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Mortarch of Night/Lord of Undeath Realmgate Wars Exclusive Editions

Hey folks! I was wistfully re-reading my copy of End Times: Nagash the other day and was overwhelmed with the urge to see what the big dead guy is up to in the Age of Sigmar. Lo and behold I stumbled onto the Black Library site at just the right time!

I read and enjoyed the Silver Tower novel despite the presence of a big dumb ol' Sigmarine so I guess that was my gateway drug. Has anyone read either of the latest two (I think?) Realmgate Wars Exclusives? Mortarch of Night is off to a pretty great start so far, and I'm excited to delve into it further.

No spoilers! If they get more awesomer just say "Wait and See!" If they're a crapfest then just let me wallow in my ignorance for a bit longer. :)

Has anyone listened to the Audiobooks versions of Mortarch of Night? I'm kinda tempted...