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MEH , Results of 2250 RT

Mar 27, 2008
Ok so for those few who saw my "Meets in the Middle" list heres how It turned out at Tourney over the weekend. ( BTW I implemented the changes that were suggested , specificaly swapping Dark Acolyte for Forbidden Lore and Getting the Flag of Blood Keep on my Bloodknights. )

Ok so 1st opponent Dwarves.

The guy brought a fair list ( I think ) This a rough idea from memory
Slayer Lord of killing nastieness, S8 weapon and ws 6
18 Longbeards, A thane and a rune priest in them
20 Warriors
10 warriors Throwing Axes
10 rangers
20 Hammers
2 10 man Thunderors
2 bolt throwers ( one flaming )
1 Canon
one grudge thrower

Ok , He deploys like so

From Left to right is the cannon , warriors with throwing axes, Thunderors mor Thunderors, Big warriors, Long Beards, Hammerors, Bolt Thrower, Bolt Throwerr, Grudge thrower, Slayer Lord , and way down there the Rangers.

I deployed pretty simple and I color codded my Army so Brown equals Varghulf, Yello is Skellies, Dark Red is BloodKnights and Dread Knight, Blue is GG and WK and Vampire Thrall, General on horse is not shown but he is behind everything else on his lonesome.

Ok first three turns went just like this,

He stands and shoots with what he can, I invocate my Skellies to new sizes and work my varghulf towards that cannon and the 10 warriors.
Turn two I get the cannon and walk my skellies forward cause hes just standing still. Turn 3 I charge the warriors on the far left with my Varghulf. Now all this guy did the whole game was flee if I charged. Rally and counter when I was out of position. The thunderors and every other gun on table proceeds to wipe my varghulf out ( but its ok cause Ive used the distraction to mover my Skellies forward.) I use some Wind and some Gaze but the dice gods are against me so nothing much occurs.

Now turn four,
Times running down and he gets to actually playing. His grudge thrower goes poof and its clear to him that I wont be beaten with the bolt throwers and thunderors cause I am bleeding PD into invocating.
He moves the slayer lord into the forest and waits for my skellies to get closer.
I charge the Slayer Lord with my Dire wolves and fall like centimeters short !! :( The Skellies and GG all charge at the Dwarf Blocks which havent moved at all)
The Hammerors and Warriors flee by choice and Im left with my GG locked into the Long Beards. The now short Skelli units are close but un usable.

So his turn he rallies everything and destroys the Far left Skeleton block with Gunfire and Botl Throwers. His Slayer lord runs across the table towards the GG combat and gets into my side. The Other units of Hammerors and Warriorers are too close to the GG combat to allow for me to get flanks at all. In this combat his Hammerors do close to nothing. But the characters are challenging away and Ive GOT to refuse. Nothings good enough to get em. So hes using the Characters to eat my GG alive ( or dead ). I lose by three, but the Drakenhoff keeps me at a healthy level. Most importantly, the Dire wolves are charged by the Rangers and beaten down to 3 wolves !!

Turn five, ( in for a penny)
So Ive made mistakes, SO I am desperate, I charge everything Ive got ! The Blood Knight get into the Rangers to try and solve that quick and get involved elsewhere. And I flubb it !! Somehow the Dice gods flub it all. I get two of them and they direct their attacks at my 3 wolves and manage to squeak through combat !! Consequently I lose a Damn Blood Knight !
Of course he passes all his leadership test and Now across the front of that hill my two Skeleton blocks of 20-25 are engaged with Warriors and Hammers respectively, and my GG are holding there own but barely.
He is winning the initiave roll offs between my Grave Gaurd and his Longbeards and is mudering me with the slayer lord on my flank.
The skeletons are just dying man !!

Well not wanting to be a bad sportsman I am laughing at this point, and decide to have fun, The last turn I ram my power dice into invocates and VanHels, he uses his DD and Runes to stop the Vanhels and keep my invocating to a normal level.

The Skelies get stomped on and they crumble to one if not worse. My Blood Knights finish off the pesky rangers but its to late to get them back around to where I need em. and My Grave guard lose combat again. Causeing them to fall off to about 5 models due to the 3 Heros choping away and bad Dice rolls on my part.

Ends up pretty bad for me, his units arent showing much wear and while the main points of my army are still alive ( The heroes , GG and BloodKnights ) Ive lost everything else plus some random zombies here and there that I used to screen some shots off.

This battle was all my fault and I learned a great deal. Next Battle report soon and this ones better ! :grin:


Staff member
True Blood
Nov 26, 2008
Seems like you put up a good show despite of the end results. I also sympathize with your blood knights managing to rubber-lance their charge. It's heart breaking when it happens, really.

Better luck next time! :grin: