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More Fresh Aussie blood

Nov 6, 2016
My name in Jake

I have come back to the hobby after a long break... Always have love undead models. Started collecting when I was about 7. Have a few 10000pt plus fantasy armies. I used to work for GW here in oz. A new store opened up locally and I decided to jump back into it... Have been playing age of sigmar. Have quite a large army. Nearly 10000pts now. And have been undefeated bar one battle against dark elves and skaven combined. Will post as regularly as I can with army updates.... Good to be on here and hopefully I can be of help for any advise....


A Knight of Blood
Nov 11, 2013
Greetings and welcome to the CN! Here you will find what you need, and I am looking forward to your progress - there can not that many undead armies :)