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Nuln: The Shadow War - OOC and Recruitment


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True Blood
The City of Nuln
Winter 2123​

It is winter of the year 2123 (I.C) and the Empire has been riven apart by civil war for centuries, as some of its highest nobles dispute the claims of others for the right to rule Sigmar's realm. Otilia, Elector of Talabecland and fourth of her name, Lutwik of Reikland and Helmar of Marienburg are the children of those who waged war on each other during the time of Vlad von Carstein, but now the fighting rages just as fiercely as ever.

Meanwhile, in the east, amongst the dread ruins of Sylvania, a new power rises amongst the Vampire Counts, Mannfred von Carstein, most cunning and cruel of his Dark Father's children. He sends out ambassadors to many, including the Silver Pinnacle, to Neferata, first of the vampires and Queen of Mysteries, biding his time and husbanding his power whilst the humans weaken themselves.

The Queen has no wish to see an Empire of the undead; such things have been attempted before and fell down in ruins about the ears of their architects, but she doesn't wish to needlessly draw the von Carstein's ire. Her daughters, however, do not trust each other and have become far too independent for them to succesfully fulfil her wishes in this matter, but she blames them not. Thus, as she debates terms and sends members of her court to Drakenhof, more of her best and most trusted are sent out to the cities of the Empire with one goal - strengthen them to protect against the coming storm, whatever the cost.

The city of Nuln, Bastion of the South, is the Empire's greatest supplier of munitions and artillery, the iron heart of the nation. Having suffered little from the civil war, Nuln has grown rich and prosperous from the long years of fighting, and sitting at the confluence of the Aver and the Upper Reik, it controls river traffic between the rich and fertile lands of Averland and the rich city of Marienburg.

Nuln must fall; so has Mannfred decreed. If left at full strength, it may be able to defy him long enough for the other provinces to come to their senses and join together, and that could be disastrous.

* * *
And so, hello! This is the signup for Nuln: The Shadow War! You are all being employed by Lord Karsten von Mecklinbourg, a vampire older than any three of you combined, who approached you through the Lasch crime family who run a vast array of business enterprises throughout Nuln. Maybe you have been blackmailed for old mistakes, maybe you owe Karsten, or you are merely looking for a big payment?

Strong-armed or not, you are all to meet at the River Rat, one of the Lasch family's dockside taverns. You don't know why you have been called there, but you have been told to be discreet, go to the bar and ask for Nico.

If you were in Drakenhof during Vlad’s reign, then you may recognise Karsten, but you will not know much about his background (which I may flesh out for you via a character sheet later, once you have found out some information yourself IC)

Your characters need to be able to fit into human society, as there shall be as much stealth needed as fighting ability! This does, however, rule out undead creatures such as wights and spirits, due to the fact that they kind of stand out.

Please make this part as descriptive and in-depth as possible

Generation: I would suggest 4th Gen
Age: any characters older the 326 (+age that they were turned) and thus were turned in Vlad's first year of rule in Sylvania will need extremely good fluff describing WHY they need to be that old for me to accept them)
Place of Origin:



(Please, make this sensible. Characters who are awesome, mega-killy dragon slayers will need to be toned down.
Also, please include how you came to work for Karsten von Mecklinbourg - blackmail? Money? Promise of great reward? Something else?)

(you may only have one low-level magical trinket, and will be dependant upon approval by myself)

Specialisation/Fighting Style:
(please go into as much detail as possible! Thought-out fluff will be rewarded!)

Magical Skills:
(these will be monitored carefully so no-one is overpowered!)

1) As GM, my word is final. If you have a problem with a decision I have made, by all means send me a PM and discuss it with me - I’ll happily do that, and try to solve any issues. I will not, however, be bullied into decisions by people in the OOC threads (I don’t expect this would happen, but I thought it wise to put it in)!

2) I also reserve the right to decline and/or ask for changes to sign-up sheets (but I will only do this to bring them into line with lore/in cases of sheets which really do not fit the roleplay)

3) To maintain the high quality of roleplays on Carpe Noctem, I would like to impose a limit of four sentences in accordance with the rules of the roleplaying forum (in cases of dialogue, I will make exceptions, but please don’t take advantage!)

