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Melkhar's bloody battles

Nov 6, 2007
Thanks mr. Fluffy ! ANd I don't mind. ;)
EVC --> You are quite right, It's always like this, but its so funny... Like, tomorrow I'm playing with O&G, Dwarves and Wood Elves... I'm sure to be with the Woodies or Dwarves...

SO the Battle report:

So the last battle of the Bloodthisty Melkhar was done with the help of a corrupted Empire Arch elector. The enemies were an invading force of Goblins and some chaos dwarves (normal dwarves, but said to be chaos for the fluff).
So, it was a 2vs2 pitched battle and the teams were sorted randomly (That’s why the teams are strange…)

Here is the list I brought:
Warmongers ! (Strigoi Bloodthisthy list)
Warmongers ! (2000 pts.)


340pts Strigoi Count General: Melkhar the Vengeful
Level 2, Curse of the Revenant, Summon Ghouls, Iron Sinews
(Hatred, +1 attack, 5+ ward save)

125pts Strigoi Thrall : Kalhem the Immortal
Summon Ghouls, Iron Sinews
(+1 attack, Hatred, 6+ ward save)

150pts Necromancer : Araknor Blackhand
Level 2, Dispel Scroll, Book of Arkhan

150pts Necromancer : Ludwig Greenhand (He loves to take care of the nature with his petty friends the ghouls. )
Level 2, Cursed Book


5 Ghouls (40)
5 Ghouls (40)
9 Ghouls (72)

23 Zombies with command (153) (Count here)

20 Skeleton Warriors with full command and light armour (225) (Thrall here)

10 zombies (60) (Both Necromancers here)

6 Dire Wolves (60)


3 Spirit Hosts (195)

5 Fell Bats (100)

5 Black Knights with barding and full command (210)
Banner of the Barrows


2 Banshee (180)

Power Dice: 8
Dispel Dice: 5
Dispel Scroll: 1
Bound Item: 1

Total: 2000 pts.
My empire ally had something like:
-Arch lector with the nights
- Warrior priest
- Battle mage (with metal magic and speculum)
- Battle mage (with fire magic and a sort of fire ring)
- Unit of 10 empire nights
- 20 handgunners
- 20 hallebardiers with free company of pistoliers.
- 2 cannons
- 20 swordsmen with free company of lancers
- 15 greatswords


Rune lord with Anvil of Doom
Dragon Slayer with Slayer
Something of a thane or dwarf lord with the dwarf warriors
- 2 cannons
- 15 slayers
- 20 Iron Breakers
- 20 dwarf warriors
- 20 dwarf warriors
- 10 Thunderer
- 10 thunderer
- 10 miners

- Black orc big boss with the stone throlls
- 3 gob shaman (with the +1 to dispel item, the staff that robs PD and DD and a gork bound item…)
- 3-4 Trolls
- Spear chukka
- 5 wolf riders
- 4 x 5 spider riders
- 25 goblin archers
- 4 X 25 goblins and night goblins
- 9 fanatics

So this is what I remember (There are surely some mistakes… I’m not too sure…)

So starting with the setting and deployment. The battle took part in some mountain carved battlefield. The left side was plagued with volcanic (difficult) terrain and some big weird forest. There was an hill on each side (but we had the biggest, perfect for empire handgunners with a cannon) and a smaller forest on the right side.
So, me and my partner won to choose the side of the board, so we took the one with the biggest hill and the forest covers… Letting only a very small hill for the dwarf (were he but one regiment of thunderer and an organ gun).

So, with all my small core troops detachment and banshees I had the time to see how my opponents placed their troops before deploying my most important regiments. For this reason, I deployed massively on the left side of the board to face the goblin army and use the difficult terrain and forest with my three regiment of ghouls, my 2 banshees, my spirit hosts and my fell bats. Next to that, were my big blocks of infantry and cavalry units. The empire then also put some of his regiments next to mine and placed strategically his 2 cannons and gunners. Finishing with his 10-man unit of cavalry with general on the extreme right side.

So we had a much better deployment then our enemies, who had too much regiments (lots of big goblin blocks) and the dwarf weren’t able to place well all their shooting units.

