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My first ITC tourney


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I've played in around a dozen tournaments since I started playing fantasy, but before AoS, I played VC and always had a really rough go of it, what with the crumble, the marching bubble, the shitty core tax, and low mobility. I've played a few AoS tourneys, but this was my first ranked one, which was really exciting. It was 1500 points but on the Vanguard limits. Out of 22 players, I am once again, the only herald of Nagash, so I must make him proud. There was a straight Beastmen player but he withdrew after the first round because he didn't realize how devastating battleshock was when everything's bravery 5.

My list:
Wight king
-Infernal Standard
-Ruler of the Night
-Cloak of Mist and Shadows (I didn't know I could have two artefacts until the third round, so the first two rounds were without this)
Anhorrant Ghoul King on TG
-Cursed book
Crypt Ghast Courtier

Skeleton Chariots x3

Warscroll Battalion - Abattoir
Crypt Haunter Courtier
Crypt Horrors x3
Crypt Horrors x3
Crypt Ghouls x30

Round 1:

The scenario is Blood and glory. I'm playing Sylvaneth, which is exciting as I've never played against it. It's my second army, so I'm also really familiar with it.

His list:
Treelord Ancient
Dryads x20
Dryads x10
Tree Revenants x5
Kurnoth Bowmen x3
Kurnoth Bowmen x3
Kurnoth Swordsman x3
Warscroll battalion (not sure which or which artefacts)

He deploys a large wildwood of three pieces and there's a giant tower right in the middle of the map. I end deployment first (barely) and decide to go second. My demon prince of Nurgle (1 year old toddler) has pooped his diaper, so I tell my opponent to just do his hero and movement phase while I go change him. My opponent gets mystic shield off on his larger unit of Dryads and the reroll 1s on saves. He also gets an additional forest of one piece. He teleports the larger unit of Dryads into the middle of the large forest just on my side of the objective and teleports the smaller unit into the smaller forest right on top of the objective. the Tree Revenants pop up behind my TG; I don't know why. The swordsman and the Ancient are hovering around the far objective. He focuses all shots on my TG and ends up only getting one wound. The tree revenants successfully charge the terrorgheist... and that's the last that anyone ever heard of them. He scores 5 points.

On my turn, I put Lord of Bones on the chariots and heal the wound on the TG. I moved up everything to try and draw him out of the forests. I scream at the larger unit of dryads and kill 2. I shoot at the smaller unit with the chariots and kill 1. I only succeed one charge roll, so I decide not to move. I score 1 point.

I get the double turn and we hear the one hour mark (wow time flew). Change of plans. I put lord of bones back on the chariots and get Unholy Vitality on the ghouls. I plant the standard. I move both units of horrors and the chariots to just 3" away from his smaller dryads. The ghouls circle around the larger unit and the TG tries to hide behind the tower to avoid the kurnoth hunters. I scream again at the larger dryads and kill 2 more. I shoot at the smaller dryads and kill none. I charge. The ghouls get an 11" charge. The horrors on the right get an 9" charge. The ones just in front of the haunter get 5" and the chariots get 7". I decide there's enough room for the haunter to charge and he also makes it. One of the haunters and three ghouls die from the wildwood.

I easily destroy all of the dryads in the small forest. The ghouls, however, have a much more difficult task. The Dryads are at a 3+ save rerolling ones and I'm at -1 to hit. However, I do have 81 attacks coming down his throat. Alas, only 2 dryads die. A few ghouls who are out of range to attack also die. He loses 2 more to battle shock and I lose none. I notice that my ghouls have enough models to wrest control of the objective. I get 5 points.

His Branchwych brings back 2 dryads (Hey! That's MY shtick). She also casts Throne of vines and now has +6" range for spells until she moves again. The ancient casts mystic shield again and fails, then throws an arcane bolt at the horrors and does nothing. He moves the swordsmen and a unit of bowmen towards his rear objective and the ancient as well. The other bowmen move closer to the TG. He shoots both units at the TG and ends up getting 8 damage through (ouch). He attempts the tendril staff, but fails. He fails the charge with the bowmen. Three more dryads go down, but not before taking out five ghouls. We're both good on battleshock.

