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Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
Master Necromancer - 190pts
M 4 / WS 3 / BS 3 / S 3 / T4 / W 3 / I 3 / A 1 / Ld 8

Weapons & Armour: Hand Weapon.
Magic: The Master Necromancer is a Level 3 Wizard. However he does not function like a normal Wizard. He generates Power Dice and Dispel dice normally, but the spells he knows are not linked to his Magic level. Instead he automatically knows the 3 Necromancy spells from the Lore of Vampires.
May be upgraded to a level 4 Wizard for +25 pts. Note that upgrading his magic Level does not give him any more spells, it merely increases the number of Power dice he generates.
May Ride either an Abyssal Terror, a Skeletal Steed or a Corpse Cart.
May Choose up to 100pts of Magic Items from the Common or Vampire Counts Magic Items lists and/or may take up to 100pts of Familiars, however the combined total of Magic Items and Familiars may not exceed 150 pts

Special rules
Undead, Corpse Master, Strength of Will

Necromancer - 90pts
M 4 / WS 3 / BS 2 / S 3 / T3 / W 2 / I 3 / A 1 / Ld 7

Weapons & Armour: Hand Weapon.
Magic: The Necromancer is a Level 1 Wizard. However he does not function like a normal Wizard. He generates Power Dice and Dispel dice normally, but the spells he knows are not linked to his Magic level. Instead he automatically knows 1 of the 3 Necromancy spells from the Lore of Vampires (players choice which spell).

May purchase 1 or both remaining necromancy spells for 15pts each (players choice which spell(s)).
May upgrade to level 2 for 25pts - however this only increases his PD, it does not give him an extra spell.
May Ride either a Skeletal Steed or a Corpse Cart.
May choose up to 50pts of Magic Items from the Common or Vampire Counts Magic Items lists and/or may take up to 50pts if Familiars, however the combined total of Magic Items and Familiars may not exceed 75pts

Special rules
Undead, Corpse Master, Strength of Will

Necromancer Special Rules

Corpse Master
As he has progressed further down the twisted path of Necromancy, this individual has rotted away until he is more dead than alive, and feels perfectly at home surrounded by the rank flesh of the undead.
The Necromancer may join Units of Zombies. Additionally, while in a unit of Zombies, as long as there is one or more zombies left, any challenges issued by enemy characters may be accepted by a zombie rather than the Necromancer.

Strength of Will
As his knowledge of Necromancy grows, so to does his control over the undead, meaning that the most experienced Necromancers can control their servants as completely as vampires.
At the beginning of each turn, the Master Necromancer or Necromancer may take a Ld test. If Passed, units within 12" of the Master Necromancer or 6" of the Necromancer may march as per the Vampire rule. If failed, neither characters have the vampire rule for that turn.
If the Master Necromancer chooses not to take a Ld test undead units within 6" may still march as per the Vampire rule.

Necromancer Familiars

Lacking the innate powers of the powerful vampires, Necromancers are forced to resort to other measures to control the dead. Many summon attendant spirits or daemons which support their foul masters as commanded

Entrancing familiar - 60pts
This familiar weaves a thread of flickering lights around the necromancer, which entrances his enemies in a web of confusion.
At the start of the enemies turn nominate one enemy unit. This unit must take a Ld test following the normal rules & modifiers. If passed this has no effect. If failed the unit must make a compulsory movement (following the normal movement rules) in a direction decided by the Necromancer player. This may include a charge into an enemy unit that is within the units LOS. This power does not affect units which are ItP.

Master Familiar- 50pts
The ghosts that walk the land speak not only of times past, but also of the world of the dead. An astute Necromancer can use this knowledge to increase his control over his minions
The Necromancer may raise Skeletons, Ghouls, Dire Wolves and Fell Bats past their starting number, and also gain +1 to casting rolls when casting IoN on them.

Warrior Familiar - 50pts
Weak and wizened Necromancers may be, but they are far from stupid. Many have created protectors, constructs bound with warrior spirits to protect them in battle
The warrior familiar has the following profile:
M - / WS 4 / BS - / S 4 / T 4 / W 2 / I 5 / A 3 / Ld -

Save - 5+ Ward
Special Rules - Killing Blow

The familiar does not have a base of its own, however as long as it is still "alive" the Necromancer can not be hurt in combat in anyway. All attacks that would normally hit the Necromancer must be resolved at the Warrior Familiar. Once the Familiar is killed attacks will then be allocated against the Necromancer as normal.

Knowledge Familiar - 45pts
Many wraiths do not have the power to remain substantial, yet they still help their living brethren by whispering them secrets of their long dead knowledge
The Necromancer may roll for an additional 4 spells from one lore from the BRB or the Lore of Vampires. In the case of the Master Necromancy it is automatically assumed they know the 4 remaining spells from the Lore of Vampires if they choose that lore.