Turn 1:
BOB/DW: So, on the first turn: Gob/DW started but were mostly out of range with all their units and the warmachine killed some zombies… The goblins animosity terrible dice roll made the players decide to stay put and wait for our charges with only some minor block movements. The anvil didn’t do anything (he tried to do the big power and missed it, we were lucky !) and magic wasn’t very effective (killed some hallebardiers with a feet of gork).

VC/EMP: So, me and my partner had the higher hand. I started the turn with invoquing the ghouls behind the enemy lines, to march block half or their regiments and threaten the goblin mage and war machine. The effect was miraculous; our enemies hadn’t ever seen this power and were quite shocked. Badly, I only invoqued 2 ghouls behind the goblin lines (near the shaman and spear chukka) and no fanatics spread forward (I would have liked oo, but he, we can’t have all we desired) and on the other side 3 ghouls came out of the brush behind the hill with the thunderers and organ gun. After that, on the movement phase, all the left skirmishers/ethereal squads spread forward, going in the forest or hiding themselves as best as they could to threaten the flank of the opposing army. I saw that the goblin player was quite intimidated by that, as there left flank was quite poor (2 units of 5 spider rifer, the dwarf cannon, the unit of goblin archers, a lone goblin shaman and the spear chukkah, with one block of dwarf Slayers and the blocks of goblins quite distanced). MY ally spread forward his cavalry and troops but not too much because of the thunderers and organ gun. I then saw something horrible, my partner had placed 2 of his heroes alone behind the forest… I asked him why he did that and he started telling me nonsense about the 6th edition (he hadn’t played much at the 7th edition and didn’t knew about the new character rules…).So he moved his mounted warrior priest to hide him in the forest and moved his metal mage near one of his unit to hide it next turn and have a good line of sight on the Iron breakers.

So then came the magic phase… And what a magic phase !!! It stated with an irresistible spirit of the forge on the Iron Breakers (killing 5) and forcing a panic tests (which they passed, with no surprise). They then dispelled much of the magic but one other spell passed: commandment of brass on the organ gun (so one less war machine next turn… heheh) Then on my turn, my mage were too far to invoke new units in strategic place and my danse macabre was dispelled. BUT, and a big but, I casted TWO irresistible IoN on my zombie and skeleton regiments. Boosting the skeleton by 7 and the zombies by 9. I then caste another IoN on the zombie and 6 others appeared for the ground… Wow, The best magic phase I ever had at the start of the game. I would then outnumber all the goblin regiments and have planty of units too absorb shooting.

Then on the shooting phase it was quite good, one of the cannon killed some Iron breakers and 1-2 dwarf warriors and the other killed a Troll and some goblins.

2nd turn:
Gob/DW: The goblin player moved his 4 regiments of 5 spider rider and his regiment of wolf rider to block or advancing unit and threaten the lone mage and priest of my partner (what a big mistake he did…). The other units started to move (Slowly because of the ghouls march blocking) and the regiments of goblin archers turned to face the two ghouls at their rear. On the magic phase, nothing much besides the EXPLOSION of the Anvil of Doom (ahahah, the Dwarf player was sobbing with rage (As a side note, if it explode, we don’t have the victory points of the Anvil?)) and on the shooting phase it was quite funny. The goblins shooted at my ghouls and weren’t able to put a single scratch on them (viva skirmisher and toughness 4). The organ gun couldn’t shoot and the other cannon tried to shoot my knights and missed. The Thunderers killed one empire knight and some hallebardiers. What was bad, was the spider riders showing of their poisoned javelins which they shot at the Metal mage, hitting 2 times with poison… So, one new zombie for my army (and one big punch on the shoulder of my ally for his stupidity).

VC/Emp: Now was the time to advance. My fell Bats charged one unit of spider riders (who couldn’t shoot because they were too near) and my ghouls, banshee and spirit hosts placed themselves to make maximum damage on the next turn (and maybe be Danced in the flank of the enemies). My invoked ghouls charged respectively the spear chukka and the organ gun, all units passing their fear test (thx to the black orc general). On the magic phase, with one wizard dead and the opposing army having lots of dispel dice and a +1 on all dispel rolls (because of goblin item) it was much less flamboyant. The empire didn’t do anything (besides miscasting with his mage… But nothing bad happened) and I was able to invoke some zombies in front of the other dwarf cannon (7 zombies) and Danse Macabre with the book of Arkhan a regiment of ghoul in the flank of the spider riders (to assure maximum victory to the fell bats). So, it was the beginning of the end for the goblin player… Muahahah.

