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Old Special Characters Made New.

Jan 2, 2010
So every time GW comes out with a new army book they make a few Special character obsolete and thus you have a awesome model with no rules. me and my group have aways sat down to recreate these specials character to reflect the current rules without creating too many special rules while trying to keep thier equipment and special abilties. In almost all cases many rules are unchanged in how they work

How do you agree on point values, you ask? we average the difference between current army book and old ones to see if costs have gone up or down, and apply that amount to the old value in most cases with 7th edition everybody is slighty cheaper or more powerful in someway.

Here is One I use on a regular basis:

Neferata Queen of Mysteries

Vampire Counts Revised Character
Counts as a Lord choice and must be the army’s general
Pts 725
Move 6
WS 7
BS 6
S 5/6
T 5
W 3
I 10
A 4
LD 10
SV -
WSV 5+

Weapons: Dagger of Jet, Ruby Staff of Lahmia, Bastet

Armor: None

Wizard: Wizard Level 3 Neferata Knows Invocation of Nehek, Shadowblood, and any 3 additional spells from the Lore of the Vampires (she may forgo rolling and choose which 3 she wants)

Vampiric Powers: Beguile, Aura of Dark Majesty, Master of the Black Arts, Heavenly Creature, Blood Kiss, Quickblood

Weapons, Spells, and Power descriptions:

Dagger of Jet: +1 Str (included in profile) counts as poison attacks

Ruby Staff of Lahmia: The ruby allows Neferata to heal one wound to herself only in the magic phase. This wound does not count against her one wound limit with Invocation of Nehek. If she is killed the staff stops working.

Bastet: Is her favorite black cat which she had mummified and raised from the dead. Bastet exists as a shadow like being and is not wholly corporeal and therefore may not be attacked. Bastet is bound to Neferata if she is killed bastet is also removed and his effect immediatly lifted. On command in the movement phase Bastet can join any enemy unit on the table (place him in the back rank or flank) that unit is now cursed with bad luck, re-roll all successful armor saves. Bastet can be moved to a new unit in her next movement phase

Shadowblood: is a spell of her own creation and is in addition to all spells she knows

Casting value 7+ Range 24”
Target model or unit takes D6 str 5 hits as magic missiles. In addition she my sacrifice any number of her wounds (without going to 0) to cause D6 additional hits for each wound sacrificed.

Beguile, Aura of Dark Majesty, Master of the Black Arts (see page ?? of the vampire counts army book)

Heavenly Creature: Any unit or model in base contact with Neferata suffers -2 to their leadership. This is in addition to Aura of Dark Majesty and is also cumulative with Beguile.

Blood Kiss: Any one hero model per game that Neferata has killed in close combat can be given the blood kiss. (either by challenge or even declaring who she attacks, no other method will do this) That model becomes a vampire and has the base hero vampire stat line with only one wound, and retains all his equipment (including battle standards as if captured during combat), spells (but not prayers), and magical items. Any non-monster mount is transformed into a nightmare. Monster mounts react as normal as if their rider was killed. The new vampire is under Neferata's control for the rest of the game

Quickblood: Her vampiric form is so powerful and quick to heal she has a 5+ ward save
Oct 20, 2009
is there more characers coming?

neferata looks really good, beguile at a -6Ld is very good, but looses its power a bit when coupled with a str of 6 meaning 2+ to wound on most stuff. This would help if she was fighting larger stuff like monsters, but her defences are awful, with only a 5+ ward save and nothing else. you really dont want her in combat as a 725 point general