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My budding Flesh Eater Court

So I had just started this army about 3 weeks ago now with these being my first Warhammer miniatures painted in over 15 years. It's small (just the contents of the boxed army) but I'm happy with the paintjob. I went for a very natural "abhuman" approach instead of the greenish color of the studio army.

So without further ado I present "King Shivergloom's Royal Hunt":

His Royal Majesty, the Good King Shivergloom on his majestic winged steed:

(bird's eye view)

My Varghulf Courtier, the Marquis Gruelsop:

Unit of Crypt Horrors:

Unit of Crypt Flayers:
Thank you :) I admit I cut a lot of corners (I like to make good use of washes and drybrushing) but I like the not-quite-human effect. I'm most proud of the wings which came as an experiment with giving a heavy wash of Carroburg Crimson over a rotting flesh//pale green base; it gives a pinkish-grayish-greenish look that reminds me of spoiled meat, which is just the right look.
Yes, brush only. I used a big brush :) Also I did like a rough overbrush and was rather sloppy... but unless someone looks really closely at the figure they won't see that, which is good enough for me! :)


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That's a very, very good start after all those years :thumbsup: You actually have all your army painted, small as it is. Expanding it now should be better for motivation than having a collection of grey plastic soldiers that seems to be growing faster than you can paint them xD

For 'cutting corners' they look really nice - at this 'battlefield distance' at least ;) - those warm, earthly colors fit them very good.
These look fantastic!! I've just started a Flesh Eater Courts army myself, having left Warhammer some years ago and now just tentatively looking at getting back in via AoS. Great paintjob, really like the look of your army - inspiring stuff!