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OOP/Vintage undead/etc FIRE SALE

lord marcus

Vampire Count
Greetings all.

Recently I have come into the following vintage undead that I do not require. I am looking to sell them to a good home. I have decided to post them on CN exclusively, for today, before posting them to my trade threads on other forums. I do this because I love the forum and want to give something back to my friends, it's members.

9 OOP citadel wights bare metal offers accepted
2 Vampiresses painted (not my painting) Offers accepted
lot of undead piratey stuff, offers accepted
1 other, unidentified undead model (working on identification now) offers accepted


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Crypt Horror
Is it 22$ for the whole lot? I might be interested. I'm in Canada, so if shipping isn't too much I might take them if still available.