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No Blood Dragon/Abhorash novel

Found out a little bit of bad news today, was posting on Josh Reynolds's web site and found out the last novel in the Blood of Nagash series (tentatively titled Blood Dragon) has apparently been canceled. At least that's how I interpreted it.


Unfortunate news, I believe. I really enjoyed the previous two books in the series (Neferata and Master of Death) and was looking forward to seeing Abhorash get his own book. Doesn't appear that Josh is on good terms anymore with the Black Library folks but I could be reading too much into it...


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That's pretty lame, so many things that still need to be wrapped up although one wonders what this 'more important' project is that Games workshop apparently has in the works (unless he's just talking about more horus heresy)

El Syf

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So the empire get there's finished and we don't? That is just fantastic. And if it's for more HH stuff that would be really tragic as I think they've dragged that out too long now. They could always get somebody else to write it I guess, although it would suffer for it. That was the only GW release I was looking forward to and definitely going to buy this year. :mad2:
On reading the exchange do you think they could have pulled it for the Archaon book maybe? We all know chaos sells!


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I need to spamm him on Twitter again. I don't understand if it was GW that canceled it or if was him to make more time for that other project he has.

Get of W'soran

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From reading the link it looks like GW pulled it to make way for another project and that he's happy with the change (although still disappointed that the book wouldn't be done).

As long as it's not another Horus Heresy Novel >.>


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Right the official answer from him is that BW told him to stop writing it so he could focus on a different novel for BW. He can not talk about it or even state if it's fantasy or 40k.

El Syf

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I have some conflicting news!
So I emailed black library and they sent me this but on the warhammer app the third book in the war of vengeance trilogy has been confirmed to come out this year although it's title is no longer elfdoom but the curse of the Phoenix crown. So there is a chance reynolds might finish Blood Dragon... maybe.
Just thought people might like to know :).

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Hm. I do like to see planned trilogies being completed. And the way Blood of Nagash has been written the books don't seem too connected either. I mean, there's the whole Neferata turned her court/cabal etc. and everyone going to Mourkain, but within that they all seem to be doing their own thing, so a trilogy shouldn't be too hard to put together. Hopefully Blood Dragon will come out soon. it would be interesting to get the Lord of Blood's perspective.

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Well, Abhorash never did strike me as a schemer. And you have to wonder...why did Ushoran put the Crown on? Isn't the first rule 'Don't wear Nagash's stuff'?


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Spoiler: In the lore, Dork Redeye (the orc shaman/warboss) leads a WAAAGH into Mourkain and steamrollers over the Strigoi. Ushoran kills him, but dies in the process.

The same thing would have happened in Blood Dragon. Dork, who we last saw in W'soran's slave-pens, escapes Crookback Mountain and, with an army of proto-black orcs at his back, goes Spartacus on the Strigoi. The Lahmians (and W'soran/Melkhior) help divert the WAAAGH into a civil-war wracked Strigos, leading to its destruction.

In the book, we'd have learned that the only thing keeping Ushoran from giving in to the Crown of Sorcery completely is the fact that if he does, the Crown will exterminate all life in Mourkain, so as to have fodder for an undead horde the likes of which the world has never seen. Ushoran has been fighting to keep the Crown under control since he put it on, in order to protect Mourkain and his people, but it's a losing battle. And now he's stuck--he can't use the Crown against the orcs, because there's a very good chance that he'll be condemning his own people as well, and the longer he *doesn't* use it, the more likely it is that the empire of Strigos is doomed anyway.

Abhorash has stayed loyal to Ushoran because (a) he knows what the Crown's doing, because instead of scheming, he...well, asked Ushoran, and (b) he already let one empire go down in flames and he's not about to abandon a second. Essentially, through Abhorash's POV, it's revealed that while Ushoran is in fact a double-crossing, duplicitous sneak, he's also a *very* good king. And one who cares for his people, in ways that neither Neferata or W'soran noticed, being too intent on their own schemes (because who do you think taught the Strigoi about advanced irrigation techniques, public sanitation and law codes...W'soran? Ha! No.). Abhorash, having no schemes to speak of, did notice, and approves, albeit grudgingly. So he tries to help Ushoran control the Crown in order to save Mourkain and Strigos. This mostly involves stirring speeches.

Unfortunately, it all goes to pot, thanks to Neferata and co. The orcs attack Mourkain, and as Morath and Gashnag organize an evacuation, Abhorash tries to free Ushoran from the Crown. Which he does. But not without consequences. Ushoran is a shell of what he once was, and even worse, the Crown is *still* calling to him. So, he turns the Crown over to Abhorash, tells him to save as many of the Strigoi as he can, and goes to tear the heart out of the WAAAGH in person.

Ushoran gets a big damn hero moment, which ends with him (as in the lore) killing many wyverns and orc chieftains, and then the final battle with Dork Redeye, which ends with the obliteration of both, and the ruination of Mourkain. But the Strigoi survive, to scatter into the hills.

And that'd have been the first third of Blood Dragon.


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Neferata <3

Edit: Also for the most part the crown was riding him like a bitch, so the Orc Waagh thankfully slapped him hard enough to get the strength to get it removed. My lovely Queen might have been cruel, but without said cruelty even worse things would have happened.