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Meetings in the Dark

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Master Vampire
True Blood
Dec 11, 2007
Something swirled out of the darkness into the hallway. It was quiet, but carried a sense of foreboding in the place. Tall pillars made of fused human bone of warpstone lined the walls.

Arkhan the Black turned around to see a shape come in out of the darkness. He lashed out with a limb, a nimbus of purple light striking out to strike at the darkness-shrouded shape, it passed through, disappearing into the black.

Twin skeletal guardians, massive wights, roused themselves from their positions to either side of Arkhan and leapt forwards, massive enchanted blades striking down to cleave at the shape.

It was useless as well as the shape simply leapt forwards in front of Arkhan. The Dread Lord’s blade simply passed through the being harmlessly.

‘’That’s such a rude greeting.’’ the Shade said.

‘’Who are you to say such things? Intruding in this place, the halls of the Dark Lord himself?’’ Arkhan rasped.

‘’You do not know of me? That to is said, for I bring information.’’ The Shade said.

‘’What manner of entity are you to offer myself information? And on whom?’’ Arkhan questioned. ‘’You seem to be a wraith, but no blade, however enchanted, nor magic harms you.’’

‘’That’s a lot of questions, I am a friend, someone who is looking to return to a greater state of information, as for the ‘’whom’’ I think you know full what particular group of vampires are messing around.’’

‘’Return?’’ Arkhan asked. ‘’You claim yourself to be a spy?’’

‘’Yes, I do indeed.’’ the shade reached over and pulled back his hood, delicately, he took off his grey mask.

‘’You?’’ Arkhan said, with some surprise. ‘’I thought you were-‘’

‘’-Gone? Yes, I was, everyone thought me dead, but as you know when beings like us study the afterlife true death does not exist,’’ the Shade replied.’’ After all, have I not spent much time in the realm of death while in my former self?’’

‘’And you exist like this? After all this time?’’ Arkhan asked disdainfully.

‘’It has it’s benefits, I exist so much as a shadow of my former self, but the possibilities open up even more in this form, much more than in my old body.’’ the Shade replied.

‘’Considering your former position I doubt that.’’

‘’Why? Where you jealous? Nagash showered me with favors under my study with him.’’ The Shade mocked.

‘’The Dark Lord knows who truly follows him, not abandoning him, he knows and judges all in his state.’’

‘’I doubt he can judge me as I currently stand, but he should feel forgiving, if I bring him information.’’

‘’Information about what?’’

‘’Oh, a little ritual the Carsteins have going on, a pathetic lightshow, signifying little but their own ambition.’’ the Shade explained.

‘’You sound contemptuous of their skill.’’

‘’As one of the world’s most prominent,’’ the Shade began, Arkhan knew he was easily more than that ‘’-Such displays of magical power are… trifling.’’

‘’I see, and what do you want us to do about it?’’ Arkhan asked.

‘’I suggest you do your best to stop it, pathetic as it may be, it’s very important, just remember this favor when I come calling next.’’ the Shade said.

‘’Calling for your ‘’return’’, is that it?’’ Arkhan asked.

‘’Oh, yes indeed, I will have my vengeance on my traitorous followers and rule those who have deviated so far from my path.’’

‘’Even after all this time you persist…’’ Arkhan remarked.

‘’Persisting on what got me to survive in the first place, persisting in the pursuit of knowledge sustained me in the deserts after the great battle and it sustained me at the movement of my greatest triumph.’’ the Shade replied theatrically.

‘’Once the very forces of death where mine to command, and they shall be so, in my new world, along under Lord Nagash’s amazing wisdom of course.’’

‘’Do you really expect me to think you will not betray the Dark Lord?’’ Arkhan asked.

‘’Believe what you will, I’ve always followed the Dark Lord for what he is, the paragon of death and the knowledge that he holds.’’

‘’I see, is that your ambition then?’’

‘’Of course, but that never really concerns you now does it? Arkhan?’’ the shade said smartly, putting on his mask.

‘’How do you plan to come back then?’’

‘’The power of magic itself, I need a certain set of items to completely come back.’’ The Shade explained.

‘’And those are?’’ Arkhan asked.

‘’He, you will find out soon enough.’’ the shade disappeared in a swirl of darkness, leaving Arkhan the Black alone
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