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My First Battle Report!

Sep 10, 2014
2000 pts, battleline VS Dwarfs, all old school rules, no End times etc

Master necro - MoD and BP 275
Vamp - Book of arkhan, sword of might, enchanted shield, QB
Vamp2 - Sword of swift slaying, extra weapon, OTS, Red Fury
White King - Nightshroud, Ironcurse Icon
Cairn Wraith

Zombies 20+ Standard bearer
Skeletons 43+ banner of swiftness
DW1 x7 + champ
DW2 x 6 in 2x3 formation + champ
DW3 x 7 + champ

Crypt horrors + champ x 6
Hexwraiths x 5 + champ
Spirit Host


He had a Daemon slayer tooled up, 2 runesmiths with 2 x dispell runes, Grudge thrower runed up, cannons runed up and a bog standard cannon, 2 units of 20 longbeards with GW, Ironbreakers x 25, 2 x slayer units of 5.

So, you can see how he deployed, he deployed his cannons between 2 units so I made on of my DWs 2 x 3 instead of 3x2 so it could get to them, my big error really was the hexs, too far out. His big mistake was his Ironbreakers were penned in.

So Turn 1, I vanguard miles ofc, he stays still shoots and kills of some skeletons, no biggy, 400 odd points taking out a handful of skeles. My turn, hilariously his cannon is already in charge range of DW2, I roll 10 plus 8 and I'm already removing a whole shooting phase by turn 1. They take out 2 v 1. Magic phase sees me cast IoN, knowing full well how much he hates it, seriously he dispels with one of his dispel scrolls, at best I would have got 7 skeletons and 16 zombies...so that left me with VHDM bubble, and I smash it so I'm now a turn away from charging with nearly my whole army. My Varghulf is moved forward out of dwarf charge range...

Or so I thought, turn 2 sees his daemon slayer charge 13 inches! 13 god damn inches and he destroys the varghulf in seconds, flame attacks against toughness 5 meant he did about 12 wounds. He then fails a charge of 6 with his slayers by throwing 3 and his long beards charge DW3. He grapeshots DW1 leaving me with 2 and I lose 1 DW to his cannon but I also return the favour and remove one cannon by turn 2 :tongue: He obliterates DW3 and fails a overrun in to my CH. His Grudge thrower does a bit of damage on some skeles but no big deal. He then fails yet another small charge of his LB1 against the rear of my DS
I then charge my CW out of my deathstar in to his bog standard slayers, who can do nothing and he loses 2, I then charge in to his long beards with my deathstar and my crypt horrors, somehow, his runesmith is left alive leaving me with 1000pts of models attacking 1 lonely smith who decides he might as well die fighting :(, I also charge his second cannon with my succesful DW2. In my magic phase he once again dispels IoN with a scroll...I really don't know why, and then I fail to cast VHDM but get a Hellish Vigour through. These extra dices are really kicking his ass.
Turn 3 his slayers2 fail a charge on to my CH again throwing a 3, he fails a swift reform on his ironbreakers throwing a double 6. His shooting phase is a big whole of nothing, 8 zombies dead and he loses his runesmith so I reform facing his LB1 who had charged and killed DW1 but failed an overrun.
My go and he is confused why I don't charge his LB1 with my Deathstar, I know full well he doesn't understand that VC like to be charged. My CH and my etheral do charge his Slayers2 and obliterate them for the loss of 1 CH, I should have attacked with the SH first to negate death wounds on CH but got too excited. My DW2 don't do much against the cannon and remained in play. All the while my Hexs were about to join the fray. My magic phase sees me cast curse of years on his IB taking out 4 instantly, think I finally got an IoN in but failed a VHDM.
Turn 4 he charges my DS with his LB1 and ultimately loses by miles, and throws in the towel.

Looking at what was left, he had no chance anyway, his style of play has always been War machines, and I just don't think he gets how fast I can be on him with my vanguard infantry, his daemon slayer is only any good against big units, his ironbreakers would have been whittled down by my mgaic and his grudge thrower was useless all game anyway.

Now, I chose 2 vamps instead of VL because I know he loves his artillery, and I wanted my General to be safe in a bunker, and it completely destroyed his game plan, he bought sniping stuff to take out my general but he never got a look in. Ultimately for like the 3rd game in a row he blocked himself in and didn't have the movement to get to me as I redirected with chaff and he keeps freaking out over IoN, he spent 50pts dispelling something that at best would give me about 80 odd points instead of taking out the big spells like a bubble VHDM.
Sep 10, 2014
Anyway, was a huge amount of fun for me, this guy has been playing dwarfs for years nad in my first year of VC I've obliterated him twice, lost my first game and drawn once.

Dissapointed I didn't play my Hexs right, and my Varg was just...unfortunate, never thought I'd see a dwarf with a 13" charge.

Not sure why the picture doubled up. Can see a bigger pic here.

Ironcurse icon saved 5 skeletons, 25 points!
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