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TVC II OOC Organisations

Simon von Carstein

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Feb 25, 2008
Here you can post details on any organisations, Armies or groups controlled by your character. This is surprisingly good fun and helps to flesh out characters and their back stories. I believe Get of W'soran holds the record for most organisations created in TVC.

Organisation: the name of the organisation
Based in: Where is it based? a city, a castle, caves you decide.
Current Membership: How many members does it have?

Name: How did it get its name?

History:When was it founded? Why was it founded? Whats it done over the years since it was founded etc.

Ranks:What are its members called? Are they cultists? Perhaps soldiers or assassins.

Appearance:Whats makes up the membership? Humans, Mutants, Undead. What do they look like do they have a uniform or dresscode.
Role: What does this organisation do. Is it a military order, religious, magical etc.

Current Status: What is it doing at the moment? If it still exists.

Simon von Carstein

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Feb 25, 2008
Organisation: The Order of Vashanesh/ The Vashaneshites
Based in: Formerly Altdorf now openly based at a rebuilt Red Abbey
Current Membership: unknown as it was a secret society though its numbers have grown immeasurebly since it openly became a religious order.

Name: The name is taken from Vashanesh King of ancient Lahmia, Descendant of Nagash, First of the von Carstein vampires and the first vampire to control part of the empire.

History: The order is different to some organisations as it is mainly made up of living acolytes and does not suffer from sexism as females are permitted to join. It was founded two hundred and fourteen years before the events of the Vampire Council.

Initiate: This is the lowest rank in the organisation. They assist the Acolytes in their duties and act as guards.

Acolyte: These are next in the chain of command and have limited necromantic knowledge as well as skills in combat.

Enforcers: These are a very mysterious part of the Organisation they are cloaked at all times and carry out asassinations amongst other things no one has ever seen their faces leading many to suspect they are some sort of wraiths. They are in fact human and have been marked by tattoos that protect them from lesser forms of magic and also affect peoples perception of them they are not invisible they are just hard to notice.

Necromancer Priests: There are very few of these in the Organisation they lead the religious ceremonies and are trained in Necromancy. All of Simon's marshals had to reach this position to be permitted promotion to Marshal.

Lord Patriarch: The rank of Lord Patriarch is currently held by Balthazar von Pestise a fallen amethyst wizard. Formerly an advisor to the Emperor Karl Franz whilst leading the Order Balthazar absconded with the remains of Vlad and Isabella on the Orders of Simon and now is openly the Order's figurehead.

Role: It was created by Simon and his Get Aurelius as a means of controlling the living by making Vashanesh a God in their eyes and as a way of keeping an eye on the imperial court. The organisation has firmly embedded itself within the Empire and many imperial nobles are secretly members in the hope of being sired. Through their influence Simon has been able to manipulate some parts of the empire for his own ends and even order military action from his old enemy on his behalf. However the main function of the Organisation is to worship Vashanesh and guard his sacred relics the most important of these is the Chalice of the Bathori.

It also acts as a school training mortals in military and necromantic arts all of Simon's Marshals are members and have received training there.

Appearance: The members all wear Black Robes with the Carstein Symbol emblazoned on it. They all wear light armour underneath. Higher Ranks wear more elaborate versions.

Current Status: The Order of Vashanesh has achieved similar status to the Order of Sigmar but only in Carstein controlled territory.


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Aug 4, 2010
This needs updating. Will see if I can find time this weekend

Organisation: The Under Guard
Based in: Carrasville, Ostland
Current Membership: 256

The name comes from their physical location; under the town of Carrasville

The Under Guard were created by Markus Shiefter, Baron of Carrasville and Felaburg, three years after he had been given the Blood Kiss, when he realised just how many dangerous, unnatural creatures roamed the lands over which he ruled, and decided he needed somewhere to imprison them that wouldn’t endanger the wellbeing of the peasants he ruled

-Recruits:- There are always fifty Recruits who train near constantly, to replace any Guards who fall doing their duty. These are drawn from the most skilled soldiers from the ranks of Carrasville’s militia, and they undergo tough conditioning so that they can attain the rank of Guard. Beyond training, they also form the administrative part of the Under Guard, ensuring that everything is provided for, to minimise the people necessary. All of these are human.
-Guard:- The rank of Guard is held by two hundred men and women from Carrasville, and it is they who patrol and guard the labyrinthine tunnels, vaults, prisons and caverns underneath the town, to protect those above from the numerous dangerous creatures kept there. All of these are human.
-Castellan:- There are two Castellans who oversee the running of The Under Guard on a day to day basis. Currently, the Castellans are Adelbert Schwerneck and Tobías Bilencourt. They actively participate in the selection and training of Recruits, make decisions on who rises from Recruit to Guard, but this rank can only be bestowed upon an individual by the Baron himself, and the gift of death is then conveyed upon them by one of the Coven. Although there are no hard and fast rules set down by Markus as to this, there has never been a Castellan who hasn't followed several various guidelines. Due to their duties involving inspection of the creatures - which range from captured beastmen to much,
much more dangerous beings, the Castellans have a much shorter life expectancy than other vampires; even their supernatural abilities unable to save them.
-Coven:- The Coven consists of three vampiress’ - Angelique, Evangeline and Corinne - who encompass the majority of the magical capabilities Markus can call upon. They were turned a mere two years after Markus was, and have been with him since then, loyal advisors and confidants. They maintain the magical defences of Markus’ keep in Carrasville and the places beneath.
-Guard Commander:- This is the highest position in the Under Guard, and all of those lower in the hierarchy owe him their utmost loyalty; anyone found lacking is liable to be given to the creatures they once guarded. Markus Shiefter has held this rank for the last six hundred and fifty years, since he established the Under Guard.

The basic armour/uniform of the Guard is as below, with the helmet pictured beneath:-


The main role of the Under Guard is to ensure that the creatures who are imprisoned in the dungeons and caverns, the heart of which are under Carrasville, but extends beyond the boundaries of the large town.
They also have a secondary role, which is to protect the nobles of Carrasville when they leave the lands of Baron Markus Shiefter, which is rare due to their dislike of outsiders. Due to the skill of those who are chosen for this duty, and the abilities of those they protect, it is only usually an escort of two Under Guard.

They may play a role in my side plot, but even if they don't I like creating things like this :tongue:


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Oct 30, 2009
Organisation: Clan Deathclaw
Based in: Deathclaw Hold, beneath the Marshes of Madness
Current Membership: (Whats the membership numbers of a fairly large warlord clan you reckon?)

Name: Clan Deathclaw was founded by Nithek Deathclaw, its glorious leader.

History: Clan Deathclaw's roots lie with Clan Skurvy, the piratical skaven clan that Nithek Deathclaw grew up in. Nithek first split from clan Skurvy when he seized command of the ship he was stationed on, leading his fellow stormvermin, who would soon be known as "Nithek's Deathclaws" and their ship away from the Skurvy fleet to seek their own mercenary fortunes. Since then, Nithek and his followers raided across the coastlines of Tilea and Estalia, seizing more ships and followers until Nithek had a small fleet under his command. Soon enough, they had the opportunity to work for local rulers as mercenaries, Nithek and his followers taking full advantage of a violent civil war in the region. When the war drew to a close, Nithek and his small army, now known as Clan Deathclaw, set sail for a different part of the world that always had need for mercenaries- the Border Princes. After working for a time as a mercenary/bandit warlord in that region, Nithek set his eyes on the lost dwarvish hold of Ekrund, in the nearby badlands, so settled his clan beneath the Marshes of Madness. Forging an alliance with Clan Skritch of Fester Spike, Clan Deathclaw assaulted Ekrund, which was held by large numbers of greenskins. However, both Clan's betrayed each other, using the exact same plot against one another, and soon descended into war with each other. Recently, a disasterous battle between the two clans left both clans weakened, forcing both clans to withdraw to their respective bases of operations and cease hostilities. Taking advantage of the lull in fighting, Nithek has taken a portion of his army, made up of his best troops and sailors, and set forth through the underground rivers of the under-empire to seek out warpstone with which to expand his clans power and influence, and buy enough weapons to defeat clan skritch. Their destination? The cursed land of sylvania!

Ranks: Clan Deathclaw is organised like a typical skaven warlord clan- with Nithek, the warlord at the top, and his underlings beneath him, constantly plotting against him and each other. Beneath Nithek is his Chieftans, who are skilled enough to lead small forces of their own, forming more or less the ruling class of clan Deathclaw. Seperate to the chieftans are those who lead contingents from the 4 great clans, technically seperate to clan Deathclaw but in practice an integral part of it. These are the Warlock Engineers, Packmasters, Assassins and Plague Monks. Immediatly beneath the Chieftans are the Fangleaders of the Stormvermin, and beneath those are the Clawleaders of the Clanrats. Beneath the clanrats are the teeming rabble of the skavenslaves.

