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True Blood
Jan 15, 2008
Prince George
Moirdivan is a death world almost entirely covered in dense jungle. Vegetation on Moirdivan reacts to attempts at colonisation and rapidly grows back whenever it is cleared. This forces the population of the planet to live a semi-nomadic existence, moving on whenever the jungle violently reclaims their land.

It is believed that all of Moirdivan's native fauna is carnivorous, as is much of the flora. Poisonous creatures are extremely common. The most well known of Moirdivan's native animals is the infamous Draugr, a voracious predator somewhat similar in appearance to an enormous Lizard. can be up to 80 paces long, but their bulk and lack of speed allow many creatures to simply avoid them. One of the most dangerous animals on the planet is the Moirdivan tree Rat , a seemingly innocuous-looking creature which discourages predators by exploding and spraying a highly lethal acidic toxin on anything nearby. The largest of the species, the Greater Moirdivan Tree Rat, is rumoured to be capable of annihilating everything within a half-kilometer radius upon detonation. The dangers in Moirdivan's jungles are not limited to the fauna; in many cases the plant life can be just as deadly. The Spiker, for example, is a plant capable of firing extremely sharp spikes into the bodies of its victims, which then emit a mutative chemical which eventually turns the unfortunate recipient into a raging berserker. The Brain Leaf is an example of the more insidious dangers to be found on Moirdivan . The brain leaf has long, smooth tendrils, at the end of each of which is a single leaf. The plant can attach these leaves to living creatures, taking control of their nervous systems and using them as protection and, eventually, compost. Insects and diseases are every bit as dangerous as the larger monsters. Blood-wasps are swarming, carnivorous insects that will swarm over a man and eat him down to a skeleton in a matter of hours. Another subtle threat are Heretic-ants, highly venomous ants so named because they attack their victims from the feet - going for your soles.
The Nourthren and Southren poles are a Frozen tundrea where the Tempeture drops to extremely low levels. Without the proper equipment A man could freeze to death within minutes the frozen tundra is occasionally broken by a Necron Obilisk the Human population avoids the Northen pole as Legends of Metal Monstrosities rising from the earth to attack and slaughter any who dare draw near.

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