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True Blood
Sep 29, 2009
Hello all!

Not sure if anyone has really noticed, but I haven't been very active in the past couple of weeks. Why?


I've been having them off and on for the past month and a half and my last one was last week which went for a whole week. It was a pure seven days of bliss.

What's a migraine like? Well you know how you body is made up of nerve endings? Where do they all end? Your brain. Take all of your senses and have the fire off at once. Then take your head and place it in a vice and squeeze it as hard as you can. That's what a migraine is like.

I become incredibly hyper-sensitive to light, smells and sounds. I basically become a lot like a vampire, haha.

I'm just wondering though, as you can see I'm back and happy, does anyone else get these? And what do you do with them?

I've been getting them since I was five. I have some heavy duty pain killers, but for the life of me, they don't always work. Because of these migraines, I'm regularly more sensitive to light now (my night-vision is superb and makes running at night pretty cool) and I have some pretty hypersensitive smelling.

Any remedies that anyone tries or uses?

I guess the bright side is that I have some pretty epic dreams when I have migraines.... which lead me to paint some incredibly interesting things...

Don't get me started on those evil things always feels like someone trying to stab me through the head but having to keep pulling the knife out and slam it back in there because it refuses to go.

I usually have Tylenol and Advil extra strength rapid release gels handy for those days those plus sometimes I'll go grab my smart temp pad and either heat it up or shove it in the freezer and lay that across my forehead for a while to help try and ease the pain sometimes I'll get in the shower though and let the hot water work on the pain sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

Those are just the ways I try and deal with most pains that decide it will be fun to mess with my day at least the body pains.

Wolf Fang

Vampire Count
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
I tend to have migraines on a regular basis, mostly due to sleep deprivation (School takes a lot of time. For example, last year I had an average of 2 hours of sleep per night over a 2 month period).
They're usually accompanied by temporary blindness on 1 eye and throwing up. It's an interesting combination though as it's very hard to aim for the bucket when you can't really guess distances. :)
The only thing that really helps is staying still. Light and sound don't seem to be that big of a deal, but movement makes my head feel like it's going to explode. And nothing really helps. I've tried aspirin, codein, ibuprofen, viicodin, ... and they all fail at doing what I want them to do. :(

They usually go away after a night of two of good, uninterupted sleep.

Cheers, Wolfie

Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
Wow, that sounds really crap. I suppose I am lucky that I don't suffer from migraines, indeed the only time I really only get headaches is when I am ill.

Great to see you back more though Jake! :thumbsup:


Wight King
Dec 28, 2008
Lurking in the Darkness
i've always had a natural sensitivity to light. sunlight is the worst, especially when we've had a fresh snowfall and you get the glare... (too bad it can snow half the year in canada!)
that would lead to some mild migraines
actually, my sensitivity goes so far that the skin across my shoulders will burn in minutes when wet in the summer months! yet oddly, i won't so much as tan if i keep my skin dry and don't stay in the sun for more than an hour or so... (my former manager called me casper for a good reason!)

i'm also an insomniac, so if i've gone for 2+ days without any real sleep, i can get some pretty nasty pain from that.

of course, there's also the 8 concusions i've suffered throughout my hockey career... (i've had a doctor tell me i should be dead!o.o )
for the past 10+ years, i have a constant, low ringing in my ears. it was horrid at first, because by focusing on it, it would lead to severe migraines. but, i quickly learned to concentrate and focus on a specific background noise to tune out the ringing, so it's managable now. (mind over matter and all that crap!)

still, i'd take the worst migraine of all time over the H1N1 headache any day of the week!!! that pain kept me awake for 3 strait days as i have yet to learn the fine art of sleeping in a sitting position. (how i envy cats in this regard!)

i guess when i think about it, i can see why most of my friends think of me as being part vampire?!
i've also got the sharpish canines & the icey touch that all women are naturally born with!



Grave Guard
Feb 22, 2010
I go through fazes of them, hormones I think. And i get really paranoid it's going to happen and then give myself phantom migranes! it;s not as bad as lots get... I go pretty much blind and numb on one side and it screws up my day, but I've never been sick or screwed for a week... I was given lots of things that never seemed to work, so just leanr to acceopt it was happening and not get frustrated at loosing a day. fingers crossed hasnt happened for a while, but its stress a lot of the time, so i'm expecting it any time soon!

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