I get initiative on turn 3. I bring back five ghouls and one horror. The TG heals 3. I give Inspiring Presence to the ghouls and move my wight king towards the ghouls so they still get all of the saves, but the horrors and chariots won't. Unholy Vitality fails. The healed TG brings the scream back up to a decent level and I roll a 6, baby! 4 dryads gone-zo! The chariots manage to get a single wound on the swordsmen. I charge and succeed with both a unit of hunters and the chariots. I pile in with the chariots first and get base to base with his archers, which are also in attack range, but this keeps one model from being able to attack.Two horrors fall to the swordsmen and one has one wound left. The chariots take 3 wounds. I kill off 2 more dryads and 2 more fall to battleshock. No ghouls fall. I score 5 points. We hear the 15 minute mark.

We played out the turn, but nothing really changed. I got the major victory by points and I got 340 battle points for killing 20 dryads and the tree revenants (almost forgot about them). He got 100 for killing 10 ghouls.
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Round 2. Places of Power. The TO misinterpreted the scoring, but it was in the packets, so I just went with it. Instead of having a character scoring 1 point for the first turn he holds it and increasing by one point each turn after that, the character scored a number of points equal to the turn number. So if a character only holds the objective for one turn, but it's turn 4, he scores 4 points rather than 1. It really changes the game dynamic and is better suited for tabling your opponent, but I was able to adapt in time.

BONUS: I look to my left and notice that my only other club member is playing the beastclaw raiders guy that beat me so badly last tournament. So the two guys who got 1st and 2nd place in the last tournament are fighting each other in round 2! This is GREAT news for me, though I would really enjoy watching the match.

I'm playing Order again, but my opponent is using things that I've never seen before and other things that I've never seen fielded, so it's super exciting for me. He says it's his first time playing Death competitively, so he's also excited. He said one guy in his club plays Death, but isn't very good and hasn't lost a game against him. (I might be able to fix that...)
His list:
Annointed of Assurian on Frost Phoenix
-Legendary Fighter
-Relic Blade
Celestial Hurricanum with Battlemage
Excelsior Warpriest
High Elf Spearmen x20
Miners with cart x10 (he actually had the horsedrawn mining carts!!!)
Miners with cart x10
Reavers x5
Reavers x5

Somehow, I end up at the exact same table as I did in round 1. He informs me beforehand that he's going to deploy his miners underground, but I tell him to do that after he's deployed everything else. That way, he can get a view of my army and then decide if he wants them on the table or not, rather than not having them on the table and wishing they were. I deploy my whole battalion to guarantee I get turn order choice. I would normally choose to go first, but because of the scoring change, I decide to go second. Deployment looks like this:

He does some stuff. I know only what the reavers do, so forgive me. His phoenix gets a +1 save and some reroll. He gives the spearmen mystic shield.He moves the phoenix to control the center objective then pops both units of miners up in front of him. Everything else moves up. The spearmen only get a 2" run, so I have a chance to get the objective on my turn. His reavers shoot at the horrors, but nothing happens. He gets one point.

I plant the standard right away. The WK was deployed against the wall, so he gets the cover save if he needs it and he's pretty much centered in the battlefield. I give lord of bones to the chariots. The ghast makes a beeline for the objective on my left. He'll be unprotected, but the dwarves have already come up and nothing is range to shoot at him. The phoenix or the reavers might be a problem later on, but by that time, he should be hiding behind my TG again, but for this turn, he'll be hiding between those two pillars. I shoot at the rear unit of dwarves and get two wounds, which go on the cart. I scream at the front unit and kill the cart completely. The ghouls and chariots both make their charges to the ghouls, but only one unit of horrors does, so they don't move. The chariots kill 7 dwarves (suck it, Snow White). The full unit swings into the ghouls, but only kill one. I swing back with the ghouls, splitting attacks: 51 go into the larger unit and 18 go into the smaller one. I make short work of the larger unit and 12 wounds through, just enough to wipe the unit. I go to attack the 3 remaining wounds and he suddenly remember the frost phoenix aura of -1 to wound, which affects the ghouls. He doesn't make me reroll anything and I still kill off the remaining dwarves. I get zero points.