4) Explicit language and graphic violence is accepted. The IC Thread will include NSFW, so please be aware of that if you visit the site at work!

Accepted Characters:

If there is anything you think I have missed, by all means, contact me!

Get of W'soran

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Angelo – Assassin for Hire

Name: Angelo Viggiani de Verezzo

Gender: Male

Bloodline: Lahmian

Generation: 4th

Sire: Nicoletto Viggiani de Remas

Age: 172 (Sired in 1990 at the age of 39 - 133 years as a vampire)

Place of Origin: The Serene Republic of Verezzo in Tilea

Occupation: Assassin and Leader of "The Sons of the Eagle" gang.


Angelo was born the usual features of ancient Tilean aristocracy with sharp, almost hawk-like, features however these eventually became lost in a life-time of brawls, fighting and rough living. By the time he was sired he looked more like a peasant with his messy reddish hair and scruffy beard which was already starting to go grey. He is of lean, athletic, build and barely reaches average height.

The Tilean tends to wear a set of rough cut clothing of dark greys blacks. He wears a simple shirt under a leather jerkin held shut with buckles and straps. With this he wears loose trousers and and sturdy boots. Angelo also tends to wear a heavy cloak. All of his clothing is a of a simple, humble cut. (OOC: Exactly as in the first image below.)

In short a figure that merges in with the crowd, his only true distinguishing features are his oddly bright blue eyes.


Angelo prefers to exist among the living however unlike the majority of Vampires he prefers to do so quietly and out of sight. As such he tends to gravitate towards the poorer districts in the human cities he visits. He lacks the usual arrogance of the Aristocracy of the Nights, this is largely because he knows he does better as a killer directed by another than as a leader himself.

The assassin is exceptionally stoic, a man of few words and a complete sociopath having absolutely no problem murdering anyone he feels he must, this is often blamed on the vampiric curse but truth be told he is little different in this regard to how he was as a mortal. Despite this he tends to be polite even to his victims.

He has one love which has followed him even into death however and that is for fencing and swordsmanship.

Despite Angelo's obvious vices he does have some positive sides to his personality. For one thing is he quite clever although he appears more cunning than scholarly. The Lahmian is also exceptionally loyal once he gives his word but only so long as he, himself, considers it applicable.


Angelo was born in the Tilean Republic of Verezzo, a survivor of the Viggiani Family massacre in Remas many decades earlier, this event was carried out by the family head Nicoletto in secret under the thrall of the Lahmian Sisterhood shortly after he was sired.

The family survivors belonged to a lesser branch of the House and survived the slaughter due to being on an unscheduled “business” trip which was actually part of the family's less legal activities and as such was off the books also due to Nicoletto's unfamiliarity with his family's work he had no idea whilst due to it's off-the-books nature the sisterhood never noticed.

The survivors knew it must have been an assassination attempt and as such changed their family name and moved to Verezzo to work as middle-management in one of the City's banks.

A few generations later Angelo was born into this family as the sole heir of the dying bloodline. Angelo grew up with a decent education and learnt fencing from a reputable master eventually getting a job as a scribe for one of the City's banking establishments, a somewhat lesser position than his predecessors however this was largely due to the fact that he also helped teach at one of the City's fencing schools. Secretly the man also spent some of his nights as a killer for hire. Later he was hired to act as the personal assassin for one of the most powerful men in the city.

It was on a night like any other when a handsome tall man appeared in his home. He explained who he was and Angelo's family history but more importantly how he was the cause of the Viggiani's downfall. So he give Angelo, last known living descendant of the Viggiani a new inheritance and brought him into the darkness.

Angelo returned to Sylvania with Nicoletto and served the von Carstein family as well as the early Assassin Order run by Akarin although he would leave this organisation due to some internal changes that made him uncomfortable.
He continued to fight with the Sylvanian vampires throughout the entire first Vampire War, when Vlad died at the siege of Altdorf and Nicoletto fled with a injured Karl he tried to convince his son to accompany him but as far as Angelo was concerned he still owed fealty to the von Carstein family.