Appearance: Skaven are generally filthy in appearance, wearing rusted but serviceable armour and weaponry, shabby robes and rags, etc. The more affluent and powerful among the clan wear superior armour, trinkets, warpstone pendants, etc. Clan Deathclaw favours the colour purple, due to the expense of getting purple dyed garments making it in Nithek's eyes a status symbol. Most members will be lucky to have a small patch or rag of purple among their garments however. Clan Deathclaw also features black & white checks and markings prominently amongst its "uniforms"

Role: Clan Deathclaw is a warlord clan, the most common type of Skaven Clan. Clan Deathclaw is highly militarized, with a mercenary and piratical background, featuring a great many Stormvermin & clanrats amongst it ranks. Of the 4 great clans, it favours Weapons and machines from Clan Skyre and Beasts from Clan Moulder. It only has a very small contingent from Clan Eshin, with most of its gutter runners being actual members of Clan Deathclaw trained by a Clan Eshin Assassin. It has also has a contingent from Clan Pestilens that has diverged slightly from the orthodox cult of Clan Pestilens.

Current Status: Clan Deathclaw is currently holding its ground in its lair beneath the marshes of madness, with a large portion of its forces setting sail for Sylvania to hunt for warpstone.

Notable Members:

Ithikk the Mad: Ithikk is a somewhat unhinged Grey Seer, who rarely speaks anything remotely coherent. Nithek tolerates his presence simply because only a complete fool would risk angering one favoured by the horned rat. Also, he is sometimes surprisingly useful and outright lucky to have around, which makes his warpstone addiction worth sustaining.

Chief Engineer Thazzik: Thazzik is the senior member of the Clan Skyre contingent in the service of Clan Deathclaw. He is obsessed with creating more complicated, more powerful contraptions, constantly tinkering and experimenting on his charges.

Chieftan Rek: Chieftan Rek is the Banner Bearer of Clan Deathclaw, a brutal but not particularly bright chieftan who has been left behind in the marshes of madness to maintain control of Clan Deathclaw's holdings. He is the ideal choice to be left behind as he is not bright enough to successfully engineer a plot to seize control, but fierce enough to maintain a tight grip on the clans holdings and keep the slaves in line.

Chieftan Squeklitch: Squeklitch is the more devious of Clan Deathclaw's main chieftan's. He is constantly plotting to try and overthrow Nithek as warlord, but is disadvantaged by being much smaller and weaker than Nithek or Rek, and by often creating plans that are too complicated. Nithek lets him live because everytime one of his plots fail, it makes Nithek look good. Better the incompetent schemer you know than the dangerous schemer you don't.

Mek the Unseen: Mek is a Clan Eshin Assassin, and leader of the small contingent of gutter runners attached to Clan Deathclaw. He has been contracted by Nithek mostly to train more gutter runners for Clan Deathclaw.

Erk Bonegnawer: Erk is a Plague Priest of Clan Pestilens, who's mind has been warped and twisted somewhat by his time in the marshes of madness. He has formed a slightly unusual cult of plague monks, which worships the Horned Rat as a god of death. Calling themselves Death Monks, they create plagues simply for the purpose of killing, rather than for the sake of disease.

Get of W'soran

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Apr 23, 2008
New Official Name: Regent's Guards
New Unofficial Names: Triumvirate's dogs, Imperial Guard.
Old Official Name: Count's Guards, Sylvanian Greatsword Regiment.
Based in: Drakenhof (Previously a hidden fortress in Sylvania, it has been destroyed by Rebel von Carstein Assassins).
Allegiance: Originally Sylvanian Count but now publically to the Regent of Sylvania although realistically they obey the entire Triumvirate and other high ranking Imperial officials.
Current Membership: 27 Full Members (43 before joining the Triumvirate), around 70-100 aspirants although more constantly join as others die or are kicked out.

Name: The name was granted to them by Regent Karl von Carstein

-Founded by Dieter with Vlad's permission around the year 1990 IC
-Fought in the First vampire wars.
-Lost half their number during the siege of altdorf
-Followed Konrad despite the mad count's orders that they no longer serve as his body guard.
-Where sidelined during the Second vampire wars.
-Where patroned by Fannfred and rose to a strong position again.
-Fought heavily in the third vampiric wars.
-Stood guard in Drakenhof during Mannfred's "Death"
-Returned to active service after Mannfred's resurrection.
-Fled to a hidden fortress after the Council killed Mannfred.
-Remained out of sight until after the Death of Nagash.
-After a series of secret meetings with Karl von Carstein they agreed to return to service changing their name from "Count's Guard" to "Regents Guard"
-Captain Dieter was killed by Satsu.
-First Sergeant Heinrich "One-Eye" Kelrak promoted to Captain by Karl.


Aspirant: A New Rank existing for less than three years. With the establishing of the von Carstein Empire it was decided that all new members should be drawn from the loyal forces of the Triumvirate and it is seen by many ambitious mortal peasant warriors as a possible method of attaining immortality. Only the greatest swordsmen and most disciplined soldiers are granted the honour of joining this rank and whilst they do so they serve as mortal guards of Drakenhof.
Those who become aspirants are trained in every melee infantry weapon of the empire and trained to fight in every type of amour although of these things they must excel in the arts of Swordsmanship. The aspirants who make it past the first basic level of judgement are then trained in how to be skilled guards. The training is extremely dangerous and the careless are known to die.
None have risen beyond this rank yet but it is Dieter's hope that in a decade or two this will allow the Regent's Guard to swell greatly in number without a lessening in quality or loyalty.

Recruit: A vampire holds this rank for a period of ten years, at the end of which they will either be promoted or dismissed from service. They are not counted as true guards.
To become a recruit one must be of Blood Dragon Blood and be sponsored by either a sergeant or the Captain. The majority where also Greatswords of the Empire in life, although this is not a requirement. This has changed with the creation of the Aspirant rank.
There are currently no Recruits as Dieter feels there is no time to train new Guards. However there is a pool of aspirants being prepared.

Guard: The standard rank, they are all master swordsmen trained in the art of protecting the von Carstein Lords.
-Old Guard: Not an offical rank but a name given to those Guards who have served since the First Vampire War, all the sergeants and the ten Guards who protect Karl are these revered Veterans.

Sergeant: A more skilled Guard, who have training in leading small groups of men, they are also chosen for their unwavering loyalty. Simon and Micrea each have one of the Sergeants leading their Guards, a third position now lies empty with Kelrak's promotion.

Regent's Champion (Previously Count's Champion): The single most skilled swordsman in the Guard, they are appointed by Karl himself and often acts as an official executioner when the Triumvirate feel a message needs be sent. Formerly held by Dieter. Currently empty, unofficially the duties are being carried out by Kelrak and the other Sergeants when they're available.

Captain: The leader of the Regiment, formerly held by the founder Dieter now held by Kelrak.

Appearance: A standard uniform worn by all vampiric ranks, it is similar to the plate armour that is worn by the Empire Greatswords. It is completely black with a silver wolf-head on the breast and a matching helm. There is also a standard Greatsword issued to all Guardsmen although they are allowed to have unique greatswords if they can find them or have them forged in their own time. Aspirants wear a plain black uniform in the Imperial style with partial plate and also a standard Greatswords.

Role: Guardians of the von Carstein leadership, acting as an Imperial Guard. Aspirants act as an Elite Drakenhof Guard.

Current Status: The past ten years have fared poorly for the Guard, they have lost 15 of their number in a mere ten years, a harsh loss for the vampires, mostly at the hands of vampires who once served the Arch-Assassin Akarin. The Triumvirate have also cut up the Regiment, which is used to fighting as a single unit, into smaller groups to try an maximise their coverage.
Nine are stationed in Drakenhof with Regent Karl, led by Captain Kelrak.
Simon and Micrea von Carstein also each have four guards at their command, led by sergeants.
The other nine guards have been spreadout to protect various people the Triumvirate have deemed important as even a single guard is not only a great protector but a visual showing of a persons importance to the von Carstein leadership.

They have taken a hit to morale with Dieter's death and Kelrak is trying his hardest to hold everything together.

Reputation: The Regent's Guard are highly respected by most of the von Carstein Empire although many of the vampiric court fear them as obedient enforcers of the Triumvirate's will as they have on occasion carried out arrests and executions of those disloyal. It is rumoured by many that once the war with the Empire is won that they shall only swell in importance and strength, likely being renamed an official Imperial Guard although some whisper of what kind of leadership. True vampiric friendship does not usually last long and many wonder how it will end for the Guard should the Triumvirate turn on each other.

Notable members

Former Captain Dieter Schwartz-Founder and former Leader of the Regent's Guard, he is also held the rank of Regent's Champion, previously Count's Champion.

Captain Heinrich "One-Eye" Kelrak-The oldest vampire in the regiment, he looks to be around his mid-fifties. He is a tall lean man with a mop of white hair, has a bushy beard and he wears an eyepatch over his gouged out eye. A gruff but fair man he served under Dieter and as the longest serving Sergeant he is his second in command. Heinrich has been apart of the Regiment since it's founding and was promoted shortly after. He is known as the best drillmaster and general instructor in the Regiment. Currently in direct service of Karl. Kelrak's main responsibility was in training the Aspirants and Recruits. UPDATE: Kelrak is the new Captain of the Regent's Guard.

