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Missing post

I just tried to post my army list and it asked me to sign in again and the list vanished like magic.
Is there a auto save or draft area that it may be in or do i write it out again.

Thank you.


Staff member
True Blood
Hello RedVelvet,

I don't think there's any way to recover your lost text. The forum must have considered you to have been logged out for some reason so it wouldn't have any user to save the draft for. I hope it won't be too much trouble for you to do it over again.


Ancient Vampire Lord
Staff member
True Blood
Another option when making a long post, just in case the draft isn't saved for some reason, is to always copy your text before posting. This is also handy if for some reason, and this has happened to me on another forum in the past, the forum goes down, or suffers some kind of glitch. That way you can paste your post into Notepad for later, or refresh the page and then paste the text into a new reply box.