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Disciple of Nagash

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Feb 12, 2008
Necrarch Stat Changes

May not wear mundane armour
Cannot take mundane weapon options with the exception of an additional HW ( I can see daggers).
+1 to casting roll

Bloodline Powers

Spirit Link - 20pts
Jealously do the Necrach's horde their power, even from those of their own line.
A vampire with this power may use PD from any friendly vampire on the board. However for every PD used from another vampire, the "donor" vampire takes a S2 hit, no armour save of any kind allowed.

Warrior Familiar - 30pts
This diminutive warrior darts around his master, stopping those who would dare hurt its creator
The Necrarch does not class as being a character for issuing or accepting challenges. Any models wishing to allocate their attacks against the Necrarch in CC must roll a 4+ on 1D6. If they fail the roll they may select another target as normal.

Experimentation - 30pts
The Necrarch has experimented on his own troops, producing potent is sometimes unexpected results.
At the start of the battle pick one core unit and roll 1D6, then consult the following table. The results only affect troops, not any characters in the unit.

1 - Failure! - The experiment has gone wrong. The unit suffers from stupidity for the duration of the battle.
2/3 - Vigour - The unit does not need a vampire within 6" to march for the duration of the battle.
4/5 - Disdain - The unit gains the hatred rule for the duration of the battle.
6 - Amazing Success! - The unit becomes subject to Frenzy which is can never lose,hatred for the duration of the battle, and may march move as per the BRB. The experiment is a little too perfect and the unit cannot capture table quarters as it will disintegrate as soon as the battle is over.

Dark Acolyte - 30pts
As per the VC AB

Forbidden Lore - 35pts
As per the VC AB

Complete Focus - 40pts
Ignoring those around him, the vampire opens his mind to the winds of Shyish, controlling them with unparalleled skill
A vampire with this power treats all spells in the Lore of Vampire as if they were Necromancy spells, and as such may be recast.
It also enables the vampire to cast a RiP spell and continue casting without negating the RiP spell. The vampire may cast an additional RiP and run both together, however they may not cast any more spells until one of the RiP spells is stopped. This ability only works if the vampire is not in combat and has not moved in his previous movement phase.

Master of the Black Arts - 50pts
As per the VC AB

Bloodline of W'soran - 100pts
So ancient is the vampire its teacher might have been the dread lord W'soran himself. Manipulating the flow of magic comes as naturally to the vampire as breathing does to a living human.
Whilst the vampire is still in play all enemy wizards suffer a -1 modifier to casting spells, this can be combined with other negative modifiers such as Balefire. The vampire also ignores miscasts and does not have to roll on the miscast table - however the spell still fails as normal. In addition the vampire adds 6" to all his spells when checking if in range.

Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
Optional Army List

Same as VC except all heroes can ride an Abyssal Terror, paying the same points as a lord would. See new Abyssal Terror upgrades.

1+ Zombies
Corpse Carts (doesn't count towards core)
0-1 Experiments
~See New Units entry for details.

Dire Wolves
Fell Bats
Grave Guard
Spirit Hosts

0-1 Varghulf (Experimentation)
Black Knights
Unridden Zombie Dragon or Abyssal Terror
~ Do not count as hero choices, no need for monster reaction tests. Cost same as Lord mount. See new Abyssal Terror upgrades.

New Units
Experiments - 35pts
Unit Size: 5+
At the start of the game after deployment roll using the below table for the units stats. The roll is for the whole unit excluding characters:
M - D3+3
WS - D3+1
BS - 0
S - D3+3
T - D3+2
W - D3
I - D6 -1 (if 1 or less rolled suffers from stupidity for the battle)
A- D3
Ld - D3+4

Once the stats have been rolled, roll another D6 for the unit's special rule:
1 - Pickled Skin - has the flammable special rule
2 - Explosive - When an Experiment is killed, every model in base contact takes an immediate Strength 2 hit.
3 - Tough Hide - has 4+ armour save
4 - Relentless Blows - Has ASF
5 - Unstoppable - Has regeneration
6 - Assimilation -For every enemy model that was killed by an Experiment with a 6 on the To Wound roll, another Experiment may be added to the unit. This model may not fight in the Close Combat it was raised in and has the same stat line and Special Rule.

The Experiment unit also has the Undead special rule.

Abyssal Terror Upgrades
The line of W'soran like to experiment with all their undead creations. Their favoured creatures however, are always the monsters they create by melding parts of other creatures together. Be it Wyvren, Dragon, Manticore or other hellish creature, the sum of the parts can prove to be much deadlier.

You may choose to increase the statistics of one Abyssal Terror in your army. If this is a mount, it must be the mount of the general.

+1 S: 25pts per increase. Can only be taken a maximum of twice.
+1 WS: 5pts per increase upto max WS6. Each increase over the first doubles the points costs, so +2WS will be 10pts, +3WS, 20pts and so forth
+1 T: 35pts per increase can only be taken once
+1 A: 15pts per increase, Can be taken a maximum of three times.
+1 W: 50pts, max total 7 wounds.
+1 I: 5pts. Each increase over the first doubles the points costs, so +2I will be 10pts, +3I, 20pts and so forth

Special Rule Options
Scaly Skin / Tough Hide: +1 to the creatures armour save upto a max of 2+ armour save. 5pts per increase, each increase over the first doubles the points costs, so +2 to save will be 10pts, +3 to save will be 20pts and so forth.
Devastating Charge - Causes D6+1 impact hits in the charge: 35pts basic, add an additional 10pts for each strength upgrade.
Guardian - All ranged shots must be allocated against the AT. Any attacks in close combat must be randomised as per shooting, the rider cannot be specifically targeted. 50pts

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