Sergeant Wolfram Jens: A thin and tall handsome man who appears in his early twenties with short blonde hair. He looks more like a scholar than a warrior, he is the youngest of the Sergeants. Often seen grinning and cracking jokes with his men, after Dieter he is the best swordsman. He is also the only Greatswordsman to carry a pistol and is a skilled shot. He is the newest of the Sergeants, only joining the regiment shortly before the Siege of Altdorf during the first Vampire War. Currently in the direct service of Simon von Carstein.

Sergeant Jurgen Fritz: A broad shouldered man of average height, Jurgen looks to be middle aged with closely cropped brown hair. The sergeant rarely smiles and is considered dull by the other men however he is the best tactician in the Regiment. He achieved his current rank shortly after the beginning of the first Vampire War. Currently in the direct service of Micrea von Carstein.

Recruiter Sigmund: Sigmund is a tall broad shouldered and handsome man with long blonde hair who looks like a hero cut from legend and sounds refined despite his common upbringing. Extremely charismatic and intelligent although one of the worst swordsmen in the Regiment, although still exceptionally skilled, he instead travels around the lands held by the von Carsteins visiting garrisons and ally armies looking for possible candidates to join the aspirants. A recently made rank to accommodate the needs of the guard.

Headquarters: Previously a strong keep in the wilds of Sylvania which was burned from the inside out by former members of Akarin's assassins, it is now an abandoned ruin.
Current Headquarters is in Drakenhof Castle and village. Large Barracks and training facilities outside of the castle but within the city walls for the mortal. Within the Castle itself are Barracks and training areas for the vampiric members with Dieter having private chambers.
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Simon von Carstein

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Feb 25, 2008
Name: The Von Carstein Empire

Geography: The Von Carstein Empire is the latest power to emerge in the Old World. Geographically it is made up of the former Border Princes and the former imperial provinces Wissenland, Averland, Stirland and parts of Ostermark all based around Sylvania. Its official borderlines are drawn at the River Stir to the north and Blood River and the Black Gulf to the south.

Places of Interest:
Drakenhof: The seat of Government for the Carstein Empire maintained by Regent Karl von Carstein first amongst equals of the Triumvirate.

The traditional home of the Carstein family Drakenhof was originally built by the now extinct von Drak family and remained unchanged for hundreds of years even when it passed into the hands of Vlad von Carstein. His successors Konrad and Mannfred would extend the castle greatly during their tenures Konrad adding a great warren of underground chambers and the amphitheatre which bears his name today and Mannfred building above ground extending the keep and adding a further four towers. The Triumvirate meet there to discuss major Imperial decisions though only Karl technically dwells there.

The secondary capitol of the von Carstein Empire. Capitol of the Southern Empire aka The Ikaanan Territories and home of Simon von Carstein.

Nexeternus is the greatest human built Citadel in the Ikaanan territories so great that even before the foundation of the Carstein Empire Simon's Dwarven neighbors never once tried to remove the potential threat. Constructed on a plateau over looking a fortified valley filled with pits, mines and forges. The Baalak Gul are bred here and many of Simon's technological advances are made here therefore it is no surprise that it is well guarded by three full legions of Simon's best troops.

The Iron Rock:

The Iron Rock was formerly the stronghold of the Iron Claw Orc tribe before its annihilation at the hands of Grand Marshal Aurelius von Carstein. The Grand Marshal razed it to the ground and then rebuilt it into his own Citadel which watches the Border with the Badlands.

Barak Varr:
The largest Dwarven city within the von Carstein Empire.

The city is too strong for the Carsteins to take at the moment and so Simon's policy has been one of containment. Three Legions guard all the land routes preventing the dwarves or their armies from coming or going. Though they are still able to use the sea gates and their Ironclads.

to be continued.

Simon von Carstein

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Feb 25, 2008
The Carstein Empire
Places of Interest continued

The Red Abbey:
The Red Abbey is the Headquarters of the Order of Vashanesh. It was here that Vashanesh was resurrected by Simon and where two Dreadlords of Nagash met their end. Today the Red Abbey is one of the most heavily fortified positions in the Carstein Empire It is home to Balthazar von Pestise the Lord Patriarch of the Vashaneshite faith and many of its best Necromancer priests and acts as Repository for many holy relics such as the Chalice of the Bathorys and the remains of Isabella von Carstein.

The Necromanse:
The Necromanse is Simon's fortified Manor at the centre of his Sylvanian estates gifted to him by Vlad he uses it as his personal retreat when staying in Sylvania and often holds Strigoi hunts there though these are rare as it difficult to catch them in the first place.

This Imperial City is on the edge of Carstein territory and has been under siege by their forces for four years. If it falls the Carsteins will finally be able to threaten Altdorf. Simon has avested interest in aquiring it as it holds the Imperial gunnery school plus the workshops where many engineers are working on new weapons.

The Unnamed City:
This is a very mysterious place located not too far from Nexeternus it has no known history and its only known inhabitant was the mage Beleara who for reasons best known to himself chose to conduct his business in the form of a cat. Beleara briefly joined the original council plotted against the Carsteins and was finally slain during the battle of the Violet Citadel by one Draithon Thornheart another council member. The City fell into the hands of Simon but he was unable to settle it due to the mysterious goings on that occurred there. Instead he chose to seal it off from the rest of his lands and made it a prison for those the Triumvirate wanted to suffer. The City is generally somewhat ruined and always surrounded by clouds blotting out the sun. There is no hope or joy to be found there and the prisoners live their meagre lives on edge terrified by something they can't quite put their fingers on. Most go mad and many commit suicide but that is no release for their spirits are unable to leave either and so are condemned in the next life as well. That said only the most dangerous criminals are sent there and there is only a couple of hundred denizens there at any given time. The City is ruled over by the Underlord who is its warden and a prisoner himself. The Underlord is usually a vampire and is the only prisoner who has a chance of leaving once his sentence is complete. The prospect of being sent there keeps many vampires in line with the Triumvirate.

The Carstein Empire is peopled by Sylvanians, Stirlanders, Wissenlanders and Averlanders as well as refugees and runaways from Bretonnia, Kislev, Tilea and even the Darklands to the east. Naturally the Sylvanians are the most trusted and favoured and can be found in important administrative positions all over the empire. The Triumvirate are doing their best to assimilate everyone into one culture.

The Lord Imperator has had more success at assimilation than most when he allowed the Ogre tribe of tyrant Gor Goroth to settle within the Ikaanan territories. Simon had dealt with Ogres before and recognised their worth after defeating Gor Goroth in an arm wrestling contest he made the shrewd Tyrant an offer he couldn't refuse Land, Food and Fighting as per the agreement Gor Gorath's forces were to be distributed among Simon's legions and the tyrant himself would act as one of Simon's Marshals. Gor Gorath has proven to be an apt commander and loyalist to the new order and ogres now make up part of the population. Five years after they arrived Simon pleased with their work gifted them with Halfings taken from the Moot to act as their servants instead of their usual Gnoblars this has proven to be a most beneficial arrangement.

Another race that has recently appeared in the Empire is the Baalak Gul and their weaker forebears Ghoulmen. The Baalak Gul were originally bred by Simon to supplement his forces based on research conducted by his cousin Damek.

The Baalak Gul are the result of careful interbreeding between Sylvanians and Ghouls. This was carefully controlled by Simon and it took some two hundred years before he was satisfied with the results.

The Baalak Gul have all the strengths and toughness of Ghouls but have none of the weaknesses and are easily trained to fight and in military manouvres. They are essentially a race of slave soldiers though they are arrogant and look down on their Sylvanian and Ghoul parents with equal disdain.

Ghoulmen are the remnants of the failed experiments their facial features slightly resemble those of ghouls but other than that they no more powerful than ordinary men. They often act as go betweens to the Baalak Gul and Sylvanians and can be found in the militia alongside their Sylvanian cousins as they are not generally considered battle hardened.

to be continued
Nov 8, 2012
I'm still working on this.

Official Organization Names: The Black Reach, The White Hand, Sigmar's Hammer, Order of the Dawn Arrow, The Golden Conclave, The Chosen of the Slain, The Heartsworn, The Wronged, The Holy Shadows, The Whispers, The Murmurs, The Sorrowful Ones, The Aggrieved, The Unwanted, The Unclaimed, The Unchained, The Unbound, The Unbroken, The Unleashed, and many, many more.

Unofficial Organization Name: While it is debatable which name is actually more in use at any given time, some of the ways its members like to refer to themselves when they are safely tucked away in their hidey hole include The Gathering, The Wanderers, or The Pilgrims.

Based in: One of the best kept secrets of the Old World, the actual center of their activity is kept hidden from all but the highest ranking of the group. Most members are simply shuffled around by magical conveyance of great variety to where they are needed, and while they know what their home looks like, they have no idea where it really is in the World. Some of the group have taken to a sort of inside joke of guessing where they are based. Currently, the money is on either "a cloud fortress over Altdorf", "Tzeentch's Outhouse", or "Under the Witch King Malekith's shiny metal arse" as the most likely places.

