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Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
WFO Rules

It is very important all players read and follow the below rules. Some of these are in place to protect both Carpe Noctem and Battle Chronicler and such will be strictly enforced. If you can’t follow the rules don’t play!

Ignorance of these rules is also not an excuse, if you are playing you should have read these rules.

1 – Do not post points costs
You are not allowed to post individual points cost in threads or in the Battle Chronicler. This includes posting points for units etc – the only points that should be posted are the total of the game being played. It is assumed all players should have the necessary Rule and Army books to check costs of their own army and the opponents themselves.

Players should also be warned that staff has access to all save files, which are randomly checked. Anyone found to be sharing points cost by using the Battle Chronicler save file face immediate ban from Carpe Noctem.

2 – Do not post rules or stats
You are not allowed to post rules or stats taken from any Warhammer Rule or Army books in threads or in the Battle Chronicler. The only exception to this are custom made rules such as those found in the Legion of Nagash etc.

Players should also be warned that staff has access to all save files, which are randomly checked. Anyone found to be sharing rules or stats by using the Battle Chronicler save file face immediate ban from Carpe Noctem.

3 – Do not post more than you have to
By this we mean, do not go indepth about something when you don’t have to, which can then result in you describing a rule even though it is not taken word for word from GW publications.

For example, if a unit is Stubborn, just say Stubborn and take the check. Don’t say Stubborn, so this means…….etc

If an opponent is unsure of a rule, by all means point them in the rules direction such as page number etc.

4 – Don’t Cheat
Cheating is treated very strictly here, and as such all players should be aware the following restrictions are in place:

Battle Chronicler logs everything in an area that cannot be edited and is visible to the other player when it is posted.
Dice rolls cannot be edited, once the dice rolls are made its tough. Make sure you clearly state what the dice rolls are for.
Do not edit posts that you have made dice rolls for, as this may look like you have edited the text to try and cheat, such as failing a high roll and then editing the text to state you was rolling for something lower. In such instances using CN’s WFO system grants the opposing player the right to request the dice are re-rolled. All posts are clearly marked on the bottom right hand side when they are edited. In addition CN has a modification which allows all staff to see exactly how the post was changed.

All deleted posts are moved to a section that can be reviewed by staff. This means if you try and deleted a post with poor dice rolls it can be seen. All deleted WFO posts will be checked by staff, and any with dice rolls on them will be followed up on.

In the event you do make a mistake, it is recommended you leave the post that is in error unaltered and post again explaining your mistake. Honesty is the best policy!

If a situation arises where too many dice were rolled then the standard convention will be to drop any excess dice rolls from the right-hand side. This will allow the game to continue moving forward by either player, without having to wait for dice to be rerolled.


9 Attacks are rolled for 1 champ, 4 models, 4 supporting attacks... needing 4s. 6 hits are counted.
hit on 4+: 5,6,3,5,1,4,5,2,5

Then 6 to wound rolls are made, causing 1 wound.
wound on 5+: 1,1,6,3,2,4

It is later found that the supporting attacks were illegal. So the 4 right-most die rolls are dropped from the to hit roll. This changes the hit roll to:
hit on 4+: 5,6,3,5,1

Which results in 3 hits, thus the following change occurs to the wound roll:
wound on 5+: 1,1,6

So, in this case 1 wound is still valid.

5 – Follow the rules!
Simple enough, but so many people fail to do it. Try and follow the rules to the best of your ability, any mistakes, be honest and own up to them.

In event rules are unclear try and reach an agreement with your opponent, roll a dice etc.

You can however refer the question to the staff, who will give you a decision. To do so please use the report button on the right hand side of posts. In the box that pops up, please state clearly that you have a query in your WFO game and what your query is. One of the staff will try and come back to you as soon as possible.

Note: Our staff will not answer normal rules questions in this manner, that is what the forum is for. This is only for disputes between players.

The staff will then make a decision. If the decision falls under the FAQ produced for CN by Direwolf, CN officially supports that FAQ and so will rule in the same fashion. Anything else that is ruled will be added to a list so the same ruling is consistently applied.

The decision made by the staff is final and cannot be argued against. By asking for assistance in this way, you are agreeing to these terms.

7 – Limits on playing games

Normal members can play a maximum of any two games at once. If are more a noted the additional games will be cancelled.

True Bloods and Staff may play as many games as they wish at once.

At games which are not posted in after a 3 week period will be classed as finished and automatically closed.

When you finish your game please close report the game as finished using the report button found in posts. Finished games will then be closed and moved to the closed section.

6 – Be a good sport!
Probably the most important thing.

Nobody likes a rules lawyer, a whiner or someone who is just a poor sport. Try and be graceful in both winning and losing, if playing a newbie try and be helpful rather than crush them etc.

Remember the most important rule in Warhammer!
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