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Count michael

The Undead Sparky
May 17, 2010
Thought I better have a thread with all my DG models as have converted and painted quite a bit

The characters for my force is pretty small as mainly play wretched so usually only use a single boosted Plaguecaster as warlord though will sometimes use a Lord of Virulence as well. Plaguecaster is converted using Plaquemarine, Noxious Blightbringer, AOS nurgle and possessed bits to make him look more daemonic looking. The elite characters I use is mainly the Biologius Putrifier who converted using the official model and Fabius Bile to make him look more unique. Sometimes use a Plague Surgeon if running big block of Deathshroud but not much since pretty bad
20230208_185351.jpg 20230208_184822.jpg 20230208_184824.jpg


Mainly use 2x Bloat drones with heavy blightlauncers as pretty good units that are fast and pretty good at wiping msu squads with high number of D2 shots, Neber really used the Blighthauler as for antitank prefer dreads of the Las vindicators just wanted to paint one of the models. Use Deathshroud quite alot mainly in 3 man squads or sometimes a big max sized one and are pretty good alongside the Plaguecaster as a bodyguard. Have 25 Plaguemariines with mixture of upgrades which run in multiple small squads with the upgrades. made a banner icon objective as well as a Palaquin of nurgle model ages ago back when they were actually an upgrade now it acts an a objective marker. Of course being Nurlge and loving zombies have 30 poxwalkers wich run in small 10 man squads using mixture of the poxwalker models and Deadwalker zombies to give more variety so not all look as mutated but just look like normal zombies raised from the dead

20230208_184756.jpg 20230208_184758.jpg 20230208_184802.jpg
Some of my armoured support, Plagueburst Crawler and 2 laser desroyer Vindicators
The las Vindis are great anti tank vehicles that can deal 6damage flat for every hit espciallly since always count as stationary due to legion rule. A forgeworld unit but didnt like the official model so made my own using normal plastic vindicator with warp lighting cannons to give a more chaos feel to the laser destroyer gun. Used a heap of Nurglings on each spilling out the rear hatch like both tanks are filled to the brim of them. Since they have the awesome Vindicator siege shield used corpses from the corpse cart model so its like each is shoveling a mound of corpses where ever they go

20230207_183226.jpg 20230208_184748.jpg 20230208_184747.jpg 20230208_184746.jpg
This beast of a tank is the plastic Spartan assault tank from horus heresy and converted heavily like it was some mobile shrine of Nurgle. dual warp lighting cannons topped with the flaming braizer from corpse cart model with one cannon on each side for laser destroyers which are such amazing weapons. Like the Las Vindis uses so much Nurglings this time all spilling out fron front ramp, when I assembled it crammed as many as I could fit inside only to realise couldnt paint them all insidde lol. Screaming bell from AOS and a Herald of Nurgle cut up to make gunner / driver to give it more of warshrine style look so both the warband's weapon of war as well as unholy shrine to Nurgle

20230208_184740.jpg 20230208_185349.jpg 20230208_184808.jpg 20230208_184809.jpg

I love Dreadnoughts, especially the Forgeworld ones so had to convert up one of each type since great models. 2 Levithans are the main ones I use converting both to have the plague furnace wrecking balls as close combat weapons, one uses beast of nurgle bits to give a more daemonic possessed look whilst other is less daemonic.
My Deredeo Dead is heavily corrupted with forgefiend cannons and alot of spines and bones for the autocannons. Using a bloat drone and some blight hauler bits made a more nurgle looking missile launcher since couldn't really come up with a way to make original missile launcher look like a weapon of chaos
last is Contemptor wielding a warp lighting cannon and plague furnace as its weapons, uses the possesed word bearer dread as body and has AOSblightking bits for head and icons of Nurgle.

gallery_59703_16967_80630.jpg 20230208_184738.jpg 20230208_184737.jpg
Last but not least is my heavily converted Defiler that doesnt even use any of the official model bits since dont like or can get hold of the official model. Carved apart the Aos giant spider and the DG terrain Miasmic Malignifier fusing both to make a giant spider walking furnace thing. Used a bloat drone head to give a very nurgle face and used the tervigon claws and Exocrine cannon to give a more organic look to its main weapons.
It's not the most competive of forces losing more than I win but more prefer playing with cool looking models even if taking some forgeworld units means I lose cp

Count michael

The Undead Sparky
May 17, 2010
So I had a weird conversion idea and decided to convert a PBC into a predator Battle tank as the PBC model as really thought It would look cool and wanted a Predator to look more like it belonged in a Nurgle force like the rest of the army. Used The Pbc, Deimos Predator plus other spare bits from drone, maulerfiend and a few Nurglings 20230312_182658.jpg 20230312_182700.jpg 20230312_182701.jpg 20230312_182702.jpg

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