However, those who have extensive underworld or espionage related contacts, or extremely good detective skills, might know that this organization(under one of the many names it uses or has used) can be contacted occasionally (depending on one's luck) by sending a messenger to a derelict castle not horribly far Northeast from Nexeternus in what used to be the Border Princes. Communication usually is initiated by the organization itself, and happens whenever they find an opportune clandestine moment.

Name: Necessity. Krieger realized that whatever intentionally misdirective fame they would gather would need to be attributed to something, so he, Caiphas, and Vladimir brainstormed one evening and came up with an immense list of names to refer to themselves by.

History: (From Present Day to Past)

-The remainder of the Red Duke's gets and thralls return home to find themselves systematically challenged to duels, slain, and their holdings purged of Undead taint, before being returned to the local authorities. His line is decimated. Most of the slain are on the hands of Krieger and Vladimir, though Jacques claims several for himself. The few that survive hole up and cease threatening nearby lands, the use of fake names and heraldry making their numbers falsely swell. Brettonia becomes much safer and more prepared to deal with the coming Chaos incursion.

-An Eye of Worzel watches as Lesa allows herself to be consumed by sunlight, overhearing her unique role in things. Confirmation is received from Morr's Servants that both she and her husband are in the Place Beyond All Pain with Nadiya von Blutstein.

-Georg Rosenrot watches, hidden from the participants, as Nagash is defeated by the forces of the first Vampire Council.

-During Geheimnisnacht, when Simon von Carstein raises his grandsire, the already stretched-thin numbers of the group are spread throughout the Empire and even Sylvania, protecting the hapless civilians and aiding the military forces against the newly risen dead.

-During Simon von Carstein's subjugation of the Border Princes, several thousand civilians go missing as the organization's local agents either provide hidden aide to the locals or whisk them away to safety in other lands.

Ranks: Of all roughly two-thousand members, all are trained in some form of espionage, combat, or the arcane that benefits their end goal.

Appearance:There is no real code of dress or uniform, the members all recognize their friends and regimental members by sight

Role: What does this organization do. Is it a military order, religious, magical etc.

Current Status: What is it doing at the moment? If it still exists.

Current Membership
Notable (If lacking in renown due to secrecy) Members:

Count Krieger von Blutstein (Commander): The founder and guiding light of the organization. Asok's first "child", using Abhorash's blood.

Lady Clarissa von Blutstein: Banshee daughter of Krieger

Count Vladimir von Blutstein, the Swordsman: A legendary swordsmaster with, as usual many different identities. Asok's second "child", using Neferata's blood.

Galvanax the Undying: An ancient dragon of bone and shadows, this beast dwarfs most of the currently living specimens still awake and abroad in this day and age. Asok's third "child", using Vashanesh's blood.

Georg Rosenrot, the Smiling Wolf: A legend amongst Bretonnians and Imperial citizens, renowned for his skill at telling tales and rooting out and eliminating hidden evils alone and unaided. Naturally, none of his adoring peasant following have the slightest idea what he looks like in person, as the legends vary so wildly that any real identification is impossible. Many have begun to spread tales of a secret rivalry between his legendary persona and that of the Black Bard.

Voltaire Nachtsonne, the Black Bard: A legendary figure in various parts of Tilea, Estalia, Kislev, Bretonnia, and the Empire. Many peasants have begun to swear that he is an omen for dark tidings to turn bright, despite his stark, almost nightmarish choice of style. None know his real name, and few suspect that he is, in fact, a vampire, but all who know of him consider his skills at his trade to rival that of the renowned Fox.

Countess Germaine Wallenhof: Georg's Sire, a Lahmian of no passing beauty, with passable combat skill and a brilliant mind for both the healing arts and sound defensive tactics.

Gunnarson the Unchained: A violent but noble strigoi, whose fondness for aerial combat and aptitude for destruction make him a deadly opponent that is hard to outrun. Asok's fourth "child", using Ushoran's blood.

Lady Marie Philomena: A vampirized Brettonian child, and a close friend of Jacques'.

Baron Orion Wintermane: A former Baron of the Empire who was taken by the Red Duke, but who fled after being turned, and thanks to Jacques, avoided destruction.

Lord Jared Sturmvall: A vampire with a more traditional sense of style and flair.

Jacques de Vertu, the Peasant Knight: Formerly a young peasant man who wished to be a knight, now, a vampire who bears his own coat of arms and fights for the honorable virtues he has always stood for.

Van Ives the Tormented: Asok's fifth and final child, using W'soran's blood.

Worzel Grummidge, the Straw Wizard: An exceptional wizard trapped within a scarecrow for eternity.

Shay Mawpin, the Foe-Harvester: Worzel's similarly cursed friend.

Baron and Baird, the Brothers Grimm: Werewolves

Heimdal Hohenheim: An ancient wight.

Fritz, Franz, and Karl von Helstein: A set of identical triplets. While Fritz prefers bats and is a masterful swordsman, Franz prefers rats and has the strength of an ogre. Meanwhile, Karl likes to tear things apart with his bare claws.

Mr. Solomon Grundy: A poor man whose body has been reduced to one monster of an undecaying but still dead hulking zombie.

Caiphas Cairne, Vlad von Carstein (or so he seems): One of the four founding members, along with Krieger, Clarissa, and Vladimir. He is an impressively skilled wizard.

Miss Melody Montressor, the Mistress of Webs: A powerful clairvoyant who devotes her unlife to muddying the view of those who would scry the group for information. Even natural clairvoyants thoughts grow confused and muddled when it comes to those under her protection. She resides in their Home, shielding all from magically prying eyes.

Shriek: A Terrorgheist corpse animated and inhabited by a swirling cadre of souls seeking vengeance for their imprisonment.

Tomb King Adofo the Enlightened (Krieger's Second in Command)

Tomb Prince Gahiji the Brave

Tomb Prince Donkor the Clever

Liche Priest Thutmoses the Wise

Liche Priest Tutankamen the Glorious

Necrotect Amon the Useful

Imohtep, Ushabti of Djaf

Seti, Ushabti of Subek

Rameses, Ushabti of Ualatp

Horus, Ushabti of Pakth

Ra the Mighty: A magnificent Bone Giant possessing grace that belies his size.

Seth the Grim: A glorious golden and crimson Necrosphinx.

Semerkhet the Bound: A mummy possessing and wielding lethal indestructible banadages, which he puts to use as weapons and extra appendages.

Tactical Capabilities and Techniques

Self-assembly: All skeletal or arcane construct members of this group have been granted, through various means, the ability to retain their cognizance and control when disassembled and scattered into their components. This includes their armor, clothing, and weapons, as they have been arcanely bound to their physical forms. It is a valuable tool for stealth missions and ambushes, as the entire army can wait, scattered into the soil or dark corners of the enemy's own fortress, and then suddenly assemble themselves when the time is right. So as not to overtax their energies, they often enter a dormant state that acts as a kind of sleep until called to action. They remain aware of what goes on around them, especially when they are touched or moved.

This ability has nothing to do with any arcane healing, and while they can expend a minute amount of energy to repair simple chips or scrapes, any serious damage must be attended to by a wizard.

Necromantic/Arcane Autonomy: All constructs possess free will independent of any wizards in the organization. They are powered by enchantments that require renewal after a period of time that varies for the construct. For example, something the size of a terrorgheist requires refreshing every two months, whereas a lone warrior would only need "feeding" once a year to maintain peak efficiency. This autonomy allows them to range far and wide without any outside magical aide, and grants them a longevity and combat/mission experience only elves, dwarves, lizardmen, and vampires can match. Most members are several centuries old, if not more, and spend their time drilling or on active duty, their bodies kept functioning far better than they were when they were living, the arcane replacing sinew and strength. This gives them highly enhanced speed and agility, as well as strength.

Defensive Measures: As a large number of the enemies they fight can directly harm the soul, there are several arcane and divine measures taken to ensure the safety of the immaterial parts of their members, as well as their mental autonomy. Firstly, any arcane tinkering by an enemy wizard will be responded to with an arcane alarm enchantment that notifies any nearby (roughly two miles) friendly wizards as to the situation. Then, the equivalent of a magical firewall is enacted, stalling the attack and giving the wizards or the person time to intervene how they may. When that is breached, the magical energies animating the physical form are sent hurtling out as an arcane assault on the opposing wizard's mind. This will continue until the threshold is reached, upon which the remaining energy is released in a powerful assault, the body collapses, and the soul is freed. At this point, depending on whether the person is Nehekaran or of another religion, servants of their patron deity, or Morr, if they have none, arrive and whisk the hero off to safety in the areas of the Deity's realm that have not ever been breached by an enemy.

If the person is not a construct of some variety, then the energies used are provided by the enchantment itself, and upon death, the previously arranged divine aide arrives. This aide is arranged by the prior agreements with said deities outlined in the History section.

If, however, the person has chosen to be resurrected to fight on, the soul is instantaneously transported to the central command, where it is stored until it can be reformed physically or decides to go to Morr.

