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Vampire Lord
True Blood
This belongs in P&M, mods...

Rather nice, the blood knights have an excellent pose, but the vampire painting leaves something to be desired.

The zombie is a bit cliche, but a good interpretation, perhaps a burial mound underneath the hand would add more individuality?

The Dark Sheep

Master Vampire
True Blood
Feb 8, 2008
I like the Blood Knights. They look suitably dark and dangerous. It's hard to make out the details on the vampire lady though. Try and get some pictures with better lighting and an unbroken background and I'm sure your pictures will improve quite a bit.
Jun 14, 2009
the camera is pretty old (over 10 years) and i did try changing background and light but nothing happened, better piccies when better cam hopefully. i have one more blood knight to do ( i swear i said this before) and there is more zombies done, piccies soon.
EDIT: ye im not much of a painter so theres bound to be lots of things wrong. I dont put in any technique when i paint just slap on colours. The 5th blood knight is a musician and im not sure how to do it just yet. Forgot to say there is also a wrath fingy (dunno name not got army book yet) ooh cairn wraith thats it, coming up. Carin wraiths are test subjects gone wrong and died, course zombies are just same but lived because they weren't tested on as much.

Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
Moved to Correct Forum

I have to echo what they others say, the resolution on the pics is rather poor, meaning I can't work out whether it is the models or the pics that are blurry xd

I looked forward to seeing your Wight King and Wraiths though.
Jun 14, 2009
its def the pics, 2.8 mega pixel and over 10 years old, just typical. this is mounted wight king, again not very good piccie he just needs some more work done to him and then painting



necromancer again needs painting
it has skull on end of staff now


Master Necromancer
True Blood
Aug 12, 2008
i dont mean to sound rude its just i dont think people read them and there are some great guides and your pictrues will get better 100% if you do the stuff...and also sry its been a long day lol, been out side almost all day.


Crypt Horror
Apr 14, 2008
That wight king means business!

Are you interested in improving these models or are they good enough once you've got paint on them? (Which, admittedly, is how I am some times. :))
Jun 14, 2009
i dont know if i will improve these once they are painted it depends how i think they look. i wanted him to look fighty.
Im glad im not buying the GW Blood Knights too lol. Cairn wraiths should be up tonight.

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