Angelo would go on to have a successful but relatively unimportant role in Konrad's reign helped along by the fact that he had a good relationship with the mad Count. It was during this time that he learnt of Mannfreds's role in Vlad's destruction.
Angelo was inducted into Konrad's Hamaya and fought on the battlefield sticking close to the Count in an attempt to keep him safe although often the Mad vampire would outpace him too much in battle for Angelo to be capable of keeping up. Konrad was also glad to have an assassin outside of Akarin's Order which he could use as he did not trust the sneaky brotherhood.
When Konrad fell at the end of the war Angelo couldn't imagine who could take the Obsidian Throne, as such he decided to start a new chapter in his life and left.

Angelo would soon pop up in Nuln where he bought a large hall in one of, if not the, worst areas of the City where he began what appeared to be a night-run fencing school teaching a Tilean sword art however this was simply a front for a new gang of thugs that Angelo had pulled together to work for him called “The Sons of the Eagle” which worked mostly as muscle for hire and enforcers because although they were a small group Angelo hand-taught each of them basic sword skills which was far beyond the ability of Nuln's usual class of criminal.

Angelo went around this cleverly and approached the local Sisterhood members and abased himself before them making sure they knew his goals were petty and that he was no danger to their operations. They agreed to leave him alone in return for his services if they ever required it. As such Angelo has frequently worked as an assassin for Nuln's community of vampires as a blade in the night.


Spada da lato – A well-made sword that Angelo spent a fortune on during his most recent visit to Tilea. He is never seen without this weapon.

Dagger - A dagger that was made as part of a matching set.

Leather Jerkin – Angelo's jerkin provides a certain degree of protection due to it's leather construction.

Heavy Cloak - The heavy cloak provides protection against the elements but due to it's thickness can also be difficult for blades to properly penetrate providing some small amount of protection against attacks.

Specialisation/Fighting Style:

Angelo is trained in the Verezzo sword style using the Tilean sidesword which includes using it alone or with a shield, dagger or cloak. The style also encompasses weapons that Angelo only carries around with him if he has the particular need such as the longsword, partisan, spiedo, spear and ronca but most famously the Two-Handed Spadone.
There is also quite an amount of wrestling work and dagger work.
It should be pointed out that whilst Angelo is perfectly capable of masterfully preforming this elegant art with it's traditional grace and beauty he has also learnt plenty of dirty tricks and brawling techniques over the years. When fighting for real Angelo prefers efficiency and brutality over showmanship.

Angelo has a strong preference for using sword alone often employing only his Spada da lato and nothing in his off-hand but when needing the advantage he may also use a dagger or buckler.

Angelo has all the strength needed for swordsmanship however he prefers to rely on his Lahmian speed than his vampiric strength.

Magical Ability:

Practically nothing. Angelo picked up bits and pieces of Necromancy over the years but never truly studied it. He can instinctively raise the lesser dead but not much more.

This lack of skill is due to not having the time to study under the von Carstein rule and later, under Konrad, he feigned inability to manipulate Konrad into feeling comradeship with another vampire who had his same weakness.

Other Skills:

Angelo is a very skilled assassin and as such is good at moving silently, planning his murders meticulously and has a wide breadth of knowledge concerning poisons.



During the Vampire Wars (Served as a Captain for Vlad and a more senior role for Konrad)

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Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
Name: Emlia
Gender: Female
Bloodline: Lahmian
Generation: 5th
Sire: Albrecht
Age:10 (turned at 25)

Place of Origin: Sylvania

Appearance: Emlia looks exactly as a 25-year-old Lahmian should - curly black hair, blue eyes, attractive physique. She wears yellow, the strictly enforced 'uniform' of her home. She is slim and has no excess weight.

Personality: Educated in intrigue, Emlia is intelligent and cunning, easily able to manipulate others. She appears playful and friendly, and whilst this is in part genuine it is mostly an act. She is a keen observer of weakness, both physical and mental, and good at capitalising on it.

