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New Moderators!

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Feb 12, 2008
Following a review of our Carpe Noctem's staff team, I am very pleased to announce the assignment of the following moderators:

@Duke Danse Macabre - Dark Arts Moderator
@Mad 'At - Dark Arts Moderator
@Harland - Chronicles of Death Moderator
@The Dread King - Chronicles of Death Moderator

They were are specifically requested following superb activity and support across CN, and I have no doubt they will do a fantastic job :thumbsup:

Congratulations to you all

Disciple of Nagash
May 6, 2014
Najo apparently missed it the first time around. Either that or he's practicing his threadnomancy ;)

Also the guy above him posted something completely irrelevant to the thread long after the thread itself was relevant. Technically Emrick raised the thread.