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Need help with my list

Mar 26, 2020

Relatively new to Vampire Counts, but struggling to win any games with them. In the past I've pretty much only played Dwarfs (though almost always with a close combat focus rather than a gunline) and now I'm trying to master an army that in many ways is the complete opposite.
Since I'm so tired of slow moving infantry units with heavy attacks I've been experimenting with different variations of a sort of VC cavalry/fast moving list but the last 6 or so games I've played have always ended in a loss. Mainly I think it's a strategic issue rather than one related to the list itself (though I could of course be wrong). By this I mean choosing poor combats for my units, sometimes even resulting in my general crumbling to dust. I guess I'm just so used to having elite infantry who can beat most things 1v1 that the entire concept of having to choose combats is completely foreign to me.

Anyway, something like this is what I usually end up rolling with and this exact list was used this sunday against a Wood Elf friend. Both characters in the Black Knights who end up in the center with the other stuff around it depending on where they are needed. The idea is that all 4 non core units are equally dangerous and so the opponent will have a hard time to prioritize shooting etc.

What happened here was that my Black Knights got bogged down against 30x Eternal Guard, Blood Knights dropped a Treeman to 1 wound and then were wiped out in prolonged combat, Vargheists died in stand and shoot against 20x Glade Guard with poison shooting and the Ghouls were ripped to shreds by 10x Wild Riders and a Glade Lord.

I'm open to all suggestions but I'm doing an undead bretonnia list so most of the cavalry stuff is there to stay. Though if anyone has any tips on using Blood Knights (even though they are best at getting shot to bits) I would appreciate it a thousand times!

++ Standard (Vampire Counts - Army Book (2013-4) -V8.8.1.) [2,500pts] ++

+ Uncategorised +

- Army Size: Army (0-2999 points)

+ Lords +

Vampire Lord [513pts]: Heavy Armour, Lore of the Vampires, Quickblood, Red Fury, Shield, The General of Undeath, Wizard Level 4
. Barded Nightmare
. Magic Items: BRB - Sword of Anti-Heroes, BRB - Talisman of Preservation

+ Heroes +

Vampire [253pts]: Beguile, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour, Lore of the Vampires, Quickblood, Wizard Level 2
. Barded Nightmare
. Magic Items: AB - Nightshroud

+ Core +

Crypt Ghouls [410pts]: Champion, 40x Crypt Ghoul

Dire Wolves [40pts]: 5x Dire Wolf

Dire Wolves [40pts]: 5x Dire Wolf

Dire Wolves [40pts]: 5x Dire Wolf

Zombies [98pts]: Standard Bearer, 31x Zombie

+ Special +

Black Knights [368pts]: Champion, Musician, Standard Bearer
. 13x Black Knight: 13x Barding, 13x Lances

Vargheists [148pts]: Champion, 3x Vargheist

+ Rare +

Black Coach [195pts]

Blood Knights [395pts]: 6x Blood Knight, Steed
. Musician
. Standard Bearer: AB - Flag of Blood Keep

++ Total: [2,500pts] ++

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Thanks in advance!