Background: Emlia was born in Hawk's Tower, a castle in Sylvania ruled by the Lahmian regent Rachelle, who holds the castle in hopes the original owners, friends of her sire, will return. Rachelle is advised by her only (and unsanctioned) get, Albrecht, who is also her political and administrative tutor. Emlia, well aware of her superiors' immortality, was raised as a servant to her Lady, as Rachelle likes to be called by those under her, and Albrecht, who unbeknownst to Rachelle was actually secretly training Emlia to politic and scheme, and to be a powerful sorceress, passing on skills from the 2nd generation Necrarch V'raztra. When Emlia was 25, Albrecht decided his apprentice was ready, and with an offer that presented in a way that may well have been a polite way of saying "This is what's happening, so accept it" turned her. Emlia had no idea her sire was unsanctioned and tolerated only because of his lack of...presence in the outside world. He continued training her, teaching her to make best use of her powers and abilities, which include a very weak beguiling aura inherited from her grandsire and great-grandsire. Now, after 10 years, Albrecht feels Emlia is ready for her first assignment. Using his network he has discovered a Vampire in Nuln looking for...servants by the name of Karsten von Mecklinbourg. After an exchange of a large amount of gold from an unknown source, without the Lady Rachelle's knowledge, Albrecht secured a place for Emlia and sent her to Nuln, whilst preparing a convincing story to explain his Lady's servant's disappearance.
Emlia will work on von Mecklinbourg's assignments for free, her reward being experience and items picked up along the way.

Equipment: Just a simple sword.

Fighting style: Emlia uses her Lahmian agility to its full advantage, or at least as much as she can being a young Vampire of low generation. She favours quick bladework, and prefers agility over armour.

Magical skills: Low level ability in Necromancy. She has received good training, butt is quite young and is taking time to learn it.
Emlia has a weak aura of beguilement, though it can only really improve targets' moods slightly. It can be turned on and off.

If you've been reading The Pale Web, Emlia is the get of Albrecht, an unsanctioned 4th generation Lahmian. If the rough chronology presented there doesn't quite fit with this bio, then...it's just something that will need to be skirted around.
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I like it when people make characters with connections to their stories!

I had a bit of an easy time of it, Angelo has been created for months. He'll be in my stories later as Nicoletto's first get.

Edit: Spelling

Count michael

The Undead Sparky
Here's mine xD hope he is ok it's my first time RPing a vampire so pretty stoked

Name: Brother Henryk
Gender: Male
Bloodline: Lahmian
Generation: 4th Gen
Sire: Claudia
Age: 250 (sired at the age of 28)
Place of Origin: The Maze, Nuln's poorest district in the city

A slim man of average height Henryk wears the robes that a priest of Verena would wear. Has short brown hair and a short brown beard with full moon spectacles adorning his face. Easily distinguished as a priest or scholar leading to him able to pass through certain areas without trouble.

A bookish individual obsessed with books he is a scholarly individual devoted to learning using his immortality to further his studies on everything ranging from history and magic to even poetry. With an exceptional intelligence there is little he cannot achieve academically especially when coupled with his vampire prowess. Unlike most vampires he is not one bit interested in power or dominion over others, in all honesty he wants nothing more than to be left along with his books. Whilst arrogant and selfish he does not view mortals as cattle knowing he was once one himself, he still feeds though only when he has to never taking pleasure in it usually preying on university students which are believed to drop out or run away after they disappear.
However there exists a darker side to Henryk that presents itself when his way of life is threatened, brought up on the streets of Nuln Henryk excels as getting what he wants be it aquiring valuable books or troublesome individuals disappear. Not a single person who tries blackmailing, stealing from or exposing the vampire scholar lives to tell the tale either killed by Henryk himself or organising others to do the deed for him.

