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The Dread King

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True Blood
Jan 28, 2012
Should the Servants of Nagash(non-dreadlord special characters for the Legion) come into the Legion?
I've amassed a few characters that could fit quite well into the Legion:

Dieter Helsnicht
Nagash Fluff: Got the title 'Doomlord of Middenheim' from Nagash. I'm not sure what else

Heinrich Kemmler (using VC rules)
Nagash Fluff:A dangerous necromancer who serves Nagash along with Krell

Krell (usng VC rules)
Nagash Fluff: A 'dark lord' who commanded some of Nagash's legions in the time of Sigmar, now works with Heinrich Kemmler

Count Mannfred (using VC rules+carstein ring)
Nagash Fluff: Did a pact with servants of Nagash to bring Nagash back into the world. Trying to achieve the von Carstein goal of bringing Nagash back

The leader of the cult of Nagash (suggest a name; could be something like 'Mortrynn, the True Disciple'?)
Nagash Fluff: This madman (well, a really powerful necromancer who doesn't age) leads the cult of Nagash until his master's return

Virion the Grim
Nagash Fluff: He moves the black pyramid of Nagash around when he wants to (to escape the vengeful Tomb Kings); he spread he plague of Nehekhara

The Dread King
Nagash Fluff: He was a huge supporter of Nagash who Nagash had given great powers to. However, when he thought that Nagash would not win the war in Nehekhara, he had himself and his followers entombed in a secret location so that, when the war was over, he could be awakened (I think so that he could serve Nagash once more, but this is just a guess)

Could have Har'akk Iman, however he has never been mentioned as having a connection with Nagash
Fluff: The guy who wrote the cursed book; he was a really horrible necromancer. Games Workshop do not state if he is dead or not.

I have some basic rules for most of the characters above, however I'm only going to put them up here if somebody wants them to be put up.
Any suggestions for some non-dreadlord special characters? Or is this a really bad idea?

The Dread King

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True Blood
Jan 28, 2012
Since nobody has responded so far, I have decided to lay out a few basic rules sets on this thread. First up, the three easily made profiles:

Krell, Lord of Undeath (rules in the Vampire Counts Army Book)-205pts

Heinrich Kemmler, the Lichemaster (rules in the Vampire Counts Army Book)-350pts

Count Mannfred (rules and options in the Vampire Counts Army Book-however he also has the Carstein Ring (Nagash found it for him))-650pts

Here are some more complicated ones:

Dieter Helsnicht-360pts

You may only have one Dieter Helsnicht in an army.

M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Dieter---4 3 3 3 4 3 3 1 10 Infantry; Character
Manticore6 5 0 5 5 4 5 4 5 Monster

Special Rules (Dieter):Undead.
Special Rules (Manticore): Fly; Large Target; Terror; Killing Blow; Undead Rider.

Equipment (Dieter): Hand weapon.
Equipment (Manticore): Hand weapon.

Undead Rider: While Dieter is alive, his manticore gains the Unbreakable special rule (so if they lose combat, Dieter suffers from combat resoluton through the Undead special rule but the manticore does not flee). When Dieter dies, the monster loses the 'Unbreakable' rule. If Dieter dies from combat resolution and he lost as many wounds from it as the points he lost the combat by, then the manticore does not flee. However, if he lost more combat points than wounds through combat resolution then the manticore must take a break test as normal.
Magic (Dieter): Dieter is a level 4 wizard who chooses spells from the Lore of Nagash.

Magic items (Dieter): Fiery Rod, Dieter's Amulet.

Dieter's Amulet
Gives the bearer a 5+ ward save.

Fiery Rod
Enchanted Item
Gives the bearer a shooting attack that is shown below.

Range---Strength---Special Rules
24"-------4--------D6 hits, Flaming Attacks, causes Panic in an enemy unit when it causes wounds in that unit

Mortyrnn, the True Disciple-495pts

Mortrynn's full potential was unlocked when Nagash decided to personally train him. A nagashi captain who had a flare for necromancy, Mortrynn soon became the leader of the cult of Nagash.

You may only include one 'Mortrynn, the True Disciple' in an army

---------M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Mortrynn-4 6 4 4 4 4 6 4 10 Infantry

Special Rules: Master of Undeath; Undead; Terror; Loremaster (Nagash); Soul drinker.

Magic: Mortrynn is a level 4 wizard that chooses spells from the Lore of Nagash.

Magic items:Armour of the Faithful;Shard of Damnation.

Equipment: hand weapon; Scarab jar.

Shard of Damnation
Arcane Item
This gives Mortrynn +1 to cast and dispel.

Armour of the Faithful
Magic Armour
Heavy armour. The bearer gets a 4+ ward save.

Soul Drinker: When Mortrynn causes a wound (by any means) he regains a wound that he lost earlier in the battle. However, he cannot use this ability to bring his wounds value to above its starting value (or a higher value).

