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Opinions on these units please

Jan 2, 2010
All three of the units bellow have thier advantages and cost about the same. i just wanted to hear which one would you field in a tournament ( or when you don't know what army your playing against)

Black Knights Banner and musician

Sprit hosts

Hex wraiths
Jan 21, 2012
I would/do field black knights and spirit hosts regularly. Spirit hosts are excellent deployment chaff, as well as the ability to hold up scary monsters or units you don't want to deal with (Steam tanks, cannons, stegadons). They are great and I wouldn't recommend going into battle without at least one.

Black knights I truly love and I use them as my hammer of choice. I would invest in a banner of the barrows and lances + barding and just watch them go to town on a unit on the charge. The new change with raising 1+wizard level means you could raise 5 at a time with a level 4. 5 2+AS T4 cav units?! Yes please. Their main problem is they kind of lose their bite after the charge and revert back to S4. I get around this by putting characters into the unit. In my case I use wight kings with GW to insure at least 6 S6 attacks following the first round if it goes badly.

Can't really comment on hexwraiths as I have yet to use them. They look fun to use but I am unsure of how competitive they would be.


Vampire Count
True Blood
Jan 26, 2012
My thoughts on these units are as follows:

Black Knights - If you're into the hammer + anvil game (which is really the only way to wring any use out of Skeletons and Zombies), these guys are an excellent hammer - they move fast, they hit hard (at least on T1), and they don't cough up combat resolution. The only thing they'll typically be lacking is ranks to potentially break the enemy, and that's where the aforementioned units come in. I think they're pretty good to have around, though personally I'm going to give Vargheists a try first, because s they're a bit better offensively and can march without the General, plus flight means I can literally hide them behind my Skeletons so they don't get shot at as much.

Spirit Hosts - Definitely a staple in all-comers lists. If your opponent has a big scary unit that doesn't have a lot of static combat resolution or magical attacks (a Dark Elf Hydra, for example), you can lock him up pretty much indefinitely with these guys, and that's a worthy investment if there ever was one. Alternatively, you can use them as a speedbump if you really need to stop a big bad Horde unit for one turn while you get in position to handle it properly. Their only weaknesses are getting picked off by magic missiles and the like. A minimum of 2 of these are going in every VC list I make.

Hexwraiths - These guys, on the other hand, I don't like nearly as much as the other two. The first reason why is points investment. 5 Hexwraiths will cost you a pretty penny, and that limits what else you can do with the rest of the army, because they won't win you games by themselves. The second thing is fragility - bear in mind that a unit of 5 of them is composed of T3 models with a 6+ armor save and has little in the way of static CR, as well a rather large footprint for opponents to try and engage you. One magic missile and you can almost see them melting away. The third thing is maneuverability concerns. Since they're not Vampiric, they depend on the General to march, and while that shouldn't be an issue the first time you want to use their ride-by swings, the second time can be problematic. There are some matchups in which they shine, but there are just as many where they are free VP's being dangled at your opponent. I'm unconvinced.

Hope that helps. :)