Born in Nuln's poorest district the maze, Henryk alongside his older sister Claudia were orphans when their parents died of sickness leaving them to fend for themselves on the streets. Life was short in the maze where no one cared about orphans not long after his 10th birthday his older sister Claudia was snatched by a gang known as the abductors who sold pretty girls to rich families.
Henryk craved more to life than the bleak life of the maze, so through a childhood of thievery living on the streets he was able to secure enough money to get him out of the cursed maze set to join the priesthood of Verena the goddess of wisdom and learning. Life as a priest was perfect for Henryk as he excelled in the teachings of Verena which was the perfect excuse to continue his studies eventually taking on the position of a librarian at the university of Nuln.

At the age of 28 his life completely changed as his long thought dead sister returned to him one winters night. Snatched by abductors she had been sold to one of Nuln's old families which was part of the Lahmian sisterhood. Desiring pretty girls to train as their spies Claudia had become trained in the sisterhoods ways eventually becoming one of the arisen herself. Eventually she sought out her still living brother seeking to turn him into a vampire so they could be family for eternity. Tempted by eternal life he became a vampire, however life as a vampire, especially a male Lahmian wasn't what he had expected. Due to being a male he was constantly considered inferior to other Lahmians treated little more than a servant forced to do their bidding even though he was far more intelligent for twenty years he struggled in a female dominated community. Fed up with being little more than some lowly servant Henryk faked his own death fleeing from the Lahmian sisterhood vowing never to be their puppet again eventually returning to his old home the maze.
Free from the control of the sisterhood Henryk was able to gain his dream position of the university of Nuln's chief librarian after the previous one conveniently died. Gifted with an eternity to learn Henryk has spent the last two hundred years continuing on the chief librarian faking his death whenever someone gets too suspicious as to why he is still alive. A master of disguise Henryk has been able to change identities countless times to suit his needs most notably to ensure he remains Nuln's chief librarian through encouraging the idea the position is cursed since his previously identities keep dying mysteriously. Due to this he has kept his name a secret for the last hundred years though whether or not this is due to fact he forgot it after so many new aliases it is unknown.
Recently Henryk has received a missive from an unknown benefactor claiming to know his secret, however instead of threatening to blackmail him the benefactor instead is willing to offer valuable books in return for some trivial tasks. Whilst wary of trickery his greed far outweighs his suspicion so Henryk plans on accepting the invitation curious as how he was discovered.

Daggers: simple daggers secreted within the folds of Henryk's robes ready to shank the unwary, since you can never have enough daggers Henryk has a few tucked away for certain occasions

Book of necromancy:
a heavy iron bound book he usually always carries around with him, surprisingly enough it is perfect for clubbing foes, inside it pages it encompasses a detailed account of necromancy as well as its history. However it is only a copy so does not posses the true power that a true tome of undeath would contain. Has a few spells but is more used for reading

Specialisation/Fighting Style:
Avoids fighting as he sees it as something that is beneath him preferring to let others do his fighting for him. Whilst he abhors fighting it does not mean he is one to shy from killing as being raised on the streets taught him that to get anywhere in life you have to be willingly to do anything to survive as such uses plenty of dirty tricks including knife throwing

Henryk uses his Lahmian skills to take enemies by surprise literally stabbing them in the back when he catches them unaware as his attire helps him greatly since who would expect a scholarly priest to shank you.

Magical skills
Generally Henryk tries to avoid getting his hands dirty if he can help it preferring to use his magic for most situations. Has an adequate understanding of the Lore of undeath being an average skilled necromancer.

Count Vashra

Lord of Shadows
Looks good, michael! Family-sirings never turn out well...

Immortality is certainly one way to keep one position for centuries and gain knowledge. Abilities-wise looks good as well. Also having an actual book, rather than memorised spells (or as well as?) helps with his theme of being a bookworm.

Count michael

The Undead Sparky
I wonder who else is going to join? It'll be funny if everyone is Lahmian like the trio so far.