On the shooting phase, MY banshees tried to affect the dwarf cannon crew, but didn’t seem to make them flinch with their terrible sobs. (double one and 8 on the rolling dices…). The empire artillery did some casualties with the first salve, but the other cannon misfired and wouldn’t be able to shoot this phase and the other (Those living humans are so incompetent…).

So, on the battle side. My ghouls and fell bats wiped the spider riders and overrun in the other spider rider regiment (only the fell bats, the ghouls were too slow). No units panicked, too bad… My 2 ghouls attacking the spear chukka weren’t able to put a scratch on the crew (terrible dice rolls) and were wiped by the orc guardian and CR. ON the other side, the three ghouls attacking the Organ gun killed two dwarves with poisoned attack and autobroke them (destroying the Organ gun) and placing themselves on the flank of the unit of 10 thunderers who were placed in only one long line… The empire knights missed their charge on the thunderers (by 1”) and were stalled near the forest were the spider and wolf riders were hiding.

3rd turn:
DW/Gob: Starting with the animosity test, he failed one with the goblin archers who had to charge the nearest possible enemy unit… Which was, we can’t always be lucky, one of my dear banshees whom they should normally had to turn around and march too charge (which would have took 1 or 2 turns… Enough time for my howling lady to go hide somewhere else). So the 25 strong unit charged the banshee… The Troll unit with power-boosted Black orc general charged my skeleton regiment (with my vampire thrall), and the rest of the units spread forward, releasing all their pesky fanatics (which didn’t do a lot of damage…). Another regiment of goblin wanted to charge my big zombie unit, but they failed the charge by little. On the other side, the Fast cavalry of the Goblin flank charged the empire knights and surrounded the lone warrior priest.

So, on the magic phase, me and my ally still had 3 dispel scroll and we saw clearly that the victory was near. So we dispelled everything without taking chances but something passed with irresistible: The spell that gives a free move to one of the goblin unit. So, the 25-strong goblin unit that missed his charge had another free move and the gobo player decided to redirect his charge move toward my 5-strong black knight unit which was perfectly placed to flank charge all the opposing army (And which wasn’t in the line of sight of the gobo… Grr, I hate the Green magic !)…

So, on the battle face, my Banshees and BK didn’t took a wound, but they were logically all destroyed by the CR (So, ¾ of the points I lost in the battle were due to the destruction of my BK unit. I won’t field it in my next game.. Grrr!). So, My Fell bats lost 3 wounds, but broke the Spider riders with CR and destroyed them by pursuing. My skeleton unit, I declared a challenge with my skeleton captain and luckily, the Black orc only did 1 overkill (he was built to be a character killer) and my Strigoi thrall did 3 wounds on the trolls. As expected, I autobroke them with CR and I pursued the fleeing general (But didn’t caught him). On the Empire side, The Warrior priest missed all his armor save and was killed by the spider riders (we see how lonely characters die like fly…) and the empire Knights took a wound and DIDN’T do any in return (terrible dice rolls!). So the CR was a draw.

VC/EMP: ON our turn, I knew it was time to roll over our enemies, the game was ours (And I had a class at university in 1 hour…) So, on the left flank, I charged the Dwarf Slayers with my Spirit hosts and Big unit of ghouls. One of my other unit of ghouls charged the 25 strong goblin unit that killed my BKwith the help of the dire wolves in the flank. My invoked zombies charged the dwarf cannon crew. MY ghouls charged the Goblin archers in the flank. MY big zombies and skeletons couldn’t charge because of the fanatics (that I would destroy with magic). On the side of the empire, my ghouls charged in the flank of the thunderers and the hallebardiers came to the rescue of the empire knights to destroy all the goblin fast cavalery.