All backlashes and assaults given by these defensive measures are ranked as follows: The firewall should confound lower wizards (lvl 2 and below), and severely slow all but the most competent (lvl 4 and higher) The initial defensive assault is enough to kill a lower wizard (lvl 2), and badly injure all but the most powerful (lvl 4 and higher), which are still faced with a strong attack (one wound on a level 4 or higher).

Get of W'soran

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Apr 23, 2008
Organisation: The Sylvanian Order of Assassins.
Unofficial Names: Sylvanian Shadows, von Carstein Assassins
Based in: Somewhere in Sylvania, secret chambers for leading officers in Drakenhof.
Current Membership: Unknown even to the Triumvirate, unlikely to be large, mostly fourth and fifth generation thus not too powerful. Lately more non-von Carsteins have been accepted to bolster the ranks due to large scale rebellion after Akarin's death.

Akarin von Carstein sired the first of the brotherhood for Vlad, their numbers have waxed and waned since their conception and Akarin has often sired others or inducted current vampires to fulfil the ranks. He is also not above killing members when it is required.

The training is harsh and only the body of a immortal can handle it, also brain washing is involved stripping the vampire of any wishes of ambition beyond servitude.

Previously the complex arcane enchantments that enforced loyalty along with the mundane brain washing methods where all tied to Akarin, with his death at the hands of Nagash these enchantments failed. This paved the way for Silibar's betrayal.

Since Silibar's rebellion the brain-washing and arcane enforced loyalty has been reintroduced by Satsu.

- Individualism has always been encouraged within training regimes, as such these are crafted for each member to make the most of their abilities. However the mental and magical conditioning to make the assassins serve loyally is still present.

- It is also illegal to sire without the Triumvirate's permission for members.

- Due to the recent increased induction of vampires from other bloodlines there has been an influx of older and higher generation immortals joining the ranks. In the past outsider vampires were accepted less frequently.

- It is of note whilst officially at the Triumvirates call all members seem loyal to the current Headmaster.

- Out of the Current von Carstein Leadership only Simon is happy to work with them and does so often. Karl is growing less comfortable with their dishonourable methods and Micrea has no time for their shadowy activities.

- Their authority within the Empire seems to grow daily, where they where once a very large and expansive group of assassins and spies they now take on the roles of advisors, bodyguards and secret police.

- Hands of the Triumvirate were forged by the Triumvirate and Satsu. They are the most secretive part of the Order, only a select few knowing about their existence. They thrive on individualism and each is practically a law onto themselves within the Triumvirate lands only having to bow to the whim of the Triumvirate, the Order's Headmaster and, to a lesser extent, the First Hand.

Candidate - Technically not a rank this is when a mortal or immortal is being watched to see if they should be offered the chance.
Associate - Currently in the training process, can last many years and ends in full membership or death.
Brother - Full Member, has sworn oaths of loyalty to Akarin and the current Count, although not to his face.
Captain - Leads small Specialist Squads
Commanders - Sit on the overseeing council, 13 seats. There are only six commanders.
Master -Second in charge of the order, holds one of the 13 Commander Seats. Vacant.
3rd Generation Headmaster - Leads the Order, holds the 1st Master Seat. Currently held by a Masked Vampire, the first of his rank to not hold the von Carstein name.

Honorary Ranks/Titles
There are certain ranks within the Order that are held alongside the regular ones, they are recognitions of a member's ability in a certain area. One is only ever granted one of these ranks even if they receive all of the mentioned training although this is exceptionally rare.
Only granted to those of rank Brother and above, many of the elder assassins hold such a rank.

Bladesman - If an assassin is found to be particularly skilled with a blade then he is sent to the Crimson Hold, a vampire den led by Akimitsu who long ago agreed to co-operate with the Order. Those who pass this training are granted this rank along with a Nipponese Longsword.
Marksman - Those who show particular promise with Archery are silently sent away to train with a vampire called Atem, they either return or they don't. Those who do are granted the rank along with a black recurve bow.
Mask - Some vampires appear human in their manners and appearance, they used to be sent to the Lahmian Lady Akela but due to a disagreement centuries past they are now trained in house. They are given a signet ring although they rarely wear them.
Pugilist - For those who's skills lie largely in empty hand combat. They are firstly tested and trained by in the Imperial Style within the Order, if deemed worthy they will then be sent first to Akminitsu to study the Nipponese fighting styles before moving on to the Jade-Blooded vampire Xunru to study the Cathay techniques. They wear a grey amulet around their neck with their preferred style's name engraved on it.
Shadows - The rarest of the honorary ranks. Shadows are those few vampire's with strong enough magical talent and power to successfully weave powerful illusions. Whilst their are assassins trained in other lores of magic only those adept at manipulating Ulgu can be named shadows. They are granted a thin grey iron wand to help channel arcane energies.

Hands of the Triumvirate:

A new division of the Order founded by the Triumvirate after their rise. Sometimes known as the Special Assignment Corp.

They sit outside the normal command structure, only answering to the Order's Headmaster, Master or the Triumvirate directly.

Members of the Hands tend to be granted a level of knowledge which is chosen on a case-by-case basis.

They do not undergoe the usual training regime or mental conditioning of the Order but rather are trained by an assigned Mentor from within the Hands.

There is some dislike for this division by the rest of the Order because they are treated as important individuals rather as just a nameless face amongst many, these Brothers and Sisters of the Order often hold some form of rank in the von Carstein Empire, either Military or Civil, and have personal resources or power-bases to call upon.

The identity of the individual Hands is kept secret to all except the Triumvirate, the Order's Headmaster, Master and certain members within the division itself.

They are very rarely used for ordinary Order Business.

Initiate- Will be given a Mentor and Handler (not always the same person) who will train them and induct them into the Order, if they fail they are either allowed to leave the Order or are killed depending on the judgement of the Headmaster. They may be given a minor noble Rank to give a public reason for their attendance at Court.

Triumvirate's Hands (or Hand of the Triumvirate) - Full Ranked Member of the Corp. Technically reporting directly to the Triumviri they often have to go through a Handler, these handlers are most often a normal Assassin Brother chosen for the duty by the Headmaster. Because there is so little interaction between Hands there has never been a need to form a complex Hierarchy amongst their ranks.

The First Hand - Both figuratively and literally. Nicoletto was the first member of this order, having his training as a former assassin of the Order. Nicoletto knows every man and assignment of the Hands but doesn't manage them, he is also not unique in this knowledge amongst the Hands. This rank simply means he is a first among equals.

Intelligence and counter-intelligence, they spy on and remove targets at the counts commands. They can also act as body guards when necessary. With the recent schism much of their efforts have been in countering their rebellious brethren.

The Hands of the Triumviate are a cadre of personal agents serving the Lord Regent, Lord Imperator and the Marshal.

When on official duties and not disguise they tend to wear black leather armour with long hooded cloaks and carry various weapons ranging from longswords, bows to daggers. The notable exceptions are those trained by Akarin centuries ago as specialist combatants, they wield Nipponese weaponry due to training under an ancient Easter Blood Dragon ally of the Order. Despite this "usual" outfit there are, infact, no enforced rules on outfitting oneself.

The Hands are even freer in their outfitting.

The Order is broken down into Squads, originally there were 13 Squads, despite all of them being assassins some have special purposes beyond the ordinary. Many are now empty.

First Squad - Veteran Squad. Known to contain the highest number of successful veteran Assassins. Always led by the Grandmaster.

Second Squad - Advance Recon Force. Lightly armed scout forces used to map out territories and spy around battlefield conditions. Contain all those who hold the honorary rank of Marksman. Notable for having the fewest number of defections during Silibar's rebellion.

Third Squad - High Combat Squad. Holds the highest number of those who were awarded the rank of Bladesman and Pugilist out of any squad. Of note is that no blademaster aside from Silibar himself rebelled.

Fourth Squad - Assassination Squad. Members are completely dedicated to assassination missions.

Fifth Squad - No Specialization. Largest Squad. Many members lead their numbers to assist Squad Eight with home surveillance (Secret-Policing role).

Sixth Squad - Defunct. Former no specialization squad. Was left empty after the rebellion.

Seventh Squad - Defunct. Specilization squad. Was working under force due to the rebellion. Members were reallocated to Squad 5.

Eighth Squad - Intelligence Squad. Holds all those who were awarded the honorary rank of Mask. They serve as spies both aboard and at home. A kind of secret Police.

Ninth Squad - No specialisation. Running extremely under strength with no Captain.

Tenth Squad - Defunct. Former Vampire-Slayer specialists, entire squad joined the Rebellion and those who didn't were killed.

Eleventh Squad - Defunct. Former defensive squad, a portion rebelled and the rest were killed by Tenth Squad rebels.

Twelfth Squad - Defunct. Former Assassination Squad, were especially skilled at killing magi. Members were reallocated to Squad Four due to low numbers.

Thirteenth Squad - Arcane Squad. Smallest of all the squads, every member is a mage, for the most part shadow magi. All hold the honorary rank Shadow.

Special Assignment Corp - Not a true squad as it has no command structure or Commander, rather a group of loosely organised individuals who forgo the usual training and indoctrination for unusual assignments or postings. It is unique in that one can retire from the Order if in this Corp with the Permission of the Headmaster.