Also just by reading the intro for this RP, are we going to be trying to save the city for the Queen or taking it over for Mannfredo.o


Wight King
Name: Ludwig "Crimson Fist" Breiten
Gender: Male
Bloodline: Blood Dragons
Generation: 4th Gen
Sire: Neidhart Schutzmann (its unknown to Ludwig... so basically no one knows except for Neidhart himself...)
Age: 124 (28 Living)
Place of Origin: Altdorf, Reikland, Empire... The not so pleasant part of town (not sure where exactly that would be, if it even has a name, or if there even is a place like that in Altdorf... Need to brush up on my fantasy Empire lore some)

Appearance: Medium length (for a male) brown hair, with blue eyes, and a short beard and mustache. Ludwig is normally seen wearing a suit of light studded leather armor, with leather boots, gloves, and hat. Most of his cloths, while they have been replaced over the years, do all bear signs of having been worn and used by him for a reasonable amount of time. Ludwig generally also has a knife in his boot and up his sleeve strapped to his forearm, along with a pair of trench knives strapped to his hip.

Personality: For how plain an appearance Ludwig walks around with, his personality is surprisingly showy. In life, he was focused on gaining money (and in turn power) and living a life with entertainment. And fighting was something he learned very early on, that he had some skill in, and enjoyed immensely. Ludwig learned to be an entertaining pit-fighter, and has become a part of how he fights. Since joining the undead, he learned a bit of restraint over being too showy, but he has run into the problem of needing more to feel 'alive' during the fights he so enjoyed while alive.

Hailing from the streets of Altdorf, Ludwig grew up with a dagger in one hand, and his purse in the other. His mother, Astrid Breiten, managed to live with the little food the family had to go around for eight years after Ludwig was born, before her body finally gave up. And during the next four years, Ludwig's father, Thornel Breiten, managed to somehow scrap together enough money to waste on alcohol to help drown out the pain from his wife's death, while Ludwig starved more. During this time, Ludwig learned how to live on the streets, stealing food and coin to survive. After three years, Thornel had finally borrowed money from the wrong people, and was unable to pay them back, and ended up loosing his life.

At the age of twelve, Ludwig was then taken by the group whom his father owed money to, and was thrown into pit-fights to earn the money back. During his first fight, against another semi-starved youth of likely only a year or two older in age, Ludwig couldn't help but feel intense fear for his own life, and fought desperately with the knife given to him. When he managed to come out on top, covered in blood from both himself and the kid who now lay dead at his feat, an odd sensation came over Ludwig. He looked around at the small crowd standing around cheering, and couldn't help but smile at the rush the fight and attention gave him. Ludwig couldn't help but see his life as going up from there on. He actually managed to go without feeling starved for the first time he could ever remember. He continued to be a pit-fighter for a few more years, learning a style of fighting by continuing to fight, learning to give the crowd a show so he could earn more and attract more people. Eventually he realized that punching someone lead to a more showy performance, because it was less likely to kill the opponent so the fight could continue, but it still would cause damage and cause blood to be spat or sprayed out of the opponent (much to the crowds' amusement). But not wanting to forgo the daggers that would be required for him to more easily beat opponents of comparable skill that he might fight, he had a smith make a special pair of daggers that possessed a special guard that wrapped around his hand, meant to be used to punch the opponent with. He found that he could rather quickly adapt his existing fighting style to these weapons, Ludwig continued to lead a successful life in the middle of these back-street brawls.

Eventually, good things always come to an end, and without Ludwig even realizing, the group he had ended up becoming a part of while paying off his father's debt collapsed around him. The leaders were murdered by hitmen from other groups, and their assets ended up being taken up by these other groups. In the end Ludwig ended up being once again free at the age of seventeen, but now without the familiar arenas to fight in. At that moment he decided that, instead of joining another group and fighting for them in the pit-fights, he would join the ranks of mercenaries to earn more fame and money.

After eleven years as a mercenary, the band of mercenaries he ended up being a part of at that time came across a lone knight while they were setting up camp during their travels between cities and battles. This knight threw down a gauntlet and challenged all those in the camp to a duel. Ludwig being the showman he was, made an entertaining display of accepting the duel, and started the fight with a similar mentality, but quickly realized that his opponent was much more skilled then Ludwig himself was. Yet even when facing defeat, Ludwig continued to fight using the showy style of fighting he had, deciding that if this was to be his end, he was going to have it be a glorious fight he gave in the end to this monster of an opponent. Initially disappointed at the overly showy display, the knight was impressed at the skill and bravery the mortal fought with, even in the face of a vastly superior opponent. When the knight finally struck Ludwig down, the knight revealed himself to be a vampire when he turned Ludwig. At the cowardice that the rest of the mercenary troupe displayed at this encounter, the vampire knight ended up killing the rest of the group.

