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On Dark Tides: Smallscale Evil Dwarf Ships

Nov 3, 2014
A group of amateur sculptors and enthusiasts are currently busy at a cooperative, fantasy evil dwarf smallscale ship project over on Chaos Dwarfs Online (Warseer link). The models will be roughly compatible with Man o' War, Dreadfleet and Uncharted Seas, given how relative the scale of fantasy vessels are. The aim is to cast and sell the ships, though they'll be restricted to 3-4 moulds. Given the limited market and a need for the moulds to repay themselves, all escorts will go in one mould, forming one bundle kit so collectors will have to get several escort bundles to make squadrons of any single ship type, and the same will be true for the cruisers, submersibles and capital ships.

We hope to get someone rules-savvy to write a rules system for the ships down the road.

We'll drop this mention here, and keep any interested collectors updated whenever new models gets released in the future.


Sleepless Knight
True Blood
Dec 25, 2010
I've commented on the warseer thread previously. Great work so far. I'll be paying attention to the price point when it's settled.
Nov 3, 2014
@Adam_Barrow: Thanks! Price has now been determined. £9 for one unit of 5 vessels. It's kept as low as possible without turning a net loss per sale. Tip: Buy three squadrons at once, and save a little. ;)


Escort vessels released! Available through Warseer and Chaos Dwarfs Online.

Shading his eyes against the fiery glare below, captain Uhr-Maduknezhar stood astride up in the commanding archer tower of the slave galley Grasp of Lidunammu. The scarred and grizzled seaman observed the chaotic battle scene in the archipelago below while smoke columns obscured his view. He gripped one pointy merlon to counter the worst rockings of the crenellated tower as the frantic sea waves tossed the narrow ship about. The sounds of blackpowder blasts, creaking hulls and the galley drums were in the air. In the accursed salty wet, debris and bodies both alive and dead littered the surroundings, picked at by bloodthirsty sharks and yet worse behemoths of the depths, some of them a danger to the unharmed vessels. The situation was difficult to assess, for behind the smoke, the flimsy wooden masts and sails of the enemy fleet had become an indecipherable tangle.

"Our fire ships shouldn't ever have let loose at such an angle," groaned decksofficer Bel-Ninridu, gesticulating madly at the unquenchable flames dancing across waves and wrecks below. "Just look at it! It's a bloody mess of firewalls down there, smokescreens shielding their escape. Gallows!"

Without glancing at his subordinate, Uhr-Marduknezhar replied: "Our metal hulls have passed through seas of molten rock. Our rams have licked the waves of hell. What's a little flame to that?"

"With our ship unenchanted, without the preparatory rites, the rowers will perish at oars. We'll be stranded at great cost," said Bel-Ninridu.

"Then let the slaves broil and burn in their shackles if they wish to succumb to a little heat," said Uhr-Marduknezhar. "The roasted thralls will make for fine steaks. The omens are right, I am sure of it. Signal the helmsman, bring the
Grasp of Lidunammu about and aim her at the largest pillar of smoke, right there. Then signal the taskmaster: Breakneck speed, full ahead. The gods will it! And brace for impact."

"Aye, aye, cap'n!"