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More 'realistic' VC now with UL?

Aug 31, 2014
I like to play fluffy lists a little more than comp lists, so with the new UL I realized we can now have shooting in our armies. Anyone else thought of taking archers? They always hit on 5s and can have killing blow with a mage~

It's almost as good as back in the Sylvanian list when you could take skeletons with crossbows (and zombies with spears, armour, and sheilds!)


Vampire Count
Oct 28, 2011
Yes, we can switch from an advance, redirect and flank army to a more tactical, with an element of shooting involved to put pressure on those armies that rely on baiting us all day long, like Wood Elves.

Our Core became upgraded from Tar-pits and redirectors only, to include either Archers or Chariots.

I've taken archers before, and found out that we need a decent shooty unit for it to make a difference (even without Khalida), and would start with a unit of 20+ at least. Also, i like the killing blow thing.

We can counter those Waywatchers, at last!

John Rainbow

Crypt Horror
Mar 7, 2013
I like the inclusion of shooting too. I understand that from a fluff point of view having restricted access to shooting (VC) or magic (Dwarfs) is thematic and representative of the race as a whole, it doesn't always translate well into the actual game-play mechanics where an army misses out on an entire phase of the game. Bring on the archers!


Black Knight
Aug 24, 2011
Yeah as previously stated, archers are our greatest boon Core wise. It's nice having another phase to play.

Fluff wise I love it, if we can reanimate skeletons to bash swords against shields, we can raise them to reign arrows down upon fleshy faces.


Black Knight
Jun 4, 2014
Skeleton archers are damn good and I'd like to try them out too. I usually play 2400pts and go minimum on core. So my 600 core would probably look like:

30 ghouls w/ champion 310pts
2x 5 dire wolves 80pts
20 skeleton archers 120
30 zombies 90pts
Aug 31, 2014
Yeah it's nice to play a balanced list, and to have some actual shooting in the shooting phase! I just imagine that if it can be killed, it can be raised! One of my favourite things about building a VC army is its flexibility; just about any army's units could be used in some way to convert to a VC model/army!

Personally, I'd love to have a fully kitted ex-human army of light and heavy infantry, light and heavy cav, some skirmishers, some massed missile troops, and maybe a catapult/other war machines, or something. Anyone tried a screaming skull catapult yet?

I think I'm going to add converting up some archers to my to-do list! :)