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Mounted model selections - decisions, decisions...

Dec 5, 2016
I will be getting a bits order of 5 skeletal horses from the Black Knights box soon, to go along with my two Start Collecting Skeleton Horde boxes, and my one Start Collecting Malignants box. I also have a plastic set of the Chaos Marauders that I was planning on using the horses from to make some more mounted models.

My question is what exactly should I make? I am planning on maybe 10 Black Knights, and at least 5 Hexwraiths. If 5 Hexwraiths are enough, I plan to use the Marauder Horses as their mounts, since I'll be painting them in an ethereal fashion, like Spirit Hosts. But if it's better to make 10 Hexwraiths, I'll use the skeletal horses for them all.

I could make one of the 10 Black Knights into a mounted Wight King with Infernal Standard (I think that's a pretty good choice, yes?) to give that unit more punch (and it would look cool), and I wouldn't be too fussed about losing a single Black Knight in the unit of 10 to make him.

So if I was to use the Marauder Horses for something other than only 5 Hexwraiths, what would be good to have as mounted characters? Mounted Vampire Lord (using a vampire from the coven throne)? Mounted Necromancer? Could use some help figuring this all out.


A Knight of Blood
Nov 11, 2013
Hei! It's a good and frequent situation I'd presume, and I'd say you could go with 9 knights and a wight king with standard (I want to do it myself as well), but hexwraiths look also very cool so 5-10 of them wouldn't also hurt, especially with your idea to use marauder horses (great idea, although the horses are a bit old). Mounted vampires, on the other hand, are better made, I think, from other heavy cavalry like sigmarine ones (I'm planning to go this way).


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Sep 23, 2009
5 hexwraiths works alright. I'd say 10 would be a better choice, not because 5 isn't a functional unit, but rather because black knights just... aren't... good. They just aren't good. Their points cost is too high, and their hitting power is too low. They're priced like mounted grave guard (and look like mounted grave guard), but they hit like mounted skeletons.

But, style wise, I think they're cooler, and if you're going to run any at all then 10 is a better number for them.

Both hexwraiths and black knights are more mobile walls than anything else. In that role, hexwraiths win out with better mobility and ignoring rend, especially if you can support them with a wizard to cast mystic shield. And they hit a bit harder than black knights. And they work really well with the malignant starter box formation, which is actually pretty good, but since it doesn't have a points cost you can't really use in in matched play, so... *shrug*

Black knights have some recursion from their banner, and cost a bit less, but neither add enough to make up for hexwraiths being more durable. They'd be an ok Character bus, if heroes joining units were still a thing, but it isn't.

They're not out and out terrible, and they'd have some utility chasing objectives in a deathrattle list - if deathrattle had some more units to pull from, particularly in the hero & wizard department - but they don't.

I agree with your decision to make 10 black knights and 5 hexwraiths, but I just wouldn't hang too many hopes, or invest too many of your points, in either of them, sadly. Maybe when we get a deathrattle and malignant battle tomes these guys will get some more love.