Waking up alone, among the corpses of his former allies, Ludwig couldn't help but feel something he hadn't felt since he was a child, a sense of helplessness in the world he was now a part of, and an unending hunger that he had the feeling would never truly be satisfied. Since then he has offered up his services as a sell-sword to various people, making a small name for himself with his new found advantages, sometimes joining in the pit-fights to help him feel more alive by giving a bloody show to an audience, but making sure to move around often enough to not leave too many drained corpses on his own doorstep.

Eventually though, after almost a hundred years of undeath, Ludwig got lazy, and someone finally caught onto him. Lord Karsten von Mecklinbourg and the Lasch crime family ended up figuring him out for being the blood sucking monster he was, but fortunately for Ludwig, ended up offering him a job because of that bit of knowledge.

Two normal daggers and two trench knives (slightly long daggers with a special guard on them similar to brass knuckles).
A suit of studded leather armor.

Specialization/Fighting Style:
His fighting style is a style he naturally came up with during his life of brawling, with the added layer of showmanship that helped him entertain the crowds that came to watch him fight. His weapons of choice are his specially made trench knives, though he does know how to fight with normal daggers, and has fought with swords before.

Magical Skills:
His magical skills are relatively rudimentary, with personal healing being the only things he has really used them for, as that came relatively naturally to him. Without a teacher, he hasn't had the ability nor felt a real need to learn more. He prefers fisticuffs to battles of spells.

Picture Example of Appearance:

Example of a (kinda crude, but kinda like what I imagine him having) trench knife for all who are curious:

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Nice bio Kavok!

Starting to feel sorry for Karsten!

He's getting two criminals (one murderer and one thug), a nerd and a little girl.

Phear his 1337 warriors xD

Btw: Updated my bio slightly the other day, the links under equipment are to pictures of his gear.


Wight King
Well... I was really tired when I managed to finish and post that, so... tell me if I messed anything up, cause I wouldn't be surprised if I did.

Also, sorry about the blood dragon that is now crashing the lahmian party.:tongue:


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True Blood
I will go through the bios more thoroughly tomorrow and, if necessary, suggest improvements, but they seem good so far!

No worries about breaking up the Lahmian party; we'll likely be needing a bit of muscle at times, and Angelo doesn't really count ;)


Wight King
Oh, right, I meant to ask to make sure about something. In the rules spoiler thing, number three is an imposed limit of four sentences. It is sounding like it means a maximum of four sentences, which I guess might be ok, just I'm going to have to be thinking about that quite a bit more compared to the usual ramblings I end up doing in other forum RPs. But, since you make a mention of the forum role play rules, and that one saying its a four sentence minimum, I'm lead to believe that is more likely what you meant by the four sentence limit, with it being a minimum limit. Apologies for having to ask this, but I want to make sure I'm clear on the rules before I end up doing something that would get me in trouble unknowingly.

Get of W'soran

CN's Lord of Masks
True Blood
Oh, right, I meant to ask to make sure about something. In the rules spoiler thing, number three is an imposed limit of four sentences. It is sounding like it means a maximum of four sentences, which I guess might be ok, just I'm going to have to be thinking about that quite a bit more compared to the usual ramblings I end up doing in other forum RPs. But, since you make a mention of the forum role play rules, and that one saying its a four sentence minimum, I'm lead to believe that is more likely what you meant by the four sentence limit, with it being a minimum limit. Apologies for having to ask this, but I want to make sure I'm clear on the rules before I end up doing something that would get me in trouble unknowingly.
I only just noticed that myself, hopefully it means 4 minimum and Mal's just being a big n00b :tongue: