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Oni's Ominous Order!


Vampire Lord
True Blood
So, here's my final pledge, and pictures! Well, if pictures of -all- my models don't come here today, they'll definitely be up tomorrow!

And I seem to be missing a few grave Guard torso's.....It's bugging me. I'm missing I think 5 on last count. :frown: Everything else is all accounted for, if not built and ready to go.

50 Grave Guard (10 old metal models)
30 Ghouls
30 Skeletons
3 Corpse Carts (All Balefire)
12 Dire Wolves
1 Varghulf
8 Wraiths + 1 Banshee
4 Vampires
3 Necromancers

Then, on the Warmachine side:

The Deathjack
3 Stalkers

Total: 146 Models. That's roughly 20 models a month, a little over. Yikes!

Also, as a part of my pledge I'm going to try, meaning this is my 'If I have time' list:

Base ALL the above models, plus my 60 completed skeletons.
Do my golden Bat entry, which will coincidentally be 5 or so skeletons on a panoramic base.
Rebuild and paint my completely destroyed black coach. It makes me sad. :'(
The Deathjack and Stalkers

Box of Skeletons, Ghouls, and a Varghulf

Wraiths + banshee

Ghouls + Characters

Dire Wolves

Skeletons--all unarmed. (Hah, I kill me.)

Grave Guard

Corpse Carts--The half painted one is going to be re-primed.

And for all those bits that are missing, and just for general O_O factor.


Master Liche
True Blood
Always remember one mini at a time when approaching large projects, makes the sight of the project much easier. Least that is what works for me.


Vampire Lord
True Blood
And I've begun work on my converted Corpse Cart for the Golden Bat! I'll put all WiP Pictures here, and the finished picture in the appropriate thread. :)

I've got over 60 skeleton skulls to use....Dearie me. How am I going to fit them all on that corpse cart? :devil2:

Disciple of Nagash

The Perverted One
Staff member
Wow that’s a lot of models! :O It would be fantastic if you get them all done though. :thumbsup:

Every time I read your thread title my mind changes “order” to “odour” for some reason xD


Vampire Lord
True Blood
Gee. Thanks DoN. :smash: Oh. can't do that to the boss... :love: :happy:


But yes, expect WiP pictures of the Corpse Cart goodness within 24 hours.


Vampire Lord
True Blood
I should have updates tonight. :) And yes, you like looking up at me, you dirty, dirty Admin. :twisted:

Had to say it. I've gotta run from the hammer now. :happy:


Master Liche
True Blood
Teasing is only fun in the bedroom oni, Don has a whip how dreadfully kinky. That reminds me of last night and...........

Eagerly awaiting the dark masters wonderful update,


Vampire Lord
True Blood
Alright, an Update! I'm looking at my camera right now, with pictures on it, but while downloading Starcraft II (Legally) it's difficult for me to have the urge to do anything else other than watch the last Gigabyte of information crawl toward completion.

I've found out how I'm going to do the water effects, especially the ripples and motion around where the guys are getting pulled in. That's a bonus. I've figured out how I'm going to base my models, and a fast way to do so; another bonus. I'm painting a test model Grave Guard, and working on getting an ethereal Blue blade (For magic weapons/KB purpose), and not liking the results I've found. Meh. I like the color scheme I've got for the GG, just gotta get the blade right.

I've got pictures, and I'll upload them after SCII downloads.


Master Liche
True Blood
Sooo where are the pictures? Ohh dark one. Of who we all try to take the imspriation from. (ducks not to get hit by the hammer)


Vampire Lord
True Blood
Still downloading. -.- another hour or so left on it. The internet here sucks, horribly. We're also under a tropical storm right now, so it sucks even worse....because it's satellite. Le sigh. They'll be put up eventually.


Vampire Lord
True Blood
Great to hear that you've got the ball rolling.

Just don't get stuck in the beautiful game that is Starcraft 2. ;)

Keep on truckin'


Master Liche
True Blood
You know buddy it would be a great shame that you had to drop out for lack of updates, Just paint up a skeleton quick and snap a picture. We can all understand and accept a single skeleton.

Looking forward to seeing anything you have finsihed.
Don't want to ask if the reason it isn't being posting is because there aren't any pictures *trollface.jpg*

Nawwh I'm sure oni has it sorted, he's the mastermind behind all this, just wants to keep us on our toes.