Notable Members:
There are a few notable members of the Order.

3rd Generation Headmaster Satsu - The Masked Assassin. Leads Squad One, before his elevation to Headmaster he was supposedly commander of Squad 4.

Commander Meta the Bowman - Commander of the Second Squad. One of the original members of the Order, a non-von Carstein who appeared during First Vampire War and was granted special permission by Vlad to join the Order. A skilled Archer who was the first assassin to ever be awarded the Title of Marksman. He would often leave the Order for long periods at a time. He carries a Black Recurving Longbow and a Nipponese Longsword signifying that he holds the joint honorary titles of Marksman and Bladesmaster.

Captain Francisco Antonio de la Vega - Estalian of an unknown Bloodline. Captain of the third squad and the fencing and wrestling instructor for the Order.

Commander Kenji - Commander of Squad Four. Nipponese born Blood Dragon who only recently joined and was quickly elevated due to his fighting skill. He gives limited training in Kenjutsu and Taijutsu.

Commander Pietro Marcelli
- A newly joined member. A male Lahmian born in Tilea, he wields a Rapier and Dagger. He acts as a fencing Master in this style for the Order. Commander of Squad Five. Was sired by Nicoletto Viggiani De Remas

Commander Anastasia
- Lahmian Kislevite born Infiltrator. Only Female Commander in the Order, she is apparently a traitor to the Lahmian Sisterhood. Avoids combat, working as a spy in Human Society and leads Squad Eight.

Commander Azrel
- A Necrarch Vampire of unknown age. Commander of Squad thirteen and an Illusionist of rare ability. He serves as the Arcane tutor for the Order.

Alchemist Zarek - Get of Azrel. Technically holds Captain Rank but is treated as a high-ranking member due to leading the small team of Alchemists that concoct the Order's poisons and potions. Part of Squad thirteen.

High Maker Thorel - Another get of Azrel. Blacksmith for the Order, leads a small team of Makers who forge magical armaments and, more commonly, mundane ones. He and his makers belong to no-squad and are the only completely non-combatants.

Instructor Gao Fu - A Jade-Blooded Cathanese child of Xunru, considered to be his Sire's greatest student and greatest failure for rejecting his former-master's pacifist ideals. A master of many of the martial arts from Cathay, he is particularly skilled in the Neijia schools, especially Bagua Zhang. Due to Xunru's limited time and other duties Gao is the primary hand-to-hand trainer of the Order. He is also widely considered the greatest empty hand fighter amongst the entire Order both Loyal and Traitor sects.

Ambassador Xunru - The only non-member to have a full knowledge of the Order's inner workers. Xunru is an ambassador from the Jade-Blooded in Cathay and a master of the Cathanese martial arts. Helped reorganization the Order during the First Vampire Wars. Due to permanent placement in Drakenhof he serves as an onsite empty hand instructor although he only teaches select styles to certain levels.

First Hand Nicoletto Viggiani De Remas - One of the first members of the Order he served during the Reign of Vlad but left after the failure at Altdorf and the end of the Vampire Wars. Recently rejoined but as one of the Triumvirate's Hands rather than a fully-indoctrinated assassin.

Helena von Carstein - The newest initiate into the Hands. It will take time to see what becomes of her.

Captain Jäger Holtzmann - Captain in Squad 2 and the next assassin, after Commander Meta, to earn the title of Marksman. His team of archers is often paired up with a more melee orientated team led by Jack. One of the few vampires in the Order to have a natural immunity to the brain-washing imposed by the Order however by ancient edict of Vlad his life was spared and has served successfully since then. In today's age he is one of the eldest veterans of the Order.

Captain Jack "The Hatchet" Dixen - Captain in Squad 2 focusing on mid-to-close ranged encounters, earned his name due to his skill with axes of different sizes. Considered mad but highly effective. Often works with Jäger and his squad to off-set his close-range weakness.

Latest News:
The Order had suffered few deaths since the end of Konrad's reign and constantly sired new mortals to join their ranks, as such they may have been one of the largest all Vampire organisations in existance. The Fall of Nagash and Rise of the Triumvirate changed all that, many assassins were lost in the War and the following rebellion, even with the chosen few recruits from other bloodlines it has not allowed them to regain their former numbers. Many Squads have been left empty and Satsu is being forced to reorganise a military structure that has been stable for centuries, at the same time he is left without a right-hand man and is currently trying to find an assassin to fit the Master Rank to assist with the ruling. It is believed he is trying to avoid electing one of the existing Commanders for reasons unknown.
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Simon von Carstein

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Organisation: The Necropolis Guard
Based in: Nexeternus/ The Necromanse
Current Membership: Twelve Thousand Old Guard, Six Thousand Young Guard and Two thousand Household.

Name: Its name is a reference to the dead City of Ikaana under Nexeternus where its first members were raised.

History: The Necropolis Guard was originally an elite bodyguard unit for the chieftains of the ancient Ikaanate civilisation which once dwelled within the Black Mountains. With the passing of that civilisation the Guard rested in peace within their city of tombs and would likely have stayed that way if not for an enterprising vampire called Simon von Carstein who built his Citadel directly atop their resting place. Requiring an elite force to bolster the ranks of his depleted Drakenhof Guard Simon was delighted to have stumbled upon a ready made army as it were and immediately enlisted them. The force grew over the centuries and acquired a reputation for never losing a battle. The Necropolis Guard is mostly comprised of Wights and holds a similar status to the Drakenhof Guard though after the war with Nagash Simon formed mortal divisions as well. The Guard is commanded by two commanders the Wight Lord Sloa'Graa who commands the Old Guard and has been Simon's personal bodyguard for centuries. The Young Guard is commanded by Lady Kiera - Marie von Carstein the most recent addition to Simon's family.


Young Guard:
The Young Guard is comprised of living humans. Handpicked for their loyalty to Simon and trained to be fearless in battle.

Household Division: The Houshold division is comprised of Old Guard with the responsibility of guarding Simon's abodes such as Nexeternus or his estate in Sylvania.

Old Guard: The Old Guard is comprised of Wights they are amongst the most powerful of Simon's forces.

Role: The role of the Necropolis Guard is the protection of Simon, his wife Sariah and their various homes.

Appearance: The Young Guard wears a light antiquated looking armour based on Ikaanate design. The Old Guard wears a heavier version. Both Guards are armed with Glaives as their primary weapons and two swords as their secondary.

Current Status: The Guard is currently active with regiments taking part in battles across the Carstein Empire

Get of W'soran

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Apr 23, 2008
Organisation: The New Order
Unofficial Names: Silibar's Shadows, von Carstein Rebel Assassins
Based in: Unknown
Current Membership: Unknown, large scale sirings have taken place to help against their war against the Triumvirate.

Silibar's rebellion fractured an order with centuries of stability and brotherhood, this had severe psychological repercussions for both sides, they left Sylvania and traveled to places unknown.

When they rebelled they killed many of their brethren in a sneak attack from recruits to commanders.

They have constantly interfered with the Triumvirate's plans, they have struck against the Loylists assassins, murdered high ranking servants of the von Carstein family and made several attempts on the lives of the three Triumviri themselves.

For the past year they had went went silent, only small ineffectual groups being found by the Triumvirate's forces.

Their first major show of force in years was on the Council Forces who were heading towards the Silver Pinnacle. They managed to slow down the forces severely before obtaining their dual-objectives of turning back the council members and slaying Karl von Carstien's most trusted guard, The Captain of the Regent's Guard Dieter.

What they will do next is completely unknown but it's unlikely to be good, one thing that has become obvious is that they seem to have had at least some prior knowledge of the Council's actions.

New Blood - Newly Sired Member. They are put into combat much sooner than the original order's members.
Assassin - Full Member.
Senior Assassin
- Squad Leaders and second in commands.
Captain - Division Leaders
Shadow-Lord - Silibar.


General Combat Squad - A large group of specialized assassins led directly by Silibar.

Seeker Squad - Scouts and trackers. Many of them are former members of Squad 2.

Assault Squad - A squad which relies on controlled aggression to take out their targets.

Hunter Squad - A Squad which specialises in killing vampires.

Shield Squad - Defensive Squad. Many of these assassins wear heavy armour and are knights from various parts of the world.

Anti-Magi Squad - Specialised Assassins in the way of killing magic users.

New Blood Squad
- Consists of newly sired vampires given only a year or two of intense training. Sired in great numbers many struggle to control their blood lust. Unleashed en masse on their victims. Considered utterly replaceable.

There are a few notable members of the Order.

Shadow-Lord Silibar - Formerly Akarin's right hand man and his eldest get, Master of the Order and Commander of Sixth Squad. He then became 2nd Generation Headmaster of the Assassin Order. Rebelled for reasons unknown and now leads this traitor faction and personally commands the General Combat Squad.

Captain Salvator Marzaro - Tilean vampire of the Lahmian line sired and trained by Nicoletto Viggiani de Remas, he was a master of killing magi and the former Captain of the Anti-Magi Squad. When still a loyalist he was Commander of Twelfth Squad. Killed by Satsu.