He gets the initiative. Does the same spell stuff, but decides to give the mystic shield to the phoenix and fails. He moves his spearmen right on top of the objective and moves the hurricanum to claim it. He moves his reavers around, almost aimlessly. He can't decide if he wants them to die at the hands of the ghouls or the horrors. He leaves the phoenix where it is because if he leaves, I'll be able to get the objective really easy, but he also doesn't want it in combat yet. The reavers do some shooting, but no wounds. He shoots the hurricanum at the Haunter and gets seven wounds through. Seizing that objective just got to be nearly impossible. He gets 4 points.

I give IP to the ghouls and fail unholy vitality. The ghast is too far away to heal the ghouls, but they're really close to full strength anyways. Replant the standard. The Ghouls encircle the phoenix in preparation for a charge. The Ghast gets a six on the run, so he claims the objective and is within 10" of the ghouls for next turn. The TG and horrors move up as well. The TG screams and gets one wound through. I succeed on all charges and the ghouls get a 9. That allows me to make almost a full circle around the phoenix and still allow the TG in. I have to leave some models out of attack range, otherwise, the reavers also get to pile in. I also leave an ant trail to make sure the ghouls stay within 10" of the ghast.

I go with the ghouls first to make sure I don't lose my extra attacks. I have 75 attacks coming into the phoenix. We remember the -1 to wound from the aura, but I remember my ghouls are abattoir, so they are +1 to wound against monsters. I get 21 wounds. He saves 20... Now I know how annoying multiple saves are. He swings back into the TG and gets 3 wounds through. I go to the horrors next and they rough up the spearmen real good. I kill 8 models out of both units and he kills nothing. The TG gets 5 wounds through on the phoenix, so I he's got 5 left. Battleshock on the spearmen takes 4 more. I score 2 points and we hear the 30 minute mark. (wow time flies)

The score is 5-2 in his favor and we only have one turn left. At most, I can claim two objectives in the next turn giving me 6 more points. He's guaranteed 3. This would make it 8-8 and I am pretty sure I'd win on points. My TG is on the objective, but the phoenix maintains control. Regardless of who goes first, I HAVE TO KILL THE PHOENIX by the end of their turn. Otherwise, I get a major loss. If I go second, the phoenix can heal D6 wounds, which basically means I lose.
I get the double turn. I give the ghouls IP again. I cast unholy vitality on the TG and it goes off. I heal all remaining ghouls (4) and put them base 2 base with the phoenix. The TG is back to full health. I remember the abattoir. It kills two spearmen. I move move the chariots to aid the horrors and and run the wight king up the tower. I scream at the the phoenix. Nothing. I shoot at the spearmen and kill 2 more. No charges. I attack with the ghouls first. I have 12 more attacks this time, but only get 22 wounds total. He saves 19. The phoenix swings into the TG and gets 2 wounds through. I destroy all but one spearman, but he dies to battleshock. The Ghoul king swings, but slips and falls off the terrorgheist. Nothing. The TG srcatches at the phoenix and gets 3 wounds through. He saves one with armor. The two remaining deal 3 damage each, but he still has another 4+ and a following 6+ (Hey! That's my shtick!) He only saves 4 and the phoenix falls!! I score 6 points.

So we're tied, but he still gets his turn. The only hope for him to win is to kill a buttload of points. He casts arcane bolt on my wight on my wight king and he takes a wound. He casts comet of casandora on the horrors but only gets 3 wounds off. He moves both of the reavers halfway up the tower and then shoots at the horrors and kills the wounded one. He then uses the extra 2d6 move for both to get the rest of the way up the tower. He charges the wight king with both units. It looks something like this (the wight king is the red model at the 7 o'clock position. sorry for blurriness):

The first unit gets 3 wounds through. The wight king strike into the other unit but only kill one model. Only two models from the second unit get to attack and they get two wounds through. 3+ save fails one. Ruler of the night fails. Infernal Standard for the win!! The Wight king survives.

I get the minor victory for tying on victory points 8-8, but have like 800 battle points to his 120.

We thank each other for the really fun game. He said he was really grateful that I explained what all of my shenanigans were throughout the game and that it was the most fun he'd had in weeks. I thanked him for thinking outside the box in his list building as I'd never even seen Miners and the carts were adorable. I'd never seen the hurricanum fielded, so that was also a treat. The third was going to be Border War, so I advised him to just deploy his miners normal on the two objectives and let the rest of his army move around to claim the other two.


