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Painting and Assembling a Terrorgheist


Grave Guard
Jan 1, 2012
Hey all,

I've recently purchased a terrorgheist and the pictures don't do the model justice. There is so much great detail, so many layers, and just so much to like (I particularly like the skulls and bones in the exposed stomach).

I'm loathe to fully assemble it before painting just because of all the layers and detail hidden underneath other parts though, but unassembled I can't get a good feel for the model as a whole.

Any suggestions? How have you all dealt with this?


Master Liche
True Blood
Jun 6, 2010
First clean all the model likes and primer everything that you will use in it.

Second assemble the first three steps I think which leaves you the main body and the guts on it. and paint that section. of it.

Then add the next layer and paint it. ect. You can even paint some of the parts before glueing them and just touch up any mistakes you make too.

This is what I wished I had done to the commission I had done. My personal one will be done this way. Also Putting him on the base should be the last step after painting as it would help to be able to turn the model 360 to get hard to reach spots.

I did the whole thing assembled and it was a pain to paint that way. Though it can be done Check my plog out for my update shots From when I was working on mine, if you want I think page 45 if I remember right.

Hope that helps some.


Vampire Ancient
True Blood
Jan 25, 2012
I am getting a T-Ghiest from the above poster and I am just going paint all his parts before building him I think
Jan 26, 2012
Ive painted 2 terrorgheists (one second hand and assembled, one new and in the sprue)...painting in parts is such a good move.

Just make sure that when its all assembled that you take the time to touch up the areas where washes would normally sit in the grooves where you glued them.