Nov 14, 2007
Greetings everyone, sorry to have been missing in action over last month's painting log. I was detained by work (been very busy- 12 hour days) and suffered a cold (I think I was just sick of work;) ). Anyway, I will make up for my slack-arsed ways and finish up last month's works and start a new 200 point work list for March. I just need to sleep on the new list for a night and will be back tomorrow to fill you guys in- by the way I started my vacation today and you know what that means...7 days of getting my Warhammer on...yeah I have no life, but oh well. See you guys soon!

-Bug16 Sorry mate for leaving you hanging last month it couldn't be helped, but don't worry though I'm still hanging in there with ya on the monthly painting log.