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Round 3. Border War. I forgot to take pictures, but I found one on the host club's facebook page.

Opponent: Sylvaneth (again)
-Silverwood Circlet
Treelord Ancient
Treelord Ancient
-Gnarled Warrior
-Oaken Armor
Kurnoth Bowmen x3
Kurnoth Bowmen x3
Dryads x16
Tree Revenants x5
Battalion Warscroll: Gnarlroot Wargrove/Household

I object to the number artefacts because, the way I understood the packet, a player could only take additional artefacts if the battalion warscroll specifically allowed it. The TO says that's incorrect and that simply having a battalion warscroll gets you an extra artefact. The TO looks at my list and lets me add an artefact to one of my characters. I opt for Cloak of Mist and Shadows on the Wight King.

I somehow end up at the exact same table as I did for rounds 1 and 2. I ask for a terrain change and he apologizes, but obliges.

He places a large forest directly between the two right objectives. My opponent deploys only his two treelords.

I deploy both units of horrors in/near a graveyard with my wight king between the two units of horrors, which are all claiming the objective on my left. The ghouls are on the right objective with my TG and the ghast. The chariots are in the center. ***reference the below picture for terrain.

He opts to go first and gives the lieutenant treelord mystic shield. I'm also -1 to hit against both. They both fail to summon new forests. They don't move, but both units of Kurnoths and the unit of dryads teleport into the large forest. Both Kurnoth hunters shoot at my Wight King (WHY??? What did he ever do?!) Luckily, he survives, but with only one wound left.

On my turn, I fail unholy vitality. I give IP to the ghouls then use my cloak to move my wight king to the far left objective. He's out in the open now, so he's got to make a run for it. I get just enough to claim the objective and get him in cover. A unit of horrors and the haunter also move completely into the graveryard and safeguard the objective from any wandering tree revenants. The ghouls move up and fan out to charge against the ghouls. The TG moves with them. The ghast moves to my right objective and I send the second unit of horrors to help him hold it. To tree revenants, horrors are horrifying. The chariots move up the center. I scream at the dryads and kill 2. I shoot at the dryads and nothing. I charge the ghouls at the dryads and get 9". I'm pretty sure I can get the TG in and I do, but I have to get him to the board edge. Fortunately, everything is evenly spaced and prevents any of his models from coming into this forest or retreating out of it. I lose a few ghouls to the forest on the charge. I get all of my ghouls to attack. 81 attacks into dryads that don't have mystic shield and there's one model that's not in the forest, so no cover. I am at -1 to hit, but I'm rerolling 1s. 4 dryads fall and he removes them from the TG side and the one outside the forest (giving him cover from now on), withdrawing the TG from combat. He kills a few more ghouls because I don't have the wight king near them (starting to regret that decision).

I get the double turn. I give the wight king lord of bones because he's the only one with range of anything and plant the standard just because. I fail unholy vitality. I get 5 ghouls back. The chariots move up farther in the center and cut off the ancient from engaging my wight king. I get just enough on the run to delay him for at least a turn. The TG moves to 3" away from the hunters. The horrors complete their move to support the ghast. I scream at a unit of hunters in front of the TG and get 4 wounds. I shoot at the dryads and kill 1. The TG charges and I got base 2 base with 2 of the hunters to prevent them from piling in towards my ghouls. I kill two with the TG, triggering a battleshock. The ghouls take a few casualties from the dryads, but I also remove the ones outside the forest, so I now have cover. I swing back in and kill all but one dryad with the help of battleshock. I wound the second kurnoth hunters, but not enough to kill one.

His turn 2. He casts some spells, mostly to just awaken the woods. He fails both forest summons again! I lose about 5 ghouls to this ad the TG takes 2 wounds. He fails mystic shield and I stop arcane bolt. He moves the lieutenant treelord towards the chariots and his general to 3" away from the TG. He shoots at the wight king with the treelord and misses! The kurnoth hunters shoot at the wight king but I save. The general shoots his staff at the TG 2 wounds get through. He charges his lieutenant at the chariots and rolls low. He makes it, but he can't charge around them. The general fails his charge! I kill the remaining hunter with the TG and the final dryad with the ghouls. I also do enough damage to take out a hunter on the second unit. The lieutenant treelord gets 10 wounds on the chariots I save 1 with armor and 2 with Ruler of the Night. It's a good thing I planted the standard because I roll 2 out of three 6s and only lose one chariot. He's hurting, but not out. I don't think I can kill both ancients without my horrors, but if I move them I risk losing.

