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ME regeneration marker


Cheerful Cranium
Hey ho fellow grave robbers, one quick question:

Yesterday I had a match against WoC (with a highly satisfying finish, the ME blasted everything what was left in round 6 off the table :D ), and a spectating friend asked about the ME regeneration marker rule. In his eyes the rule says, that if a unit is in reach of the aura, it gets a marker for +1 reg. Now, if the same unit is in reach again, does it get an additional marker? So that it gets (let's say for skellys) a 5+ reg? I never did it this way, because I understood the rule as resetting each round, so you get a marker when in aura reach, and either keep that marker if in reach next round again, or lose it if not.

There weren't any problems with the situation, but I'd like to have that clear...please en light me ;)


Mortarch of the Dark Soul
True Blood
Markers last until the start of your next turn, when they are removed and a new reliquary roll is made and places new ones. So yes, they reset.

The Sun King

True Blood
Rules wise the markers are only there to make you remember that this or that unit was within the aura at the beginning of the turn. The markers can therefore not stack. :)


Cheerful Cranium
;) I hope to have it finished at the end of june. Still not sure how the upper part should look. At the moment it seems like it will be the front part of a boat, with an iron ship bow and some kind of altar like in the original ME. And then...DOUBLE TIME! ...uhm, I mean, DOUBLE ENGINE!