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Necrarch's and Cursing

Dec 26, 2014
It's been a while since I have been on I want to do a vampire in my legions of sacrament army but I didn't think it fit the theme of the sacrement, until I remembered the necrarch I want to scratch build one and need Ideas. I am trying to paint my wight king with baleful tomb blade and I want to make it look as though it is cursed. I need ways to make it look like it is.


Vampire Count
True Blood
Dec 10, 2013
@Haunter of the night. Hey mate, not sure about ideas for converting a Necrarch but maybe this will help you out with your cursed blade...

I painted these spirit hosts last year:


After finishing them I wrote a guide for anyone that may be interested in replicating the scheme right HERE in my plog. I hope this helps :)