Turn 3. I get the initiative. I fail unholy vitality and replant the standard. I give lord of bones to the chariots, not that it will matter. I bring back the lost chariot and 5 more ghouls. I also heal 2 wounds on the TG. The hunters take a wound from the abattoir. I measure my distance from the ghouls to the right objective. If I flee and run, then I need a 5 and I win. I roll a 4... so they are still in combat. I scream at the ancient, but nothing. I charge the TG and roll high enough to get him on the objective and also in contact with the hunters. I can't claim it yet, but if I can kill the hunters, I will be able to next turn. I kill the hunters. The ancient doles out 7 wounds on the TG. The GK swings back but only gets 2. That 3+ ignoring -1 rend and -1 to hit are rough. The chariots take 3 wounds and deal 1.

His turn. He's desperately trying to avoid the loss. He finally succeeds in bring in more forests, but the only two places he can fit them is on his table edge or the center of the board, right between all of my units... He opts to put both on his table edge. He casts some spells and damages the TG; the ghouls and TG take 2 wounds each from the woods. Neither are in range of the standard. He brings the Branchwych onto his table edge to try and hold the objective, but the TG is keeping her out of range. The Tree revenants come in 9" away from the Wight King. He puts every single shooting attack into the TG and kills it. The ancient takes 2 wounds and the ghouls take one from the splosion. I am now slightly worried. He rolls double twos on the charge for the tree revenants, so even his reroll won't get him close enough. Whew. The ancient that was fighting the TG charges the ghouls. He rolls high. I am relieved because I think he'll want to move more than he needs to. AND he does. He moves the full charge distance which puts him on the flank of the ghouls, leaving me a clear path to the objective. He kills a chariot first. I pile in with the ghouls. Nothing is base 2 base, so I use this opportunity to move 3" towards the objective. I forgot about the abattoir, but it didn't matter. He kills 11 ghouls. I'm left with 15 and I lose 3 more to battleshock, so 12.

Turn 4. I'm currently holding 3 objectives, my opponent one. My wight king with a single wound left is all by himself. My opponent's objective is only being held by the treelord that's fighting the ghouls. If I get the initiative, I will win. I know it; my opponent knows it. If he gets the initiative, the odds of me winning are about 5%. It will end in a tie and he'll get the minor victory for battle points.

I roll a 5, it's good.





He immediately concedes because I will easily claim all four objectives by the end of my turn and he doesn't see the need to play it out.

So I have two major victories and a minor victory. I think that's a pretty good shot at 1st place. Not one minute after I finish my last game, my club mate comes over and tells me he got 3 major victories. So he's in running for 1st and me second (still good). After all is said and done, he got second place by 360 battle points. I ended up in third place. The guy who took first was playing High Elves. He said it was his very first tournament and only his 5th game, which is an awesome testament to the dynamic of Age of Sigmar. It also shows that the armies are all pretty well balanced. 1st place was Order (non-stormcast), 2nd place Chaos, 3rd place Death (combo VC/TK/FE), 4th place Destruction. There were enough people that showed up so I got a prize, which I used to get oval bases for my cavalry and chariots.

We all had a blast (except for that Beastmen guy). I was the only Death player but I spotted a WIP mortarch on my way out. I spoke with the player and she said that was her very first model for AoS. She bought the box starter set and was really looking forward to playing in future tournaments but she was disappointed because she wouldn't have enough to play for quite some time. I offered up my vast collection for her to borrow if she wanted to play but didn't have enough models. That's the worst reason to not play Age of Sigmar, in my opinion.
Noticed just now the thread.

Wow, what a blast! Great tournament, and you played it well. Kudos for your victories, it really makes the difference when you win that single dice roll for the turn, in the most critical moments, or when the Wight King succeedes in that precious single save! :D