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Mortarch Conversion

So with the new mortarch of grief round the corner I decided that I want a unique model for each of the existing 3. I'll keep Arkhan as is since he fits the theme the most, and I already have planned a warsphinx conversion for neferata. However i'm out of options on what mounts can be used for mannfred to fit his theme while also looking unique. Any ideas?


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How about a Dark Elf dragon, possibly after zombifying it a bit. The bulk should be similar to the original Abyssal, it would fit on the same base and fits a vampire theme very good. I am planning to do such a conversion at some point ;) Chaos Manticore seems also like a badass option, but that's more feral than the somewhat regal dragon.
Manticore might work! I thought of using different dragons but i was moving away from the idea as i might use that for a named vlozd. other stuff i had in mind included; a flying chariot driven by a morghast, an elite horse steed overlooking a cliff using the varanguard stuff and adding some spirit hosts circling, mount him on a terrorgheist but i found it too similar to vlozd, or a scratch build kind of construct from what i can find.


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If you are up for scratchbuilding, maybe you can try something similar to what @Nagash Worshiper did with the Isle of Blood griffon, to be found HERE. That's effectively just another manticore, but maybe it can give you some ideas. Also, if you consider putting him on an impressive horse, there's still his model from the previous edition - that horse is BIG ;) if you like him aestetically, of course.
@Mioum yep, narrowed down my options to 2, mounted on a varanguard horse with spirit hosts or mounter on a terrorgheist :) can even use the abissal terror's head on the TG as it looks pretty good!