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No Confirmation email?!

Aug 19, 2013
Hi all. I don't know if this has been discussed elsewhere, whether it's actually a bug, or even if this is the right place, but someone is trying to make an account on the Forum, but isn't receiving a confirmation email.

He's on the Facebook Group, first name "Flavio", and here's what he posted:

"Hi guys!
I'm trying to join the forum since yesterday, apparently without fortune. I don't receive the confirmation mail, so it doesn't even let me contact the staff there, while the "Contact Us" form seems to send to the Void, so I came here.
I tried "Send c-mail again", "Sign up with Google", and two different email addresses, always waiting at least an hour between the attempts.
Can anyone help, please?"

If anyone could help him, I'm sure he'd appreciate it greatly. Until then, he can do nothing but lurk.

Thanks for reading!
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