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Meeting engagements: tips and lists

Jan 1, 2017
The new GHB2019 gifted us with Meeting Engagements rules.
You should know the drill: 1000 pts, you divide the army in 3 parts: Spearhead, Main Body, Rearguard. Each one arrives during different rounds. Many restrictions apply (limited sized units, and so on).

just a very short summary:
Spearhead: 0-1 Leaders, 0-2 Battleline units, and 0-2 other units
Main Body: 1-2 Leaders, 1+ Battleline units, 0-1 Behemoths and any number of other units
Rearguard: A reserve force that arrives last, and includes 0-1 Leaders, 0-1 Behemoths, 0-2 Artillery, 0-2 Battleline units, and 0-2 other units
  • no more than 2 units from the same warscroll (unless they’re part of a Warscroll Battalion).
  • Units in the spearhead can only be taken at their minimum size.
  • Battleline units in the main body, and any units in the rearguard, can be taken at up to double their minimum size.
  • only one Warscroll Battalion.
  • only one allied unit.
  • only one endless spell

The interesting thing is: in all the 6 battleplans, one of the conditions to gain Vicrory Points (VPs), is to kill more "wounds" than your opponent (sum the wounds of the models killed).
Obj control can give you from 1 to 3 VPs, but the killing gives you 2 VPs, so killing is at least important as the conquering of objectives.
What's the best way to achieve that?
1) if you have hard-to-kill models, you will negate opportunities to your opponent.
2) abilitiy to deal MWs and/or lot of damage is great, as it will put you ahead

a direct consequence is that in the Meeting Engagement matched plays, Hordes are dead. Firstly, you cannot field max-sized hordes, but only units at half the force; secondly, this "half-hordes" can enter into play only by turn 2, and only if battleline; thirdly, hordes don't care too much about losses, and in this format losses are a thing you cannot afford.

Magic (especially MWs dealing spells) is golden.
Shooting is VERY important: Meeting Engagement is played on small battlefield, so a shooting unit can easily threaten anything, and they can kick some ass even if they enter lately in the battlefield. Alas, shooting is a thing we lack.
Movement is also important, as you can easily cross the battlefield with a fast unit. and threaten unguarded objectives.

You could be tempted to enforce your spearhead, but there are 2 possible drawbacks to this:
1) the first turn is usually a weak one: the battlefield is small, but you place the units within 3" from the morders, so in your first turn you will usually just take the nearby obj. Unless you play against armies that can deep strike.
2) there is a battleplan when you could be forced to field you army backward (firstly the rearguard), so an unbalanced set-up can be a disaster.

The last thing worth saying is: remember the limit for behemoths: no more than 1 in the Main Body, no more than 1 in the Rearguard. This means you shouldn't plan to have 2 behemoths, as you'd wait 'til turn 3 to field the 2nd behemoth. So, 1 behemoth is what you should look for.

These are the most general rules you should keep in mind when planning a list for Meeting Engagements
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Jan 1, 2017
This is my first list for meeting Engagement:

Legion of Blood

2 Bat Swarms

Main Body:
VLoZD - general (spell: Amethystine Pinions; Artefact: doppleganger cloack; trait: the one that lets you deal MWs on a 6+ to hit)
VL on NIghtmare (spell: vile transference)
5 Dire wolves
5 Blood Knights

5 Dire Wolves

The Bat swarms are very fast so they can immediately take 1 obj; later they can follow the VLoZD / VL to give protection from shooting.
The VLoZD at 1000 pts is absolutely brutal: entering turn 2, with a successful casting of the spell he will have a move 19". Buff it with double command ability (including the one from VL on nightmare), and charge what you want to see dead. The large amount of Attacks (+1 from the Legions of Blood, +1 from the VL on Nightmare), plus the reroll, will give you a solid chance to inflict a nice amount of MWs. And you don't have to fear all those nasty units that got rules to attack before you. When your target will be able to retaliate, it should be dead or basically dead.

VL on nightmare, is a mere "support", be it for your VLoZD or for the Blood Knights (boost and healing).
Il like the BK in this list because i can field them since the 2nd turn, they're buffed by the legion, and they're relatively hard to kill (thus fulfilling the role of "kill without dying")
the dire wolves fill the battleline requirement, they're fast and got 2 wounds each, so they're perfect.

Basically, no matter what kind of scenario will be rolled, by turn 2 i will have 900+ pts on the battlefield. More important, my real fighting power will enter by turn 2, when the battlefield will be filled with targets. No shooting (as expected) but by slowest unit got a double digit move.
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