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Feb 21, 2023
I found this forum while looking for unique ways to convert and painty undead armies. I've never wargamed before but I have a few friends who do on the regular. I'm here to gain inspiration and build a unique army. I'm more into Warhammer fantasy than aps but I also want to incorporate werewolves and other horror elements into my army. If anyone has any advice as this won't be a competitive but just for fun project.
Feb 21, 2023
Welcome aboard!

Regarding your "unique army", do you have an idea about the direction you want to take? (ghosts, ghoul, zombies, weird constructs...)
Ok maybe unique isn't as apt as I originally thought before checking out what others are doing. Weird constructs like flesh golems are a direction I want to take. Initially I think to start off traditional with vampires, vampire knights, and zombies. I don't know if there are homebrew rules or rule systems that incorporate building different types of forces. I would love to incorporate werewolves and I see a lot of people using them as counts as units. I was hoping someone had made individual rules regarding different monster and undead types. Basically I'm excited to find this hobby and want to get into it but want to bring my own ideas for what is cool with me.


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Welcome to the forum :) . I hope that you enjoy participating in the community here.

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