Captain Lorkin - Formerly a member of Squad Two before rebelling, the von Carstein now leads the Seeker Squad. A master of the Crossbow.

Commander Louis Beaumont- Bretonnian born swordsman from the Blood Dragon line, formerly the Commander of Squad Nine. He now leads the Assault Squad for the rebels.

Captain Maximilian Von Hauser - Formerly a Witch Hunter who was sired by Akarin in the opening days of the First Vampire War. Commander of Squad Ten, specialising in vampire slaying and is the Order's most powerful pyromancer. It is said that it was Maximilian who helped Silibar plan and convince others to join the rebellion. He's now Captain of the Hunter Squad.

Captain Jaune de Carrouges - A Bretonnian Blood Knight who previously led Squad Eleven who's duty was to defend the Order in combat. He now leads the Shield Squad clad in plate armour, armed with his sword and shield.

Captain Arno - Ambitious and newly promoted to take over the mage-hunter squad after Salvator's death. Arno is a von Carstein of Bretonnian Origins and exceptionally skilled despite his relatively young age in comparison to the other Captains. Arno is a master of the Sabre and off the specialised mage-killer tricks taught by his squad.

Handler Kylar - Newly promoted. The von Carstein leads the New Blood Squad rather reluctantly. The Handler position has a high turn over as controlling such large numbers of savage, blood-thirsty vampires is rarely a safe job especially in the middle of battle.

Latest News:

Recently the attacks by the Traitor Order have increased in frequency and effectiveness, focusing on the newly founded Council.

Satsu has recently discovered a rather disturbing fact about the traitors. It appears that the loyalty enchantment which broke after Akarin's death damaged the minds of every vampire in the Order, this damage was undone when the enchantment was replaced on the loyalists however as the traitor faction do not use this magic their minds seem permanently affected.
This damage tends to show itself as aggressive was the vampires did not previously appear to have.
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Organisation: The Winged Protectors
Based in: The Empire, but more specifically, it has headquarters in Altdorf and a particularly large office in Nuln
Current Membership: this numbers in the hundreds, although it is growing

Name: The Winged Protectors

History: opening for recruits on a large scale in 2529, development of this branch of the military (which is controlled centrally from Altdorf) began soon after the death of Nagash, with the empire preparing a number of new weapons such as this for the impending Von Carstein invasion. It launched its first large-scale military operations in 2532, proving decisive in the defence of Nuln, which had been under siege for two years by that time.
There has been a high turnover of members; the technology is still young, dangerous and prone to occasional failure. The misfits of society who are bent on the preservation of the Empire are often prominent amongst those who join the ranks of this group, alongside those looking for a purpose. It is extremely dangerous but also empowering due to the nature of the apparatus. Its members largely use ODMC (this is excluding their strategists on the ground, engineers and administration team).

The ODMC (omni-dimensional movement contraption) works as follows:

Designed by humanity's finest engineers and magicians, this was a new kind of weapon that allowed airborne skirmishers to protect vulnerable objectives from powerful and fast-moving undead where normal troops and artillery could not prevail. Like every new technology, when the ODMC's testing programme launched in Altdorf, it needed pioneers, and word was spread around the Empire of Nuln's request for people to join a new division of soldiers that used weaponry that seemed extremely experimental, extremely dangerous, and extremely off-putting. Being driven to desperation by a harrowing war, the prospect of a chaotic incursion and the risk and fear surrounding this technology, the Empire pronounced in 2529 IC that every able-bodied human of the age of 15 or older could join this division for three years of training.

The ODMC consists of two cuboid, metal scabbards strapped to the sides in a harness that wraps around the legs, boots and torso. Fixed in place just above these scabbards are a pair of canisters. The two scabbards have in-built, complicated mechanisms within that utilises magically saturated air to drive pistons that control the movement of two retractable grappling hooks that can reach up to 50 metres away from the user.

This contraption can be used to move one or two human bodies (at most) up to 50 metres in a given direction. Even for expert users who have mastered its techniques, it's still not very safe - the machinery is fragile, and should even one grappling hook be pulled out of place by an enemy, it could result in a particularly violent, painful, and lethal fall for users. It is powered by runes invoking the magic of Hyish written on the canisters, which saturates the air surrounding them. This magically charged gas is then used by the scabbards' mechanisms to power the grappling hook mechanisms in the ODMC.

The basic manoeuvre using the ODMC is simply aiming (and then firing) the grappling hooks at an object and then activating the gas mechanisms within the scabbards (the essential contraption within the ODMC) to reel oneself towards the aforementioned object. Users can then disconnect the hook and continue moving forward. The triggers to fire/disconnect the grappling hooks are at the tops of each scabbard. Secondary triggers (one on each scabbard) activate/deactivate the gas mechanisms.

In most cases, ODMC soldiers have to be able to reel themselves in (before changing their direction) several times in order to navigate to a desired position. Accordingly, they tend to use their momentum from previous reelings in order to swing around targets. This mobility helps them outmanoeuvre enemies, especially large or slow ones.

A prominent advanced ODMC technique is to change one's direction while still being reeled in by the grappling hook (or grappling hooks, in cases where both hooks are being reeled in simultaneously). One extremely demanding movement involves latching the grappling hook(s) onto an intended target, releasing the hooks, and subsequently doing a few spins. This lends a great deal of strength and momentum to any attack made on that target that uses this technique.
Lord Commander -
overall commander of The Winged Protectors. The Chief Engineer and Field Marshal report to the Lord Commander in regular meetings to discuss recruitment policy, military plans and engineering developments. He reports directly to the authorities in Altdorf and those in Nuln. The current Lord Commander is Lord Eckhart von Kossen, a determined but embittered man who is confined to a mechanical wheelchair due to sustaining horrific injuries in battle.

Chief Recruitment Officer -
responsible for recruitment policy; arguably, this job is far more difficult than any of the other senior roles, given how dangerous servitude in this branch of the military can be. The current Chief Recriutment Officer is Gilbert Foerstner, a smooth-talking man in his prime who has a knack for public relations and the art of persuasion.
Recruitment Officer - there are under a hundred of these spread throughout the Empire, and some in other lands, who regularly report to the chief recruitment officer.

Chief Engineer -
the chief engineer oversees the improvement of the nascent technology ODMC, and explains its workings to new troops fresh from training. They also have a duty to detail the exact mechanics of the most recently issued version of the technology to the Lord Commander. They closely collaborate with the chief mage-artificer to develop new technology. The currently serving chief engineer is Anna Haule, a woman of slight frame with a surprisingly eager face for one which is covered in burns and often mechanical oil; several scars and burn marks are the result of years of fearless, ambitious, and some would say outright suicidal machine testing, but evidently she still hasn't learnt their lessons.
Engineer - around a hundred engineers are currently employed by The Winged Protectors. These work on development and testing of the mechanics of the ODMC.

Chief Mage-Artificer -
the chief mage-artificer oversees the integration of Hysh magic with the basic technology of ODMC, although given the arcane complexity of magic, unlike their mundane engineer counterpart they are not expected to explain its workings to new troops. However, they must still detail its workings when reporting to the Lord Commander, and they closely collaborate with the chief engineer to develop new technology. The chief mage-artificer is Hans Jordan, a seemingly gawkish and fearful man whose genius is belied in his rare moments of speech, which are rapid and often only fully understandable to those working in his field.
Mage-Artificer - roughly a hundred mage-artificers are currently employed by The Winged Protectors. They work on the development and testing of the arcane engines of the ODMC.

Field Marshal -
leader of troops and senior to commanders on the battlefield. They report regularly to the lord commander and are instructed to carry out their battle plans whenever possible, except when they would be detrimental to the success of the mission (in which case, they must use their own judgement). Deviation from orders will come under close scrutiny by the lord commander, however, so is not carried out often on an industrial scale. The current field marshal is Varison Zimmermann, a man of few words with an ever-grim countenance.
Deputy - the deputy of the field marshal; in the absence of superior officers or the field marshal, the deputy takes command of a squad.

Captain - self-explanatory: the captain is the leader of a squad. There are twenty captains, all of whom report to the field marshal and lord commander periodically. They follow the field marshal's orders, although if the field marshal and and lord commander are both missing, dead or engaged and have not given orders for a prolonged period of time, in which the military situation has changed dramatically, a captain may use their own judgement.
Deputy - the deputy of the captain; in the absence of superior officers or a captain, the deputy takes command of a squad.

Soldier -
a basic soldier who uses the ODMC. There are hundreds of these, and they follow their captains' orders at all times, following senior officers if their captain is missing, dead or engaged; in the event of losing contact with the captain and their deputy (a designated soldier in the captain's squad), as well as all senior officers, soldiers must stay in their squad and use their own initiative.

Appearance: every recruit has light leather armour and wears the ODMC. This organisation is exclusive to humans. Officers wear epaulets styled according to their rank.

Role: this organisation is a military organisation designed to defend the empire. Its members act as skirmishers, spies, scouts, and regular soldiers too.

Current Status: currently, the organisation's forces are spread throughout the Empire, although they are particuarly concentrated in the regions surrounding Nuln.

