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Necromancy and the wider world


Black Knight
So a thought occurred to me today:

Due to The End Times hoohaa all races can now summon undead.

If all races can now raise the dead to do their bidding, thus participating in necromancy, are they not going to be corrupted by the use of dark magic?

As I understand it, human Necromancers become the way they are because of the effect using necromancy has on them, twisting their minds. Their initial intentions, whether it be of bringing back a loved one or saving a child or even defending their comrades are warped and broken until they become the power and immortality crazed sorcerers we all know and love. So isn't every wizard who uses necromancy putting themselves at that risk?

Will we be seeing orcs and beast men and Empire wizards falling to Nagash's side?

Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
The Necromancers will be corrupt, but no matter how mad, they do have an element of free will, and being saturated in Necromancy doesn't necessarily make you a Nagashi pawn. Armies could be stolen, but on balance there would be no difference as to who the Necromancer could turn to. nagash uses Dark Magic and Necromancy, but I don't think he can use it to mind control the Necromancers.


Black Knight
I didn't mean to insinuate that Nagash would have the ability to mind control these individuals, merely that as they are corrupted by the necromancy they use, wouldn't they naturally turn to Nagash to learn more and let their powers grow at his feet?
From a fluff point of view, I guess the idea is that the Winds of Shysh have been unleashed and flow wildly through the world, so there's going to be SOME corruption whether you're embracing the (un)death magic or whether it's just surrounding you.
From the fluff, undead now roam the Old World freely without the aid of necromancy and all that's required is someone with the mental fortitude to bind them to their will. So, presumably, it's slightly less risky than previously where you had to actively delve into necromancy, but will no doubt result in more necromancers than before due to how accessible it has now become.

Either way, I don't imagine we'll be getting many repeats of Gelt.
I got the impression that it wasn't really all that long a period, but I agree he was manipulated into falling from grace, as it were. What I meant by that comment though, was that, despite the changes brought about by Nagash's return, Gelt delved into necromancy the old fashioned way, learning from the copy of the Revelations Necris that Vlad gave him, while I imagine most new necromancers will likely come about in a more naturalistic way - through practice, rather than study - because of the aforementioned changes.