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Mortis Engine Rules Question.

Aug 26, 2015
I am little confused about the ethereal rule on mortis engine, can it be damaged by a regular cannon? Doesnt it need a magical attack to hurt ethereal unit?


Sleepless Knight
True Blood
Dec 25, 2010
The Engine has Ethereal movement (Spectral Steeds), though since it's a Chariot (cannot March) this basically equates to Ignores Terrain. The Banshee screams are magical attacks, so they can hurt Ethereals. The Banshee Swarm and Spirit Hordes don't have magical attacks, though they probably should. Also, nowhere does it call the Reliquary's area of effect pulse or the bomb when it dies magical attacks. So just the scream.

The rules are in a few places in the book, which is kinda a pain in the ass, but the model itself isn't Ethereal, it just moves like one.
Mar 10, 2015
Well the official FAQ says:
Q: Do the Attacks of Spirit Hordes and Banshee Swarms count as
magical? Tomb Banshees and Spirit Hosts are Ethereal after all.
A: Yes.

Q: Do the hits generated by the Mortis Engine’s Reliquary count as
magical? (p53)
A: Yes.

But the Mortis Engine is not ethereal unit, so regular cannon can hit it.