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Mother and Daughter

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Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
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Feb 12, 2008
It had taken nearly all night but finally Lesa had arrived at her destination. She had taken the beast, which she had affectionately name Vectus, high into the sky. It's massive size would have no doubt caused much consternation if it had flown to close to the ground, even still she had no doubt many had seen it from the hundreds of feet on the air. She just hoped it had not come to the attention of any who would take too much of an interest.

Her destination was one of the few places in the Old World where she had made a permanent residence. In the past she, Milosh and their followers had traveled nomadically, enjoying the pleasures different lands had to offer. They had not wanted to take root, feeling it limited and tied them down. The acquisition of territory had also seen dull to them, for what would they do with it? After they had experienced all it had to offer they would have become bored with it. So in this way they have traveled to every land this world had to offer.

Yet some places had stood out to them. It may have been somewhere that they had enjoyed, or simply it had looked beautiful. Whatever the reason they had noted these havens, these places of safety to go if needed. The place she saw before was one of their most secret, hidden on the mountainside overlooking a small town. As she flew over it memories of the things she and Milosh had done there flashed back, and she wondered with a wry smile if the Duke still thought fondly of them.

Making their way in to the mountains she headed for a valley she knew existed. Secluded and difficult to find it would make the perfect hiding place for Vectus.


As she looked at the view before her Rayla shook her head sadly. Beyond the edge of the cliff was a sheer drop to the mountains base, which sat the town of Berkeanhoffan. This had always been her favourite place when they had come here, to sit and relax, and watch the majestic view in front of her. But now it held no joy for her. Weeks had passed and still no sign. She had been told to come here and retrieve the vials, and then wait until her Mistress arrived. But as time passed she had started to lose hope, even thought she still resolutely came up here every night to wait.

Finally Rayla stood to her feet. After a few weeks sleeping in the ruins nearby, she had taken a room in the town. She still had to feed, and thanks to her Mistresses previous exploits she was not feared. Of course the men expected to be paid in kind, and many nights had ended in a bloody, sticky, but satisfied mess.

"Not giving up are you?" The voice caused Rayla to jump, whipping her blade to the ready. As Lesa walked from the shadow of the nearby treeline, her get could not giving a squeal of joy. Dropping her sword she ran into the open arms of her sire, squeezing her as hard as she could. Finally she pulled away, looking up at Lesa with happiness clear on her face.

"What took you so long?" she demanded, "I have waited her as you told me, but I was starting to think you had forgotten about me.......or something had happened to you."

"I'm sorry my darling," Lesa said, stroking her child down her cheek, "events have escalated far beyond what we expected." She paused for a moment as she saw concern in Rayla's face, but she knew she could not hide it from her,
"I know you mist have felt the power when Nagash retrieved his crown......To say he is not pleased that we killed his pawn is an understatement. He sent his Dreadlords against us. Vekarin was killed." At this news Rayla's eyes opened wide in shock. Of the all the Council, the last person she had expected to be killed was the formidable Blood Dragon.

"There is much to discuss, but now is not the time," Lesa said as Rayla opened her mouth, "did you have them?" Nodding her head, the young vampiress took the two vials out of her pouch and passed them to her Mistress. Inside was a black crimson liquid, that upon closer inspection appeared to be blood.

"Good." The relief of Lesa's face was apparent, checking to ensure the seals were intact, "now at least we have a backup plan."
"Do you think it wise Mistress?" Rayla ventured, "if anyone found out what they was.............."
"I know," Lesa interrupted, "but sometimes we must take risks. I think I know who to entrust these too anyway. He may not seem like the obvious choice, but he is the most honourable one amongst us."

Turning she started to walk away from the cliff edge.
"Come my child. I think its time to reacquaint myself with the lovely Berkeanhoffan. I have not fed in a while. On the morrow we will return to Drakenhoff, hopefully to find Simon in a better mood." Linking arms Rayla raised her eyebrow at the last comment. Noticing her expression Lesa laughed lightly,
"Oh not to worry. I was just assisting the new Count with some renovations that got a tad out of hand."
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