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Matched Play - questions for inevitable FAQ


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What all abilities that add extra attacks count towards the rules of one? Do the double attacks on chariots from charging count? What about the extra attacks for skeleton warriors from large unit sizes? If these attacks don't generate additional attacks from righteous smiting, then that basically kills the spell on those units altogether.

Similar for vanhel's - does the second pile in & combat from vanhels count as bonus attacks? Do chariots get their charge attacks & warriors get their numbers attacks on the vanhel's bonus combat round? If not, again, the spell is pretty much worthless on those units.

if a unit is targeted by both vanhel's and smiting, do rolls of 6+ to hit on the vanhel's combat round generate righteous smiting attacks?

Does the ability of zombie units to combine together count as 'an ability adding models to a unit' for the purposes of matched play restrictions? Can two zombie units that started at 10 models each join together into a single unit of 20 in a matched play game, or would that count as raising a unit above its starting size? What about maximum unit sizes? Can two 40 model zombie units combine into a single 80 model unit, or would that not be allowed?

I think there's going to need to be an FAQ at some point on the matched play rules in the Generals Handbook, and it's probably worth getting together a list of questions in advance that we can ask when the time comes. Do you guys have any particular questions to put on the list?
I asked the following on their fb page, if i get any answers i'll post here.

1. Nagash's ability to summon double the value, if your roll grants you 10 skeletons, 20 due to Nagash's ability, would you still have to pay for 20? or you pay for 10 and get 10 for free (due to Nagash's ability)?

2. Neferata's blood kiss to set up a new vampire if a hero is slain, does that count as summoning and also has to be paid with points from the reserve list?


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GW now have an active FB page, where they genuinely released some FAQs a while back. I don't play AoS but I would ask on there potentially if you want answers.
It's less about getting temporary stand in rulings, and more about having a list ready to go if and when they invite questions for an official FAQ, as they did earlier in the year.

Additional question: Do we have to pay a heroes cost out of reserve points in order to bring them back with the Ring of Immortality?


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True Blood
Neferata's Dagger of Jet and Mortarch of Blood: wounds are assigned after all of the model's attacks have been resolved (hit, wound and saved or not), so how do we acknowledge she has wounded / slain a model with her respective weapons if, by the end of the Inflicting Damage phase, all wounds are allocated at the same time (allowing for them to mix themselves with those of her Dread Abyssal, for instance)?


Will the General's Handbook include points for Beasts of the Grave, so we can summon any of them?
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@Demian no the handbook does not include points for beasts of the grave, it only includes points for the most recent warscroll versions, thus those in question being in the Flesh Eaters tome.
Also i found an answer regarding Neferata's blood kiss, Vlad's spell and other similar abilities. Long story short, Yes it cost us points to get the models.


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It still doesn't answer the question of how neferata's dagger, for instance, can be the killing wound on a character when all of the damage from her attacks are allocated in an undifferentiated mass.


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Unless we are to understand it as a set of conditions met:

- Target dies from Neferata's attack(s)
- Target suffered 1 or more unsaved wounds from Neferata's weapon (Dagger and/or Staff)
- Target did not ignore said wound with an ability (like deathless Minions, for instance)

So, even if you overkill it, you'd still make the target rise as a Vampire
Oh, I had assumed you have to make her dagger and staff attacks separately from all the rest of her attacks and if the hero is not dead after she's through with them then it doesn't become a vampire. Moot point anyway since I'm not going to have the spare points the way summoning works now.


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Yes, since you must resolve all of the Unit's attacks before you can assign wounds, and thus, slay whole models

(if not, Krell's half-damage armor would be ineffective if you choose to resolve 1 by 1, making him receive 1 point of damage each, until he dies)


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You don't roll them all at once. You must distinguish from each and resolve all of them in any order, however, the Attack Sequence ends before wounds are assigned (and models are slain) but after your unit has no more attacks left to roll.

Then, your opponent assigns all unsaved wounds distributed as he sees fit on the attacked unit, killing 1 model at a time.