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Wolf Fang

Vampire Count
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007

It's been a a very long time since I last posted something here.
To be precise, it's been about 30 pounds and 2 kids ago. :)
Got dragged back into the hobby by a friend a couple weeks ago after he gave me a Stormcast model with a massive hammer so I'm back to painting again after 6-7 years.
Couple weeks later and I've finished a couple models. :D They were painted in about 2-3h for the retributors and 3-4h for the big dude, which is lightspeed for me. Fairly happy with them as a decent tabletop standard but let me know what you think. :)

Wolf Fang

Raven Torrid

Staff member
Sep 3, 2011
Welcome back Wolf Fang! Always good to see old blood returning from slumber!
The minis look great, even more so considering the hiatus you had! Smooth painting, nice scheme and well rounded with some neat basing. Looking forward for more. 🙂


May 26, 2013
I like the head without the helmet. I've always thought that Stormcast look best when you can see their features.

Wolf Fang

Vampire Count
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
Thanks guys.
Good to see everyone here is still friendly. Got tempted to come back when DoN sent out the summon mail but forgot about it.
Ever since I bought the original AoS set in 2016 I was convinced the Sigmarines would benefit from a more muted colour scheme. I'm glad they turned out ok.
1 more pic of the big dude's cloak as I wanted to give him something to stand out. Turns out painting white with vallejo air paints is a pain in the ass. :D
There probably won't be any more Sigmarines for a while. I'm just painting whatever takes my fancy. Next up is a plaguebearer model and then maybe the full unit.
After that I'll probably finish up some old models that weren't completely finished when I packed up the brushes. Some of those have wip's that are still in my old paint logs somewhere buried on this site. :D
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Wolf Fang

Vampire Count
True Blood
Aug 15, 2007
Got some time to paint again tonight and managed to paint the test model for a plaguebearer squad. Heavily inspired by, if not completely copied from Squidmar's plaguebearers but they looked too good. :)
45 minutes in total but should be faster once I get started on the rest of the squad.

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