Power Familiar - 30pts
Souls of dead necromancers crowd around their living brethren, attracting the winds of magic to them. This can be both a Boon and a curse though, as the spirits seek revenge for their demise.
The Necromancer may take a leadership test at the start of the his own magic phase, if he passes he benefits from Irresistible force on any roll of a double apart from double 1. But if he fails he suffers a miscast on any roll of a double.

Control Familiar - 25pts
The familiar constantly coughs up warpstone dust filling the air with Dark Magic. As it falls towards the ground it resonates against undead flesh like a bats shriek bounces off a moth in the night.
The Necromancer may re-roll any failed Ld tests when rolling from the Strength of Will special rule. Subject to normal rules regarding rerolls

Spirit Familiar - 20pts
Some Necromancers spend so long communing with those who have passed over, it becomes almost second nature to summon and heal these creatures
Has +1 to cast IoN on ethereals and heals 2 wounds instead of one.

Necromancer Specific Magic Items

Vaporous Cloak - 40pts
This cloak appears as a swirling cloud and seems to continually shift and move. Such a distraction is almost impossible to ignore, and enemies attempting to strike the wearer find themselves confounded by tendrils of mist brushing their blows aside.
Light armour. If the necromancer is in a unit, enemy models attempting to strike the necromancer in close combat require 6's to hit. Additionally for any results that are not a 6 but would have been sufficient to hit the model, these hits are worked out against the unit he is with instead. Weapons that would hit automatically require a 4+ to hit him and other results are worked out against the unit. However for these rules to take effect, the wearer must be in a unit with at least 5 other models, not including other characters.

Dark Barrier - 50pts
The necromancer is surrounded by ribbons of dark energy that flow round him, moving to intercept any blows that head towards him.
Light armour. This confers a 5+ ward save to the necromancer. The necromancer may sacrifice his own Power/Dispel dice - 2 and 1 respectively - in the appropriate magic phase to grant any unit he is with a 5+ ward until the following magic phase.

Disciple of Nagash

Staff member
Feb 12, 2008

Master Necromancer
~see stat changes for options and standard mounts
~May choose the Master's Corpse Cart as a mount choice - see below for details

~see stat changes for options and mounts

Wight King - 67pts
~BSB option for 20pts
~Limit of 1 per 1000pts

Zombies - 3pts per model
Skeletons - 7pts per model
Crypt Ghoul - 7pts per model

Corpse Cart - 67pts
~Upgrades - 20pts each

Grave Guard - 10pts per model
~0-1 per Wight King

Spirit Hosts - 55pts per base

Dire Wolves - 7pts per model


Black Knights - 21pts per model

Cairn Wraiths - 45pts per model

0-1 Zombie Giant - 200pts
~See below for details

New Unit

Master's Corpse Cart - 175pts

M 4 / WS 3 / BS 0 / S 4 / T 5 / W 3 / I 1 / A 2D6+2 / Ld 7

Grasping Hands

Armour Save

Special Rules
Miasma of Deathly Vigour

The Power of the Master

The most powerful of Necromancers can create contraptions of immense power that eclipse those of their brethren. Fuelled with the power of the dead, it invigorates those nearby whilst providing more than ample protection to its owner.
The Master's Corpse Cart automatically comes with both the Balefire and Unholy Lodestone upgrades. In addition it confers its Regeneration special rule on its rider.

Zombie Giant

M 6 / WS 2 / BS 0 / S 5 / T 5 / W 6 / I 1 / A 5 / Ld 2

Hands and Feet

Special Rules
Large Target
(as per normal Giant rules)
Fall Over (as per normal Giant rules, with the exception that that the Zombie Giant falls over on a roll of 1-2)

The pure size of the zombie giant means the power to resurrect such a creature must be all the more stronger. In battle this makes it all the more resilient, fighting on against insurmountable odds to carry out its master's bidding.
If the ZG loses combat it will only ever suffer a single crumble wound, regardless of the actual CR

Zombie Giant Special Attacks

A Zombie Giant may choose to forgo it's normal attacks in any combat phase and instead choose one of the following attacks:

Vomit - One Use Per Game
The ZG vomits a disgusting combination of long rotten flesh, stagnant bile and other unwholesome products on its foe. The ZG nor its foe may attack for that turn unless they have already done so. The ZG gains +3CR for this turn when working out combat results. In addition, for the remainder of the combat all enemy units hit by this attack suffer a -1 to hit and wound as they slip and struggle in the mess.

Can only be used against Ogre sized creatures or larger. The ZG grasps hold of his opponents head, trying to eat the grey goodness inside. Your opponent must take an Initiative test on 1D6, a 6 is always a failure. If failed the model suffers D6 S5 hits. Any wounds inflicted heal an equal amount of number on the ZG, but they cannot take him over his original number of wounds.

Can only be used against models Unit strength 2 or below. The Zombie Giant picks out one juicy morsel and attempts to turn him to mush with his fist. Pick one model in BtB contact. The Zombie Giant may make one attack, rolling to hit using his normal weaponskill. If successful the model suffers an automatic wound. If a 5+ is rolled to hit, the blow counts as having the KB special rule.

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