The Dread King

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True Blood
Jan 28, 2012
Since I have a 500 word/charcter (I forgot which) limit, here is another post containing more charcters. They get even more complicated!

Har'akk Iman-195pts Hero Choice

--------M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Har'akk-4 3 3 3 4 2 3 1 7 Infantry; Character

Special Rules: Undead.

Magic: Har'akk Iman is a level 3 wizard who chooses spells from the Lore of Nagash.

Magic items: The Book of Har'akk; The Dark Charm.

Equipment: hand weapon.

The Dark Charm: Gives the bearer a 6+ ward save. For each unsaved wound the bearer causes in combat,the bearer immediately gains a wound that they lost earlier in the battle. They cannot go above their starting wounds value (or a higher wounds value) by this item.

The Book of Har'akk: One use only. Use at the start of any friendly magic phase. All enemy models in combat with the bearer are reduced to WS1 for that turn's round of combat.

The Dread King-575pts

The Dread King consists of one Dread King and five Trusted Followers. The Dread King and all the Trusted Followers ride Dead Horses. You may only include one Dread King in an army.

-----------------M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Dread King-------4 7 4 5 5 3 5 5 10 Infantry
Trusted Follower-4 4 3 4 4 1 3 1 8 Infantry

Equipment (Dread King): hand weapon and shield.
Equipment (Trusted Followers): hand weapons; heavy armour; lances and shields.

Magic (Dread King): Level 3; Lore of Nagash.

Special Rules (Dread King): Undead; Terror.
Special Rules (Trusted Follower): Undead; Trusted Followers.

Magic items (Dread King): Axe of Horror; Armour of Cruel Steel; Helm of Dread Enchantment.

Trusted Followers: The Trusted Followers must start the game in the same unit as the Dread King; whenever he joins a unit, they join it with him. They count towards the number of models needed to make a Look out, Sir! roll for any character/champion in the Dread King's unit. However, if a sucessful Look out, Sir! roll is made in the Dread King's unit and a model must take the hit meant for this character/champion, one of the models that can take the wound instead of a Follower will take the wound, unless only the followers are left to take the wounds instead of the targeted character/champion. Note that this does not mean that characters/champions that would not normally be able to take the wound from a sucessful Look out, Sir! roll normally would be able to take the wound because of this rule.

Helm of Dread Enchantment: sucessful to wound rolls aimed at the bearer must be re-rolled. If models who can re-roll failed to wound rlls attack the bearer,the re-rolls cancel each other out and so neither can happen. All Undead units within 12" of the bearer can march.

Axe of Horror: gives the bearer +2 strength. The bearer causes D3 wounds in combat.

Armour of Cruel Steel: the bearer gains a 2+ armour save and a 5+ ward save.

The Dread King

Staff member
True Blood
Jan 28, 2012
Here is Virion the Grim. He's quite complicated.

Virion the Grim-525pts

You may only include one Virion the Grim in an army. Virion the Grim consists of one plague cart, pulled by two plague beasts, and one Virion.

-------------M WS BS S T W I A Ld Troop Type
Virion-------4 6 3 4 4 3 6 4 10 Infantry
Plague Cart--4 0 0 4 4 4 0 0 0 Chariot
Plague Beast-4 3 2 4 3 0 3 2 5 Infantry

Special Rules (Virion): Undead; Terror; Plaguebringer.
Special Rules (Plague Cart): Plague Cart; Undead; Chariot (armour save 4+).
Special Rules (Plague Beasts): Undead.

Equipment (Plague beasts): hand weapons.
Equipment (Virion): hand weapon; warped fungi.

Magic (Virion): Virion is a level 3 wizard who chooses spells from the lore of Nagash.

Magic items (Virion): Plague Sword; Sickness Talisman.

Plaguebringer: Any enemy unit in combat with Virion suffered D6 strength 3 hits with the Poisoned attack special rule at the start of each round of combat. Any wounds caused by these hits count towards combat resolution.

Plague cart: The Plague Cart and its crew (not any characters in it, however) have Poisoned attacks. Any models attacking the Plague Cart or its rider in close combat have a -1 to hit penalty. Any unsaved wounds caused by the plague cart, its crew or its riders in close combat (the Plaguebringer special rule can trigger this ability) adds another plague beast onto the cart at the end of that round of combat- however there can be no more than three plague beasts on the cart at a time.

Plague Sword: The bearer's attacks causes multiple wounds (D3) in close combat and a -2 penalty to armour saves in close combat. The bearer has poisoned attacks.

Sickness Talisman: Gives the bearer a 5+ ward save. Any unsaved wounds caused by the bearer in close combat gives the bearer a wound that the bearer lost earlier in the battle at the end of that round of close combat. However, if the bearer is at their starting wounds value (or a higher wounds value), then nothing happens.

Warped fungi: Shield. Gives the bearer a 5+ armour save instead of a 6+ armour save. Can be used in combination with a hand weapon (by the bearer) to gain a parry save.

And that's the last of the special characters' profiles accomplished.xD Any comments?

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