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Crypt Horror
Mar 14, 2009
Bat country
So i was just wondering, How many people play mordheim kind of game?
ive found the ruleset on the GW site and it looks pretty cool!
However, i was wondering, is it awesome to play? or is it just a 'one use only' kind of thing without any depth?

Im liking the individual kind of play, could be very intresting.

please, share experiences with this.

also, on a small sidenote. i couldnt seem to find the 'search' button on this forum anymore... but it must be blind or something...

cheers and sorry to bother you. but please reply :)


Crypt Horror
Feb 16, 2010
I'm starting this very very soon. As you know I'm going to be Beastmen. I can't wait to sink my teeth into Mordheim. There is another rule set that we will try after a few games of Mordheim, it's called Coreheim. It's supposed to be a more streamlined version.

I have a group of 13-17 year old kids , magority are girls, building houses and ruins for me on lunch breaks in my school, they will start playing soon too.

My first game is Sunday against some wussy WitchHunters who have got a problem with the Brothers and their warband. Can't wait to kill the shiiiiiiit outa some Flaggelents!! I'll post a battle report and tell you how it goes.:zombie:


Grave Guard
Aug 14, 2010
Mordheim is great!

One-off games are fun, but the game really shines when you play a campaign and get to develop your warband as they earn experience and buy new equipment.


Crypt Horror
Mar 14, 2009
Bat country
abbysal, please PM me when you get a battle report otherwise i might mis it :(
very busy at work atm so not much time to scan the forum!

and i guess i will have to get people to play this game in my area :)
does a GW store support this kind of game?

We dont have a gaminggroup within 75km of my home,... so it would be great that the GW within 25km could support us with this. (which only has 3 smallllll tables)

hmmm now, on to reading!


Wight King
Dec 28, 2008
Lurking in the Darkness
Mordheim is an epic-win game system overall! I've always enjoyed it when a local league gets going at one of the indie stores. I've played almost every main warband at some point, and despite my VC leanings, I've always had the most fun with either the Chaos or Skaven warbands...

Our only real complaint with the system is that in a campaign were you grow your warbands w/experience and such, the Heroes can become foolishly powerful very quickly! (to the point that it takes hours for the heroes to beat eachother down & the henchmen are all but useless...)
So basically, to tone down the heroes, we limit them to their current stats in thier respective army books, rather than the OP 5th edition statlines the game is based off of.



Crypt Horror
Mar 14, 2009
Bat country
thanks about the search bar,

however, i think i have a crooked internet explorer... its up left at mine and i cant read parts of the forum due to 2 bars on the sides blocking some letters. I cant scroll to left/righ far enough,....

thanks for the replys thus far! i need to check it out now :)

Vorizah Vukotic

Nov 26, 2010
I've been playing mordheim religiously since it's release and in my opinion it is one of GW's best releses, the rule book is quite clunky and can lead to a huge variety of arguments between opponents(trust me ive heard just about every single one) but the game is pretty cool especially if you include some the extras they released intown crier such as the madness table, and the Doctors charts etc...... theres nothing funnier than one of hero's thinking he's a wizard/chicken or a witch that becomes frezied with bloodlust! lol this is one of my favorite games and has a massive potential for model conversions, and the role play side of it lends alot of flavour to the campaign games

sorry went on for a bit but let me know how your games go!

Von Calyptra

Black Knight
Mar 3, 2011
Boston, MA
I tend to prefer GW's "specialist" games to their core games, and Mordheim's possibly my favorite. My group found the book to be ballanced, fun, engaging, and it solves the advancement problems in Necromunda.

Dan_Lee is right, the game is really intended to be played in a campaign mode, rather than as one-off games.

There's quite a bit of material for Mordheim that isn't in the book, and having played with some of it, I don't trust it. The extra warbands don't seem to have been playtested very well (and the fluff explanation for them being in Mordheim seems contrived), and many of the extra rules we tried bogged our games down or introduced completely random and berserk elements. Random and berserk elements can be fun, but after a while you start feeling more like a spectator than a player.

So I dearly love Mordheim and am deeply suspicious of anything for Mordheim outside the rulebook.

Vorizah Vukotic

Nov 26, 2010
I know what you mean about unbalanced, this became clesrly evident when elves were introduced as their stat to gold ratio was way overpowered and left everyone else at a massive disadvantage, also there seemed to be no continuity as to how hired sword cost/rating was worked out, some were just plain better than others.

personally I liked the way the game bridged the gap between conventional roleplay and minatures gaming, the advancment system was spot on until the hero's become very overpowered, no warband was better than any other(except witch hunters which lose out stat and model and skill wise to every other core warband)

agreeing with Von Calyptra I also belive the speialist games to be generally better, especially Man'o'war, god how I miss that game!!!!

Count Lasombra

Vampire Count
True Blood
Jul 10, 2010
Mordheim was how I became involved with WHFB...Being able to develop your character and manage the resources of ones army is great.That is something that needs to be implemented in Warhammer,a way to bring life to the armies and make them not just lists..growth.
There are some pretty interesting rules for warbands though.
I have played D&D for over 20 years and it feels great to start at lvl 1 and reach 20.Perhaps there will one day be a good integrated system.

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