On the magic phase, not too much, IoN on the zombies that charged the cannon (+6 zombies), Hellish vigor on the ghouls that charged the Slayer and IoN to heal one Fell Bat. I killed the fanatics that were in front of my regiments by invoking zombies on them. The Empire wizard’s magic was all dispelled.

Shooting, not too much, some Dwarf dying…

Now, combat ! A WIN ALL OVER. MY zombies autobroke the cannon crew and overrun in the front of the Goblin archers. Which I also autobroke with the help of the ghouls in the flank (My ghouls were game-breakers) and the ghouls overrun in the spearchukka. The slayers were also really badly destroyed by the ghouls that poisoned 4 of them with the hellish vigour rerolls and the Spirit hosts killed 3 other. With the riposte, the Slayer hero killed 2 -3 ghouls. I won, but they are unbreakable, so there were only 8 left. On the other side, the empire knights and hallebardiers killed the remaining fast cavalry. My 3 ghouls continued to wreck havoc by going in combat with the thunderers and killing 2. So, I had a flank attack, 2 kill and no lost (because Only one dwarf could have riposted and was killed) and he only had outnumber. So I won and he held, but couldn’t shoot on his next CC.

After that, due to the time, we all agreed to finish this 4th turn and the game with it (because we had quite won !).

GOB/DW: The Orc general didn’t rallied !!!! The 2 remaining night goblin regiment didn’t move from the back, seeing that they were the only surviving troops with green ears. Magic didn’t do anything… Shooting, there we only one unit of thunderers that could shoot, and they had no line of sight, because all units were engaged or out of sight. Combat phase: The spear chukkah was destroyed by the ghouls who tried to overrun on the goblin shaman that was hiding behind the troops. The slayer were chopped to only 2 survivors: The hero and the champion. Killing 4-5 ghouls, loosing, but holding.

Last turn VC/EMP: We controlled ¾ of the table quarters. I finished off the slayers but couldn’t charge anything else. MY ghoul killed another 2 thunderers on the east side. The Empire troops engaged the dwarfs, with the speculum but it was a draw.

The game finished with a minor major victory, but if we had continued one or 2 turns it would have been a brilliant massacre.

So, to remember:
- No teaming with the empire… :tongue:
- 5-strong units of BK are not good with barding, FC and banner (free victory points)
- I have to look out for the banshees, they are good to attract attention, but don’t do that much damage and when we are unlucky they give up easy VP.
- The GHOULS rock, wow, the game-breakers, I love the Strigoi.
- Strigoi Thrall was a killer… But I didn’t saw my general in combat, I will have to be more aggressive next time.

So, all in all, a very fluffy and funny game. With good players and friends. It was really fun and another victory for Melkhar !

I have to thank you all because before I started to come on this forum I was always losing half of my games and now I haven’t faced a defeat in my last 8 games.

Thanks a lot !

My next Battle report will be against a Tomb King army.
Nov 6, 2007
So, here's the list that I faced this week-end, for a short preview (And before I forget it).

- Tomb King (Lord) in chariot unit
- Tomb Prince (Hero) with the catapult (always strike first item, etc)
- Hierophant (cloak of dune that makes him fly) start with the archers
- Tomb priest with the casket of soul
- 4 Ushabti
- 1 Skull stone thrower
- 20 skeleton warriors (Spear, shield, light armour)
- 16 skeletons (Hand weapon, shield, light armour)
- 15 Tomb guards
- 1 Giant scorpion
- 15 skeleton archers
- 6 full equip chariots with the resurrection banner

The Dark Lord Mr Fluffy

Master Necromancer
True Blood
Dec 23, 2007
Melkhar said:
Thanks mr. Fluffy ! ANd I don't mind. ;)
Good to hear it, as my army has already modeled as undead empire troops! Not to mention, the BK, Wight Lord and soon to be death wizard/ Necro guy...

Melkhar said:
But I didn’t saw my general in combat, I will have to be more aggressive next time.

Losing your general is r8 (really) annoying!!
Having all your troops die around you isn't as fun as you may think! Even a strigoi count has its limitations! Ok, not too many, but still a few... *cough*chosen khorne chaos knights*cough*