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Jun 15, 2021
Rhode Island
Look, we have too many warscrolls, too many named heroes, and /way/ too much boxed game stuff. That stuff needs to be cut back, especially if we ever want to see new units.

Frankly, I'd rather see variety come from build your own options - ie unit varients available to all subfactions (vampire mage vs lord) with variety and uniqueness coming from artefacts, traits, and bloodline powers tied to each subfaction, rather than a dozen vyrkos heroes nobody uses and that gw doesn't even want to sell anymore for a side game that was seemingly deliberately botched.

Andaking those side game units all good would only cause /more/ problems, as one dubfaction suddenly has half a dozen more viable units than any of the others, units that are again overpriced and hard to get and not carried in stores.

halgrim and torgilius and raduwolf and annika aren't adding /anything/ to the game, let alone variety.

There is zero reason for 'zombie hero' to be a legion locked unique hero tied to a particular bloodline instead of a generic option. Canon Gorslav has no history or personality to justify being a named hero. Even within cursed city lore gorslav was rumored to actually be an entire order of zombie undertakers rather than just one guy. Making him a regular faction hero instead of a named subfaction hero isn't 'reducing variety'.

Likewise, every vampire lord, regardless of bloodline, teeters on the edge of losing themselves & becoming a beast. That's what the varghulf unit used to be about, and it wasn't limited to a single bloodline, so why does only one subfaction have access to the vargskyr, the modern equivalent of that concept?

cursed city was a cool concept unfairly ruined by some sort of behind the scenes supernatural disaster and we all wish it had gotten the life it deserved. But our faction can't be dragging the wreckage of it behind us like a ball and chain forever. The dang city doesn't even exist in the lore anymore! It's gone! Consumed by Shyish! Lost to the Nadir! The stuff that's worth keeping from it (imo vargskyr, gravedigger, ogor zombies) should be integrated into the faction as proper units, and the rest (bloodborn, canonically dead & gone named heroes) should be retired, folded into existing units.

And yeah, I feel the same way about most of the other box game stuff. if it can claim to be a distinct and playable full unit (like the recent warcry warband) then make it a normal part of the battletome, but if its an unplayable fragment of existing units, like the sepulchral guard, that doesn't need to be gumming up our warscroll section.
Only Halgrim and Gorslav (if he's not multiple people) are the canonically dead Heroes from Cursed City. Radukar resurrected all of them in the final expansion, and all of them get killed (again), except this time Torgillius manages to escape. So he's still at large. Radukar has a moment of "uncertain doom" at the end due to the ending, due to well... Spoilers:

A INCREDIBLY ANNOYED NAGASH showing up and yoinking Radukar to personally punish him with the ending

Kritza and Annika are a ??? because their fluff in the battletome isn't tied to Cursed City. Ulfenkarn is their origin but the battletome seems to imply they've left it, which means they've also survived the events of the first expension?

I agree with a generic Gravekeeper hero, as well as the Vargskyr and Zombified Ogors being generic units though.

Like IMO: a Generic Gravekeeper hero on a 40mm base (Gorslav can work as one, along with a new model), a proper Vyrkos Blood-Born unit, Zombie Ogors (Kosargi Nightguard now on the loose?) and separate Vargskyr on it's own would work.
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Aug 22, 2012
Dear Nagash give unto us a Zombie Hero for our centuries of faithful service!

Dang it, this conversation has gotten me all riled up about a generic zombie hero, that I am sure we won’t get 😅.

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