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Noobafrass (Tomb Kings) vs Zanos (Dark Elves)

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Grave Guard
Jan 1, 2012
Here we go. Defined army and map set up.

Looking forward to another epic noobfest

Not a Gunline Tomb Kings Army

Liche High Priest : Lvl 4 (Nehekara), Hierophant, Dispell Scroll

Tomb Prince : Glittering Scales, Shield, Army General
Tomb Prince : Armor of Destiny, Shield
Tomb Herald : BSB, Armor of Fortune, Dragonhelm

35x Skeleton Warriors : Light Armor, Full Command
20x Skeleton Archers
5x Skeleton Horse Archers
5x Skeleton Horse Archers
3x Skeleton Chariots

28x Tomb Guard : Full Comannd, Halberds, Banner of E-Flame
5x Necropolis Knights : Full Command
1x Warsphinx : Fiery Roar

1x Screaming Skull Catapult
1x Casket of Souls
Not open for further replies.