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Official Name: I.I.C. (Imperial Intelligence Coalition)
Unofficial Names: Triumvirate's Eyes
Based in: No known centralised location, agents spread throughout the von Carstein territories.
Allegiance: The von Carstein Ascendency
Current Membership: Unknown due to the division of forces
Leader: The Lord of Mysteries
Sub-Leaders: Postmaster Vyachaslev von Carstein, Headermaster Satsu, First Ambassador Varelsa

- A shadowy figure known only as the Lord of Mysteries who seems to have served every von Carstein leader since Vlad appears in Drakenhof after the fall of Nagash. He quietly takes up service for the Triumvirate and begins reorganising current and, what would be, future shadowy organisations of the Triumvirate.
- After his elevation to Headmaster Satsu is approached, he agrees for the Assassin Order to be reorganised to serve under a new collective organisation known as the I.C.C. The Order starts to achieve greater effectiveness against Silibar's rebels after this reorganisation.
- The newly formed spynetwork of the Triumvirate, lead by spymaster Vyachaslev von Carstein is brought into the fold soon after the assassins.
- A new Lord at the Drakenhof Court known as Varelsa helps shoulder the diplomatic responsibilities held by the Lord Regent Karl von Carstein, he recuits vampires and mortals alike who to serve as diplomats and assistants. The Sylvanian Diplomatic Services are fully formed and organised 5 years after the death of Nagash.
- The Sylvanian Diplomatic Forces are added to the I.I.C.
- The I.C.C. becomes a publicly known organisation in the von Carstein Ascendency. Due to it's secretive nature it is one of the most feared organisations in the history of the von Carstein Court.

Intelligence Branches:
The three main organisations that make up the I.C.C. are largely independent but fall under the oversight of the Lord of Mysteries who helps co-ordinate these secretive organisations and to ensure their actions are transparent to the Rulers of Sylvania so as a rebellion such as Silibar's may never happen again.

With the Lord of Mysteries shadowed hand in these affairs the three organisations now work closely and find their own individual efficiency increased.

1. The Order of Sylvanian Shadows
The Order serves as the Triumvirate's blades in the darkness. First and foremost they are a collection of Assassins however they also have their own specialised spy network for finding and investigating their targets, aside from these main duties they also serve as counter-intelligence units hunting for enemy spies within von Carstien territories. Lastly a number of them act as a secret police quietly removing those that might oppose the Triumvirate.

2. The von Carstein Spy-Network
Forged by the talented Spymaster Vyachaslev von Carstein, who holds the rank of Postmaster within the Empire, they stretch throughout the old world and have infiltrated various societies so that the Triumvirate may know the secrets of their enemies, those of the present and the potential ones of the future.

3. Sylvanian Diplomatic Services
The organisation which oversees the Diplomatic efforts of the Triumvirate led by First Ambassador Lord Varelsa. Originally diplomatic duties where undertaken solely by Karl von Carstein but this became impossible as his duties became more time consuming and the von Carstein Ascendency grew in size and power. Although Varelsa is the technical head of the services Karl still involves himself in the important assignments due to his interest in diplomacy. It is the only branch that is not secretive in it's membership, all members are well known at court as are their past accomplishments.

To oversee, regulate, co-ordinate and, when needed, command the three main branches of the Triumvirate's intelligence organisations.

Current Status: Working at high efficiency, handling the three organisations with unnatural ease.

Reputation:Whilst the three branches are known to varying degrees the I.I.C. itself is completely secretive. It's membership is unknown except that the Lord of Mysteries, whoever he is, Commands it and that he may have assistants of some kind.

Notable members

Lord of Mysteries:Unknown except he seems to be a great power behind the Triumvirate's throne and is their shadowy left hand, almost all "facts" about him are just rumours however a consistent one is that he is off average height and build, often garbed in a brown hooded robe.

Headmaster Satsu:Commander of the Order of Sylvanian Shadows.

Postmaster Vyachaslev von Carstein: Spymaster of the Sylvanian Spy-Network.

Lord Varelsa: First Ambassador to the Triumvirate, this makes him both a diplomat and the Senior member of the Diplomatic Services.
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Organisation: Sylvania's Colleges of Magic.
HQ Based in: Teufhof Observatory/ Tower of the Stars.
Other Bases: Throughout all of von Carstein held territory
Current Membership: Greatly expanded since the rise of the Triumvirate.
Current Status: At full strength. Helping with the war-effort.
Responsibilities: Head of all Magi and responsible for the use of arcane within the von Carstein Empire. The execution of all Light and Life magi.

Originally called "The Order of Death" Ademus changed it's name for mostly mocking purposes a few years after the colleges of Magic in Altdorf where sat up. With the rise of the Triumvirate they have spread throughout all the Sylvanian held territories.

Ademus founded "The Order of Death" to train mortal Necromancers for Konrad, he would also train vampires who wished it. As a gift for doing this Ademus was granted the title Arch Necromancer of Sylvania but changed it to Patriarch after he changed the orders name to the Teufhof College of Magic.
Despite being in Karl's barony it originally officially owes the baron no loyalty but instead only to the Count, in reality it serves Ademus.
With the rise of the Triumvirate the Order began expanding, other colleges were set up and Ademus was granted the title of Supreme Patriarch. Their numbers also increased vastly, many newly sired vampires with magical potential joined the ranks, alongside them the numbers of mortal magi increased to the point, effectively taken over the role of the Imperial Colleges of Magic within the conquered territories.

Individual Colleges
College of Astromancy - Situated in the Tower of Stars within the Sylvanian Barony of Teuthof, they are the original college. The magi trained in the arts of Azyr, they spend most of their time predicting the future for the von Carstein Empire. Ademus von Carstein is both Patriarch/Grand Astromancer of the Order and the Supreme Patriarch.
College of Necromancy - By far the largest of the Orders and also was founded alongside the Astromancy portion of the Order. They are situated within the Castle of Drakenhof and are led by the human Patriarch/ Grand Necromancer Vladimar von Kress.
College of Flames - Pyromancy Order, trained in controlling the winds of fire. Spend most of their time on the front lines. Situated in Nexeternus. Led by Patriarch/High Pyromancer Aurelius von Carstein.
College of the Wild - The smallest Order known as the Druidic Order, they have no specific headquarters but they're mostly trained in the wilds of the conquered Imperial Territories. They are led by the mortal Arch-Druid.

College of Metal - The Order of Enchanters. Mostly responsible for creating the wards, potions and magical weapons of the von Carstein Empire. Situated in Barak Varr and led by the Lahmian Vampire Patriarch/High Enchanter Lauzoril.
College of Shadows - The Order of Shadowmancers. Their location is unknown and they mostly work as spies for the Empire. Many members also belong to the Assassin Order. Led by the Necrarch Commander of the Assassin Order Azrel.
College of Death - The Death-Magi. Not a large order because most eventually become Necromancers. Their college is situated near the Red Abbey. Led by a mortal man known only as the Deathlord

Battlemage Corp - The only all vampire college. Trained in battle spells from different schools of magic as well as swordsmanship and battle tactics. Their base is in The Iron Rock and they are led by the Blood Dragon Patriarch/General Magnus Spellblade.

Initiate-A mortal who has not yet been trained or tested for magical affinity.
Wizard - The ordinary Wizards trained in their relevant Lore of Magic. All Sylvanian Wizards are also taught some Necromancy.
Necromancer- Wizards who are primarily taught Necromancy, they often come from one of the other colleges after finishing learning the basics of magic. They are the most numerous of all types of magi.
Battlemage - Vampire Magi trained in the ways of war. They serve mostly under Micrea in the army.
Recruiter- Necromancers whose purpose is to find those with talent, they are especially talented in magesight able to recognise those with latent ability with ease.
Magister - Wizards who have risen in the ranks to be instructors.
High Magister - The most senior college magi.
Patriarch - The heads of each College. They have their own individual titles depending on which college they belong to.
Supreme Patriarch- Ademus von Carstein. Spends most of his time advising the Lord Regent on the arcane.

Initiate- Men and women not fully inducted into the order, they wear white robes.
Wizards - They wear robes similar to that of the Imperial orders, only with faint necromantic runes covering their garb.
Necromancer- Black robes with strong necromantic enchantments.
Battlemage -They wear plate armour with a black hood and cloak instead of a helmet. They carry longswords at their wastes. All their gear has wards covering it.
Recruiters- Whatever it takes to blend in.
Patriarchs- Whatever they want, usually robes which are more elaborate than their underlings.

Officially: To protect the realms of the Sylvanian Empire from internal and external magical threat.
Reality: To control all magic use within the von Carstein territories. Some also have other roles:
- Battlemagi serve as elite soldiers.
- Necromancers as raising and controlling the dead. Also researching why Necromancy is weakening.
- Astromancers try to predict the future for the good of the Empire.
- Enchanters create potions, magical wards and enchanted armour and swords for the Empire.
- Shadowmancers partially serve the Assassin Order. Others serve as spies and secret police.

Currently more powerful than ever and growing. Trying to recruit Imperial Wizards by persuading them the Empire of man is over and tempting with the chance of receiving immortality via vampirism.