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New AoS player looking for advice

Jan 30, 2012
I'm not sure if I'm in the right subforum, but I'm looking for some advice.
I gave up on Warhammer (and moved on to Bolt Action) due to GW's pricing a few years ago, and also due to an initial disappointment with AoS. Now, considering the prices have become a bit less ridiculous, and since my 9 year old son has also been infected with the Wargaming virus and started playing AoS (with Ironjawz), I've taken it up again.

I've just ordered my Get Started: Malignant set and I'm looking for advice on how to build it.
Considering it doesn't include a hero character if I build it as specified in the box, I've decided to build the Mortis Engine as a Coven Throne instead (I can always buy a second get started set later on for a Mortis engine anyway), but that leaves me with another question: should I build the Hex Wraiths as Black Knights or keep them as Hexwraiths? I love both models.

To be clear: I'm not looking for extra power (after all, even if I'll mostly be playing against my mates, I'll play regularly with my son, and I don't want to make power builds against a nine year old boy. That would be just...wrong), but I'd like to understands the benefits/drawbacks both these units have when used together with the Coven Throne and ghosts.


Vampire Count
True Blood
Oct 28, 2011

If you're going to use the Pitched Battles point system as a reference for balancing, then yes, you should build a Coven Throne instead, just so you can have a Leader on the army.

I'd also recommend you building Hexwraiths instead of Black Knights, just so you can keep a theme in your army and your son can identify it as Ghost-like undead.

Maybe in the future you'll want to get a Cairn Wraith or a Banshee, just to fit in the theme and so that you can use your Spirit Hosts to fill the Battleline requirements for Pitched Battles, even though maybe you won't be using the full rules in the beginning, just to add up some order in the games.

However, once you're moving on to more serious games, you should pick some Zombies to fill in the Battleline requirement and so that you can include your Coven Throne in regular Pitched Battles.

All in all, Vampires are toolbox Generals with effects that can be used with any army composition, so you can pick whatever you like in games. Nighthaunts really only need Mystic Shield to shine as walls, and the Mortis Engine would not be that efficient without a Wizard anyways.

Hope this helps!


Ancient Vampire Lord
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May 22, 2010
Based on my experience thus far, I would recommend that you avoid Black Knights. As wonderful as the current plastic models are, their in game performance is ordinary to say the least. Hexwraiths are, therefore, likely to be more useful. You could always add Black Knights later if, like me, you really like cavalry of all types.

I really like the concept behind your army. Wraith units and Spirit Hosts are among my favourite units in the Vampire Counts army, and I would love to get a Coven Throne for myself too in the future, when I actually have enough money.
Jan 30, 2012
thx for the feedback guys.
I've assembled them as Hexwraiths.
Shame the Black Knights performances are not up to par, because I particularly like those sculpts.
I might still assemble at least a few units later one though :)